What’s going on, everybody? Welcome back to my channel! Today, we’re going to be doing the Road to Hana. Generally, people do it in one day, but we’re going to be splitting it into two, so we as get to Hana we’re actually going to be checking into an Airbnb over there. Staying just for one night because there is a Pipiwai Trail that I do wanna check out and it is towards the end of the Road to Hana. A lot of people say that by the time they get there, they run out of time before it gets dark to actually do that trail and I actually really want to do that trail because there’s a bamboo grove and a humongous waterfall. On the way back from Road to Hana, we’re going to be taking the south route rather than the north route just to see what it’s like. It’s going to be pretty rough. There’s a lot of dirt trails and things like that, but I’m always up for an adventure. So anyways, let’s get this vlog started! So we just arrived at the first stop on the Road to Hana which is at mile marker #2. There is the Twin Falls fruit stand and there’s also a park area with bamboo and flowers and all that stuff. Not only is it just a place to get some fruit and smoothies, but there also is a nice park area to take pictures and bask in mother nature’s beauty. And shoot YouTube videos! So I just arrived at the first waterfall. There’s actually 3 waterfalls here despite the name Twin waterfalls. The first one is a 5-minute walk in from the fruit stand, the second one is a 10-minute walk, and then the third one is actually a 20-minute walk in. So, we might just check out the first one or two and then head on our way because we still have a lot of stuff to see on the Road to Hana. We just stopped to snack real quick. We had a little guava cheesecake. Delicious! As well as, just finished up some of our leftovers from breakfast. Now onward to continue heading towards Hana. Yay! The Road to Hana is beautiful. There’s just a lot of amazing scenery. As much as I’m the California speed demon like, It’s kinda nice.
Elisa: You have to slow down. You have to slow down cuz there’s a lot of one lane roads. Even the two lane roads are too narrow. These roads are just so damn narrow. If you had your Evo here, you’d be frustrated cuz you can’t take these fast. Taking my Evo on this road is like taking a dog to the dog park on a leash. Gotta unleash the beast within! Our next stop is going to be at mile marker #19.5 which is going to be this really big waterfall. So all these walls on the Road to Hana, they’re just covered in green. All you see is green and it’s so beautiful. So we just arrived at the Waikani Falls (a.k.a. The 3 Bears). I was wondering why they call it the 3 Bears, but then actually if you see these waterfalls, it’s pretty obvious because there’s a big, medium, and small waterfall, all next to each other. This is at mile marker #19.5. There’s no parking right here at the bridge, so you need to drive up the street a little bit. There’s a parking lot just a quarter mile up. Follow the signs, don’t park where you’re not supposed to. And just don’t be a douche. But yeah, I highly recommend this waterfall. It’s gorgeous. I wanna go down there and swim, but there’s clearly no way to access this waterfall. There’s some really sketchy ways to go down and no way to come back up. This is already the 2nd fruit smoothie I’ve had during this road trip. There’s actually a ton of fruit in this one. There’s mango, pineapple, starfruit, lilikoi, and I think there’s like one other one. It was like $9.50, so it was a little steep for a fruit smoothie, but there is a lot of fruit in here and it is very refreshing. We’re going to hop back on the road and next stop should be the Nahiku Marketplace. We just arrived here at the Nahiku Marketplace. There’s actually a lot of places to eat. Pizza, seafood, even Chinese food if you’re up for that. We’re going to take shelter here for a little bit cuz we are a little bit hungry as well as I guess it stopped raining now, but it was raining pretty hard about 5 minutes ago. So we’re going to eat and then supposedly, we’re only 20 minutes away from Hana. We do have one or two more stops I wanna make before getting to Hana itself, so we’re gonna go check them out. One of them is the Black Sand Beach. We’re gonna go chow down real quick and then head back on the road. Elisa ended up going with the shrimp taco and I went with chili rice bowl cuz it looks bomb. We just arrived here at the Wai’anapanapa Beach Park, which is the Black Sand Beach. Ahhh… Elisa’s applying bug spray on me because we’re getting eaten alive right now. This beach is known as the Black Sand Beach because… …all the sand is black? If you’re trying to come here on the Road to Hana, it’s mile marker #32. So after getting lost, we finally made it to Hana. Well, I mean, let me clarify that. We got lost trying to find this Hana Inn. It’s still really warm despite it being 6 ‘o clock. But it’s very humid cuz it’s been raining a lot today. We’re gonna go check into this Hana Inn, relax for a little bit, cross our fingers there’s AC. I don’t remember on the Airbnb listing if there was AC. Probably not considering the cheap price that we paid. We’re gonna check out our room and see what that looks like. It is going to be a shared bathroom, so it is what it is. And then