Progress to a high-ranking university | #MadeinSheffield

I’ve not decided which profession I’m going
to do in the future, but I think with the reputation of Sheffield as a higher education
institution, it’ll be a lot easier in maybe pursuing a career in the future. Progression
support is very important at the college, and this is due to the university. The University
of Sheffield is a high ranking university, and it reflects itself in the progression
requirements our students have to achieve. Our curriculum is of a high standard, and
we work with the university to customise the curriculum to meet the needs of the students
when they get to university, and as such that requires that the monitoring of student performance
is very rigorous and personalised. After the exams and I saw my results, it wasn’t up to
what I needed, so obviously I came to the college and I told them everything, and they
gave me the option that I would need to resit a couple of modules, and then in a couple
of days I got an email from the college that the university had accepted my grades. I don’t
exactly know the process that went on, but I do know the college helped me and I am really
grateful for that.

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