Reach Testimonial: Computer Science & Maths (Isabella, Brazil)

My name is Isabella, I’m from Brazil, and
I’m studying Computer Science and Math. (Yeah, okay!) There are so many extras that
made me interested in coming here. There’s the Cambridge environment,
there’s all the other activities that are included, so lectures every day, the
excursions… So that really excited me to get to Cambridge through Reach so that I
could have a more complete experience of the UK itself. All the students, they are in such an open mindset and family mindset, where everybody just wants
to have fun and learn at the same time, so I think that’s really important to
have when you travel to study. I’ve been interested in applying for Computer
Science in Cambridge, so Reach has been very, extremely important for me, to
understand how would it be to study in this environment and what type of
classes I would have here. In my course so far, we learned about functional
programming and also object-oriented programming through this language called Scala. It’s a very new language and a versatile language, so it’s a language
that is taught here in Cambridge in approximately the third year of
computer science, so it’s been really interesting. And also we learned about AI
(artificial intelligence) – how to create an A l. We actually created
an AI for a car racing game, yes, and we understood how AI works and what are the
techniques that you can use to create your own AI – for example, q-learning or
neural networks. (Laughs) It was so nice, yeah. The whole world is gonna
be based, and is already based in what Computer Science has created, so I find
it really interesting to be able to get into this universe and Reach has shown to
be a great opportunity for me to take that first step.

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