Python Programming for Beginner to Advanced Part 1 Introduction in Nepali

[Music] guys mostest originally Python programming for beginner to advanced part 1 masala saw itself yes ma am Li Python go by them I introduce cursor what is Python it’s cooked properly through item and all programming language or could be smart difference kisser Python Maliki government ceresco missing installation so let’s begin first ma what is Python Python say interpreted language interpreted language for Nova MATLAB I’m mrs. will around time man se scholars also a malicious time machine language instruction Tierra compiler in our six I know you would have object-oriented approach so I’m gonna say different or coral I the object Panera as a object go through programmers also you object-oriented sign it means different function organized only ones on either nicely object-oriented Levani support Corsa C C++ Java just again Emily program bunny once at some Club PSV distillery it’s creep waiting on some scripted language guru Baba news cons or so Python like glue programming language manual in some key me Karen when the heresy you are programming language or some in bit a divider in that’s not a serie a workflow now I’m gonna lay advances up but it’s cool typing algorithm for stones from the Harris my type is my coding learning of stone dynamic bones are so currently is a rapid application development or material Anza oh you’re a level programming language Oh Jen watch ami basic machine instruction already run I know properties I think properties or gig e Silva easy to learn easy to read easy to maintain you wanna know what love Python math syntax told you see I’m leepu’s meanness or language the students accosting this language also students up this currently I’m the king ensemble in longer now did Gandhi this are you gonna do boy say see supposed to print money go print their name is Justin Boots to be secured sample I mean Tim Donovan size knowns as Mexicans own re broad standard live video review so its material level you know no Carlini I’m da cunha penny or call my rapid application development or mines the dairy El Paso testing and debugging Python dizzy testing red debugging go facility provided Garza didn’t match am who neither I have any except some me the guy ends up rockin even a bro semantic problem all they know it’s machine data structure or built in Anza see lammle Kuhn – Tucker would define guru now set for one but extender on some different form or may extend Gonzaga in some different room and I use gonna say Ginza only Python say the store I’m the pH Smithsonian just a juvenile thing that I thought is Arachne and fitting or a user or extra granny tasty process Python but when you administer a GI programming imma graphical user interface bonaga lie beneath Python usually raccoons are also main topic only three months ago man confused a dowser python ponding is our only conceal a trochee guarda rambro one nigga raro pythons are some other node if any programming language or so many I mean compare Carson boil as a novice on any room key nakida restraint or go problem on screen Java Java Python consider ambrosa which one has a better future when nigga pythons a Zonda or non-linear so he owns a Python contain basically web map for costumes oh and he’s our st. Andrew lava iOS development or ma focused on Python Java and a leaky lunar program : thought of a program we look what 9 of Cola lucu it’s a menu any the our leaders power line Raunak Kaul a I turned it in Salina Gardens up right until a go so fast you impeded water what goes on it’s Doherty Louisville program group ma’am use way dragons are watching about could need Java Python country to tournament 1980 topper go green Willie background computer science myself until to to knowledge they quickly put something real maybe application or to develop software developments and a Python prefer Gazoo in a cube longer no it is a developer nominee children’s up only you’re a lady synchronization amazing learning artificial intelligence score is a Python bedrooms in a casement tendon library certainly program camera she turns our song already total beginner popping tombola computer science cover Emily knowledge china-us coalition of us I know in thinking that we always force you to understanding how things really framing language Mexico City actually program around the casino pre-rounds okay which a detailed map was not realizing by some important so it’s a very important job so the I was in you and Ruby sue and all the trials every cook this ooh-rah anything basically large application or Wynonna el curso Python C 2d gaming or glided organs on eddies I was it to taluk a mark lucky people Corinne job all right Alicia Gonzaga what Python can do Python web development using some software lock away app development using sort of data science data many museums are acting my using some networking my using saw security or magazines or operating system development by one use and so most of the things on internet ma’am – my GPA is my Python use grounds a liquid st. in one anyway let me see learning artificial intelligence in harmony very Python any use better ones now it’s listen just listen windows not gonna stick on this one I’m role although you knock snack or my singing Polly install bonza so let’s install it in Windows Python down work inoculating couple of new browser Kono’s browser download Python and wallah Tillery season will go fast me down ball python man browser python are you know we need would have please person also know that most 3.6 my three lap it was the dominant God knows nowadays you see two dominant somebody put it down versus will be around more cardinal rule exe file installed on us stronger this is a I’ve never to get some so it’s got that pythons also Enola yeah I turn codex top bouncer so it’s messing with a Python code mean I’ll call new man I do canola don’t wanna go yo Python yeah look inside something I did you delegate sublime exchanger since I am me or a text editor oh this is my jam sabi terminal my Python code minimal program the here gonna be laggy takes to determine semantics to be perverse you surround x.com around also sublime text to harness this is a download for Windows is no smiler University then they top line text 300 and just to be ginza ice thank you for watching come to support me lucky sock Taco Bell you support more in my encourage ensue I will do one on our leg kick query or song name plz comment Ginola technology future Ron gonna entertain you a little longer knows my listen to trailers are saying different paid courses are route different book over a polygraph just is it about lab based found salsa this ably develop were la cosa que con comes everybody top early horizon Ola it’s like receiving more entertaining around some tsukasa’s it apparel a reminder so no on any battle misak’s who dislike comment granola

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