Programming Strength – OPEX Coaching Education Course

When it comes to fitness, it all starts
with strength! This is why we teamed up with Kevin Don and Keegan Martin to bring you our latest digital course, Programming: Strength. I’m Kevin Don.
My name is Keegan Martin, and I’m one of the instructors for Programming: Strength. With over 50 chapters of video content, Kevin and Keegan will teach you how to
build strength over a lifetime. Strength can be the most important hedge that we have against aging. That’s a really important piece about
this course that is different from anything anybody else is doing. Centered around the three core absolute strength lifts: 1. The bench press, 2. The Squat, and 3. The Deadlift, you’ll learn how to assess, program, and progress your client’s strength training. What I try to do is I try to pass on this idea of the scientific method and how people can learn how to understand and read studies for themselves, so they can really dig into what’s important, the first principles of strength. Download your free lesson to get a taste of programming strength today

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