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This video shows how to resolve permission issues when you are installing software in Windows 10. Follow these steps when you need to complete
an action that requires administrative permissions. First type file explorer into the search bar, then click File Explorer. Click This PC in the left column to view Devices
and drives. Right-click the hard disk icon where your
operating system is installed, then click Properties in the drop down menu. Click Security, then click Advanced. In the lower left corner, click Change Permissions. A list of all the user accounts available
on your computer displays. Select the user account you want to use, then
click Edit. Under Basic permissions, check the box next
to Full control, then click OK. Now you have permissions to enable the
software installation. You can find additional helpful videos at
hp.com/SupportVideos and on our YouTube channel, youtube.com/HowTo4U.

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  • The other John Smith says:

    1) Don't EVER instruct novice users to change permissions on their installation disk root.
    2) Don't take the SYSTEM account as an example. It's not a user, and you have to know goddamn well what you're doing when fiddling with its account.
    3) Using fake mashups of windows instead of a realscreencast looks unprofessional.

  • David Limanni says:

    PLEASE HELP!! My computer isn't adding my user to the permissions list when I search for it, and click to add. I don't know what to do to allow myself to access certain files/folders if I can't add my own user ID to the permissions list!!

  • Uncle ReV says:

    how to allow the special premission?

  • Jommer De Luna says:

    Sir +HP Desktop and Mobile Device Help!

    Please help! I am on an administrator user. I check its status problem said
    • "File Access Denied: You need permission to perform this action. You require permission from SYSTEM to make changes to this file",
    • "ERROR: You must be logged in as an administrator when installing this program."
    • "Need remove Other User (logon)
    So I try check solve problems to Local Disk (C:) > Properties > Security > Advanced this

    Permission entries:
    Authenticated Users – Special
    SYSTEM – Full Control
    Administrators (De LunaUsers) – Full Control
    User (De LunaUsers) – Read & execute <—- Can edit to Full Control? or Remove Other User?

    Correct? Thanks for information and help me!


    I can't get in because I don't know the administrator password. Is there a way I can get into the admin account because I've tried everything and nothing seems to work

  • Rowan says:

    +HP Computing Support i need help because i ran cydia impactor and when I selected the file i wanted to install on my iPhone, it said:

    cannot open `C:users<censored>DesktopImpactor.dat`
    Permission denied

    I have no idea why the it denied Cydia Impactor into its own file. Can you help me?

  • Icy Diamonds says:

    Just wasted money on a computer that says selected boot image did not authenticate press enter to continue and shuts off

  • Josue Lopez says:

    didn't work

  • Obaka Torto says:

    when i try to ''change permission', it asks for admin password. So even that step is blocked. How can i get past it?

  • Eric Maier says:

    Good idea. Didn't work.

  • Ehsan Shabbir says:

    hi sir when i install my liscad software there coming massage networkx failed to verify that you have sufficient privileged to start system service please help me how i solve this problem. i have window 10 pro

  • Dragon Son says:

    Excuse me,but I have a problem,basicly theres one particular program called Restore RX I dunno If anyone has ever heard of it but basicly it restore any changes that you did on your computer although there is a way to unistall it but heres the deal,my pc is being blocked by everything.I can install (download) softwares but I cant install them because I need Administrators permission in order to do so.No,I cant change system settings at all basicly possibly the only way to do it is to download ISO image burn it into my USB and then…reinstall Windows 8,thats possibly the only way but either then that stupid Restore RX program is gonna probably change everything back to normal as it was at first…so basicly when I think of it my computer is inpenetrable…but still Im asking if anyone could help me. Thanks for replying later on!

  • DJ AdeeKeen says:

    after all it says permission denied.

  • Husna Salim says:

    I have full control but still cant install !!!!!!!!!!

  • Sanjay Salve says:

    still not installing

  • Scorpion nafim says:

    I have a problem in my PC. I can't download anything from microsoft buy I can download the same programs from another website. Please solve this problem as I can't get direct x latest version and net framework too

  • Senthil Raj says:

    Hi I couldn't able to install printer settings it shows the administrator doesn't have the permission to install settings
    And also an administrator has blocked you from running this app.
    Please help me solve this

  • prashant kumar says:

    Not working

  • NightDay Anime says:

    I can't open change permissions, it says "can't open access control editor. The system cannot find the specified file" help me please.

  • MOIN KHAN says:

    Not working in windows 10s

  • Karuna .bhardwaj says:

    I have HP 15bs618 tu with window 10….in this 3rd party software did not work properly….plz help
    I did not find that software on microsoft edge.

  • keeezzy says:

    please help, I did all the steps but when I click CHANGE PERMISSIONS after minutes of waiting it an error popped up and says CANT OPEN ACCESS CONTROL EDITOR. THE SYSTEM COULD NOT FIND THE ENVIRONMENT OPTION THAT WAS ENTERED.

  • Bebop_86 says:

    Full Control already checked now what?

  • Rajvi Naik says:

    how to fix the problem of installation of any download apk on windows 10 for a new user?

  • LORD # VENOM says:

    it doesnt allow me to edit properties. please help

  • LORD # VENOM says:

    i have full control but still cannot install any Software

  • Hashmatullah Maysam says:

    thanks for usful doc

  • Vijendra gurjjar says:

    sir i am following your instruction step by step, but when i click on the system for full control, it is already customized as full control and the YES option is not Visible to change that setting. please help.

  • Bibong Pinoy TV says:

    Thank you

  • govin magar says:

    not working always come user account control

  • Neeraj Bisht says:

    hi there
    even after doing
    i am not able to install any device because it says "one of the installer for this device can not perfor
    m function at this time"

  • DanieMations says:

    Thank you so much, had this problem for almost a year where I could'nt install ANYTHING!!!

  • Souphasai SITTHIVONG says:

    ho to fix : Please run this program from the Administrator account so it can set up your license. Once the license is set up, you can run it from any account. i can't install application

  • WORLD 'S TOP 10 says:

    Hi dear , I have just purchased some days ago hp laptop but a little with this
    .. the problem is when I installed a software. ..after the installing process will be completed and I clicked the software icon to run software program ….

    In the display show …

    Missing shortcut
    Problem with shortcut

  • SHIFTY says:

    i just want to install minecraft!!

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