hopefully, find something to eat around here. There’s not a lot of restaurants so I don’t know what we’re going to do for dinner. We’ll just have to wing it. Just checked into our room at Hana Inn and here is our room tour. And that is the end of our room tour. (laughs) There’s two bathrooms here. They’re both shared. One has a bath and one has a shower. It looks like we only have a few food options here. There are some food trucks that close really early. Not even sure what time actually. It’s already 6 ‘o clock I believe. And there are two restaurants: a fancy one and a non-fancy one. Since we’re not fancy people, we’re going to go to the Hana Ranch Restaurant, which closes at 9 ‘o clock, so we’re gonna hang out here for a little bit and head out, grab some dinner whether we’re hungry or not cuz we don’t really have a choice of what to eat later. If you guys are just tuning in, we actually did the Road to Hana yesterday, but rather than going back to Haiku, we actually stayed in Hana for one night. It’s a really cool place. It’s very social because there’s a lot of shared space. Shared living room, shared bathrooms, but I got to meet a lot of cool people yesterday. So if you’re looking for a budget place to stay in Hana, I highly recommend, this place. We booked them through Airbnb but you can probably book them elsewhere as well. So we’re heading over to the Pipiwai Trail right now. We’re gonna go see what that’s like and then there’s a few other stops we’re gonna hit along the way, but rather than going back on the north route, we’re going to be taking the south route which should be interesting because there’s actually 9 miles of unpaved road. And we don’t exactly have the best car for driving offroad. So we’re gonna have to go really slow. The suspension on this is especially stiff as well, so not going to go well with these potholes. We only drove a few miles down along the south route of Road to Hana and we came across Wailua Falls, which I don’t think was actually on our itinerary, but we just happened to drive by. It looked beautiful, so we pulled over. Luckily, there’s some places to park over here. And this waterfall is massive. It’s humongous. We’re gonna head back on the road and make our way to Pipiwai Trail. So we just arrived at the Pipiwai Trail, which is actually part of the Haleakala National Park. One thing that we did not know until today was that if you have visited the Haleakala Summit, you have to pay for parking in there and when you do pay for that parking, it’s actually valid for 48 hours, so I would highly recommend coming to the Pipiwai Trail within 2 days, so that you don’t have to pay double parking because parking is $25 each time. But make sure to hold onto your receipt. Let’s go check out this trail because I’m really excited to see the bamboo grove and all these waterfalls. This bamboo grove here at the Pipiwai Trail, sorry Arashiyama, way better. Look at this. Just surrounded by bamboo. It’s beautiful. And it goes on for a while. We just got to the end of the Pipiwai Trail. It was quite a hike. The heat didn’t help at all. But this view was definitely worth it. This waterfall is humongous. It is a little bit tricky to get over here cuz you gotta hop over a bunch of rocks, climb over a stream you may get wet, but just be careful cuz there’s a lot of slippery rocks. Honestly, super worth it. So definitely, come to the Pipiwai Trail, come all the way to the end and get all the way to under the waterfall. Keep in mind that it is pretty dangerous. There are rocks all over the place and they’re not even just small rocks, they’re big ass boulders. If you get near the waterfall, the closer you are to the waterfall, the higher chance of a rock falling on you, so just be careful. So we’re exhausted. We just finished the Pipiwai Trail. But there’s one more trail. It’s really short. It’s only half a mile and it’s just a loop. So, I have to do it. I’m going to regret it if I don’t. Let’s go to the Kuloa Point Trail. So I just got to the Seven Sacred Pools. It’s a really cool place. There’s a watering hole, swimming pools for people to wade in and everything. I really wanna get in, but unfortunately we’re crunching against time cuz we still have to drive back on the south route back to Haiku. So we will not be getting in the water. But I did wanna check it out in person, just to see what it looks like. If you guys wanna come here, it’s actually only about a 5 minute walk from the parking lot. Pipiwai Trail takes a lot longer, so if you’re trying to hang out in this area and find something to do, this is the easier option, especially if you have little kids cuz this walk is really easy. Since we haven’t eaten all day, we pulled over at the next spot that offered food, which is this BBQ spot over here. It’s right near Hana. We’re gonna grab some food real quick and then continue heading on back to Haiku. We just got back to our Airbnb. We’re super hungry, but we also wanted to come home and take a shower cuz we feel disgusting right now. We wanted to try out this Pa’ia Fish Market, so we ended up going there, taking it to go, and now we’re back home and eating. Anyways, we’re going to call it a day here. Thanks for watching! Hit that subscribe button down below if you haven’t already done so. Until tomorrow, peace!