Seaboard BLOCK now WORTH EVERY PENNY with Equator full version

welcome back I’m back because I have
huge news the latest update with the Seaboard bloc has just blown my mind and
been a game changer so that’s why I had to make another video real quick so
here’s what happened so I ordered the Seaboard block and it was late and
Ronnie’s been really nice about okay we were late about shipping your stuff so
here’s a free sound pack so far there’s been two free things one they gave a
free noise app sound pack which is not really useful for me because I’m really
using this with my with my laptop and not with my phone or iPad but just the
other days like two days ago they sent an email saying once again sorry for the
shipping delay we’re gonna give you the full version of the equator software for
free so that’s a $79 piece of software so that’s if you if you already had a
quite a player I believe that it that if you upgrade to the full equator software
its $79 but if you buy it right off the bat like if you wanted to use it with
the blocks I think you have to pay 179 the email said it was $79 but $79 for
179 it is worth every penny has completely changed the game with the
Seaboard block for me and so check it out so once you’ve sent me the link
immediately the equator software once I activated it looked completely different
so here congratulations you have unlocked equator if I get rid of that
now before this is the normal equator player software this is what it looks
like now when you have the full version you get all these options for modifying
things modifying the filters you can you can change the reverb the EQ this and
and monitor strike and glide and all that sort of stuff so it’s really cool
the software is really cool but more important than that is what happens up
here with the presets so now when you go into presets you just get a ton of more
presets than you ever had so you get all the presets that came with the rise and
with the the Seaboard grande so both of the other see boards the larger see
words you get all of those and the reason that has changed the game is
because you finally get those instruments that really are taking full
advantage of the expressiveness of the Seaboard block so right now I’m playing
solo strings dad that kind of thing there is no way that
you could play without a bunch of knobs or sliders on a regular MIDI keyboard
and get that kind of control with a stringed instrument like like a cello
like I’m playing now or we got the octave a little bit here I mean listen to that you can’t do that
with a regular keyboard now the reason I was I wasn’t this excited before when I
had just the sounds of the that that the Seaboard block comes with because a lot
of those instruments are electronic instruments and stuff and you can get
some similar types of results if you mess around with filters and effects and
things like that and turn a bunch of knobs and and it’s still cool it’s still
a lot of fun it’s still very different but when you’re thinking about about
acoustic instruments such as violins and cellos and violas and strings it’s a
very different experience when you try to play that and recreate a natural
sound with a regular keyboard so this really changes the game to get authentic
real acoustic sounds so now now I’ve played the string so this is the solo
strings there are other string there’s a string section so that’s what this
sounds like and there are a few other instruments
that really sound amazing with with with the full version of Equator one another
one of them is the are the guitars the acoustic guitars sounds great
you get steel string guitars so you can hear those bids and depending on how
hard you strike it you get ax or a more of the steel side of opposed or
resonating not sure what the slide does but I haven’t played around with it a
lot but you can just tell it right off the bat that this is this really changes
the game when you want to recreate the guitar sound on keyboard so I’m not a
very good guitar so this really helps me out
I can actually play it on a keyboard and still get the even the vibrato in there
I think some of those little I mean you’ve got all that you got control of
all of that stuff now I was trying a few other presets that I
hadn’t tried before such as the mellow tape flutes which are recreating a
mellow tone sounds now really what’s really cool about this you can get a bit
of that tape delay sounded like you have in old recordings by just shifting your
fingers a little bit awesome right TV ad on a regular
keyboard without a lot of manipulation so that’s there and in total I think
there were maybe around 200 or more additional sounds that I didn’t have
with the block so this was really really game-changing for me now if you’ve
already ordered the if you’ve already ordered the seaport block and it’s
delayed you’re probably going to get an email from them saying hey here’s the
full version of equator for you now if you don’t and you’re still interested in
buying it I strongly suggest that you buy the full version of equator because
that’s where you really see the Seaboard block shine so so there you have it I
played just a few sounds it’s time but you really see these are the sounds I
really wanted you to hear because this is what’s different now if you’re
interested in seeing my other videos on the Seaboard block I made two other ones
I’m going to link them down below and also I used the sounds of the seaboard
of equator on my latest travel video and I’ll link that down here too now I’m not
getting paid by Raleigh to to make these videos so if you do like them if you
find them useful please help me out and hit the like button and subscribe I’ll
put the link up here somewhere to subscribe to so and if you have any
questions let me know I’m always happy to answer them and I love when I receive
comments from you all or suggestions or or anything you like so thanks again for
watching and see you later

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  • Edwin Corbin says:

    Nice review! Could you do a home studio tour?

  • Brian Brill says:

    I guess you ordered direct from Roli? My preorder is now serveral weeks "late", but since I didn't order from Roli, I suspect I'll not get full Equator free.

