Python programming : 1. What is Python?

What is Python? it is difficult to say any one thing about python Python is a interpreted high-level programming language used for general-purpose programming Python is extensively used for system administration It is named after Monty Python flying circuit comedy program, which is very popular in late 1970 Python is available for Windows, Mac and Linux To run Python program we need Python interpreter which is open source Python code automatically compiled into byte code before execution, so we do not need to compile a program like Java Python source file typically end with the .py extension depending on how you invoke the interpreter extension may changed Python was created by Gaido van Rossum. He is the Dutch program work on Python began in late December 1989 at CWI in Netherland It was eventually released for public distribution in early 1991 At that time when Rossum was a researcher with interpreted language ABC, also developed at CWI But he was unsatisfied with its ability so he decided to create new language and the journey of Python began Python has many features some of which are as follows Easy to learn easy to read easy to maintain robust Effective as rapid prototyper to a memory manager interpreted and byte compiler high-level object-oriented scalable extensible and portable

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