  • AeFalkon17 says:

    Really nice review, like always ! Do you think the Roli Block's worth it for a beginner in music like me ? Sorry for my English

  • Zeke O says:

    I plan on buying either 2 seaboard blocks or a 49 seaboard. One cost 600 one cost 1100 ish. What would you suggest now that it has all the same software

  • Joel says:

    I didn't know there was a difference between the version of Equator that comes with the Seaboard block and with the rise.
    I just ordered a Block for playing those natural sounding instruments, and i've now become rather worried the "lite" version might not be good enough since it probably doesn't have most of the instruments i saw in videos with the Rise…

  • jfts09 says:

    I love this thing so much. Just got my block a few days ago. I've come up with so many new song ideas. It's a seriously amazing tool that has changed the way I make music. Can't go back to a normal keyboard now.

  • Steve C says:

    Sounds amazing

  • Taetro says:

    The Seaboard 5D app also has a great acoustic soundpack with strings and other orchestral instruments.

  • funguy29 says:

    Apple should just buy them already and bundle them with Logic.

  • Campbell Macduff says:

    Nice overview. Thanks a ton!

  • lunogyt says:

    Damn I ordered off sweetwater near immediately and experienced many shipping delays, I really hope they give this to me as well. Especially after my touch block decided to stop working a couple weeks after receiving it. I submitted tickets for them both today, I'll try to remember to update this comment once I get a response, but so far my experience with these products has been somewhat negative.

  • CHECK POINT says:

    After I watched this video I checked in with several Roli distributors such as Thomann (Europe) and all told me the same: The Roli seaboard block does not come with Equator full version for free, only with the player version. I think the upgrade is 79€ instead of the regular price of 179€. If you have got any evidence that the situation is different from that please let me know . You mentioned some email you received from Roli stating the full version would be included.

  • aktm1407 says:

    Now, I dont own the Seaboard Block but I think you can change the octave up and down on upper right and left corner 🙂

  • Kenneth Roberts says:

    Does anyone know if the Seaboard Block works well with East West Hollywood Orchestra? Specifically, does East West support MPE?

  • Lfomod says:

    The melodies that I want to record in Reason, are just impossible with a regular midi controller, I ordered one of those to make my melodies come to life! I've waited so long for something like this 😀 Can't wait to set it up! 😀

  • Kohinoor says:

    Sanjay, I'm a student at MNNIT Allahabad. And I've been following Roli Blocks, Seaboards and every product of the Roli.
    The people there have done some amazing work.
    I'm very much interested in composing and singing but I ain't able to try it.
    Can you please help me out with it?

  • The Reverends says:

    Thanks, looks great. Will have to pick one up.

  • gene stalnaker says:

    So I wonder if I have the seaboard rise how does the seaboard block compare to that product? I am just trying to see if purchasing the smaller unit is worth it?

  • gene stalnaker says:

    Thanks for the reply I think my next purchase will be the maschine mk3. 🙂

  • IYN says:

    So it is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7CprnZvM3k but with a silicon rubber on top shpaed like standard piano kbd.

  • 5thWatcher says:

    You brilliant son of a bitch. Thanks to you, I searched my email and found my upgrade offer.

  • Sai ram says:

    I just bought the full version of Equator and already own a seaboard block..I couldnt find violins, cellos anywhere in the preset .Where do I find them ??

  • MigzTTS says:

    Hey,  was wondering if anyone knew how to have the 5d touch work in reason 9.5

  • Noah Bailie says:

    what do you do for a living because you obviously have a lot of money

  • Johan Ander says:

    Cant get the equator to show up in cubase artist 7.5, the Seaboard shows up as a MIDI device, but when im trying to set the equator as a VST its just black screen. Any tips on what im doing wrong or do i have to buy the full version of equator to get it to work with cubase?

  • Sanjay C says:

    Want to see the Seaboard in action on the go? Watch my performance in the park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-nxSZPALBc&t=221s

  • David Michael Johnson says:

    Great review and demo…thanks!

  • chriss1152 says:

    man Seaboard is awesome

  • hugo sanches says:

    Do you have the rise 49 or 25? I wish to watch a video with the difference, i read the article in the roli page, but i would like to watch it in a video

  • Milan Kubík says:

    So, if I buy the block now I get a full version as well???

  • E T says:

    Hey man, how do you record when in the standalone version?

  • Stelios Daf says:

    Do you know if the RISE 49 comes with some native sounds? Because I checked on the site, and it says more than 1000 free sounds.

  • Delphine Ruet says:

    Hi! Great vid!! I want to buy my first keyboard and I felt in love with the seaboard!! I have some questions: what is the real difference between Equator basic and full package ? Does Equator allows you to record tracks or should I have another software? (did you make a demo of Equator?) And can I play drums with the seaboard or do I need the Roli "drum kit" ? Thanks a lot! 🙂

  • TheWeeklyJourney says:

    Cool tunes my friend. Before the Seaboard Block came out, I bought the RISE 25 and 49 and they work great on the PC. The 6 Blocks I have however are not too supportive on Android Phones or PC laptops running i7 2.5 ghz processor / 16 gigs ram. BLOCKS are great for Macs but I am a high end Web developer on Windows Interface. I cant change to a MAC because PCs have more hardware power for the same price of the latest MACs. I did my homework.

  • San P says:

    Seaboard Block Bluetooth id compatible with Windows10 ??

  • Joyful Vision says:

    Does it make sound through your phone or are there built in speakers on it? The seaboard?

  • Jack Spade says:

    Hey you have a pretty cool channel, keep going bro!

  • Ian says:

    I must say I have had it a few months and hardly used it. Quite underwhelmed as I got it for mostly using with ios instruments of which it isn't very flexible. You can't change midi channels on the fly. Also the Roli ios app annoyingly cannot be used within Audiobus or AUM or any other hosting apps. I have Omnisphere but again it seems like you have to do a lot of programming to get it to work. So really it's good for a couple of nice string sounds (of which I have already in Omnisphere) and the rest of the Roli app sounds are mediocre.

  • betty-697 says:

    Can you use the full equater on the ipad pro? or does it have to be a mac?

  • David Shaheen says:

    Do you have any videos that have a Grand Piano sound from Equator played on Rise or Blocks? I am looking for a keyboard replacement for my touring wife but want to make sure there is a good grand piano sound (in addition to the other sounds we will add with the new instrument). Thanks.

  • FreeD00M says:

    You can also get the full version of Strobe2 in addition. A lot of extra cost…
    They should give you the full version of both if you order two blocks in my opinion…

  • DJ Shuffle says:

    So on the Roli website they state that the Seaboard Block works with NI Kontakt and Massive. I have both, but I'd prefer to work in Pro Tools as opposed to Logic Pro. Would I still be able to do that or does it have to be Logic?

  • chriscauldermusic says:

    Great vids, man. Subscribed. Btw, what a beautiful, beautiful house.

  • Eric Linder says:

    Hey! Loving the lightpad m, thanks for all your videos. One last question: with equator full version can I also map the 5d’s of lightpad m?

  • Joconde Production says:

    I'm dreaming about this instrument. But yet I am dreaming about laptop for making music. And after dream this instrument 😞

  • Justin Wyatt says:

    is that rain?

  • Kevin Kutch says:

    Where did you get the mellotron presets?

  • Nathanael Pollard says:

    So, is your phone acting as an amp for the block?

  • Bryce Peterson says:

    Hey Sanjay, I just bought the lightpad block and loop block. I've got two questions: 1) I have Android and PC, which means I can't download the NOISE app. (It's supposedly going to be available "soon," but anyway…) What should I use in the meantime? The Blocks Dashboard doesn't seem to have many options, and Equator isn't really friendly with the Lightpad Block. 2) Should I just return the Lightpad Block and spring for the Seaboard Block? Is there anything the Lightpad Block can do that the Seaboard block can't?

  • Jack Sobocinski says:

    so i just got a seaboard and i am having some trouble with it. are you simply using the equator presets and nothing else? for example my steel string guitar sounds nothing like yours. any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Mike el Bombasin says:

    Hi Sanjay big up for your awsome channel, I have a question, do you know if there's a way to set up ProTools (or any other DAW) so that I can record on a track the external audio coming from ROLI EQUATOR?  This would open up a lot of possibilities and avoid to set up multiple tracks (in Pro Tools it's actually impossible to open up Equator by the way!) Thanks!

  • blackflag 33rd says:

    bro I could see in your eyes how inspired and excited you are about this hmmmm phenomenal Tech….after watching the add for this I was amped bro….I'm old school but I just love this new school Tech and its only going to get better.

  • Christopher Jenkins says:

    I'd love to see this and a Reason 10 collaboration!

  • adnharsha kumar says:

    hai snajay , iam  a music composer ,it will connect to third party vst plugins or only inbuilt plugins

  • Gangi Films says:

    seems gimmicky to me.

  • Texan Hawk says:

    Sorry dude, you suck (edit: I expected some really nifty riffs, hence the suck part) — the ROLI is awesome 😉

  • misterjohn john says:


  • Great Wall of Norman says:

    I think it is silly for this 300 dollar keyboard not to come with the full version of the software.


    Very helpful video

  • bechir says:

    The future is here

  • bechir says:

    How much please?

  • ORO 0147 says:

    But this isn't really for everyone though

  • Nathan Coleman says:

    This makes me cry, it makes me so happy.

  • Divaker Sharma says:

    bro, such a genuine love for this midi keyboard…LOVE IT!! cant wait to jump into this..my question is how much do you miss having a larger keyboard? and do the blocks connect with the rise keyboard?

  • Sam Old says:

    Do you have to buy anything else with it? Like simple sound or track? Because i got the lunched pad pro and i have to buy simple sound. Which suck. Because i thought it was suppose to give you the sound for free. That what the website said. Am upset with it. 😠

  • Kieren Moore says:

    For the price of the unit, the full Equator synth should come with it. I won't buy it for that reason.

  • Roman Sentis says:

    Hello there! What are the differences between the 79dollars and 179dollars version?

  • alessandro colombo says:

    Hi pls help me how to charege my roli seabord 49 ?

  • Dirty Mef says:

    can i record melodies on equator and then convert them in .wav file so i can use them in my music?

  • Voicey Voice says:

    Thanks 🙂 If you want to get rid of the microphone hissss, try brusfri AU plugin. Same result whether on mac or ipad, but muuuch cheaper on ipad. I use AUM as the host app and the hiss disappears so easily 🙂
    (The fantastic video montage app, Lumafusion, seems to have lost its ability to host AU plugins)

  • Uncinematographable Screenshot Cinema says:

    its an interesting instrument but I dont think it will do me much good when I have 500 free and paid instruments each with from 0 to 6500 presets already, because I use windows. I vastly doubt they make a windows driver and I question whether the bluetooth will connect to windows.
    But it does sound good when you are playing it. Is that a recording of a room sound? I bet Apple can hardly use OBS.

  • Rajan Ishan says:

    Hi Sanjay actually I was wondering is there any Indian instrument in roli library cos I’m planning to get one please can you tell me detail about Asian or Indian ethnic instruments and how it’s sound is it best or ok thank you

  • Akshay Mehta says:

    I just wanna know before buying . Can we play seaboard alone like if I am sitting in mountain.. no electricity no computer can I play this pleaaaseeeee

  • chriss1152 says:

    Could you use this in logic pro x or GarageBand

  • Michael Kos says:

    They made keybord that take a place and copy sound of violin and other instruments but Roli you know what ? … GO iOS YOUR SELF


    Are those strings-sounding patches samples or synthesis? really like to know

  • Kilo Lima says:

    Close bathroom door …

  • Mista Giz says:

    Shame they just told me they aren’t planning on bringing an option for iPad with this. I’d gladly pay the money for it

  • Akuta Gin says:

    Can u put the song that u choose in the seaboard so then we don't have to open Equator to play ?

  • Christoph L says:

    Do you use the program to record for the GarageBand, do u even use it at all?

  • abhi ram says:

    You are piling up on subs …..

  • mudsharkbytes says:

    I’m surprised – the fully functional Equator came with my Seaboard Rise. They make people that purchase a block pay for the software?

  • mudsharkbytes says:

    Check out the legato orchestra – it’s an amazing patch.


    Hi there! Great Channel, you been an amazing help with this new toy! So watching this video made le decide to upgrade. I do have a doubt; what's the difference between paying $79 or going for the $200?

  • Seafox0011 says:

    Great channel! Just wondering if there's a way to get a plucked string compared to a staccato bowed note?

  • Chaitanya Singh says:

    Sanjay, can you tell us if the block works with just a Bluetooth speaker? I mean, without a laptop or phone , just the block and a speaker connected to it.
    If yes, can you do a video on it showing that combined performance?

  • Baden Goyo says:

    Hi Sanjay, thanks for your videos! Do you know how to use the ROLI seaboard with Alchemy? They say in a video the Channel Pressure gesture is already assembled on Alchemy but is not working for me.

  • Andie deRoux says:

    great video. I can't wait to get one. The strings sound amazing.

  • gavin mccloskey says:

    Yes, I LOVE these instrument sounds, absolutely phenomenal. Currently, I am frustrated that these sounds can’t be played Inter-App on iOS. So let’s say I want to make live loops using these sounds within loopy, I can’t. Or I can’t use these sounds to record into on GarageBand. So does using a laptop and equator together solve these problems? Would I be able to put the audio into other apps on my laptop, for live manipulation or recording? That would be enough to make me switch to a laptop setting, cos these natural instrument sounds are BY FAR the best thing about Seaboard!! And then a second question, can you make your own presets in Equator and save them? Thanks again for your videos, they’re very helpful!

  • brijthisgap says:

    Sanjay you have great info but you drag out your presentations far too long; life is v busy buddy; you can economize on the time easily by cutting out superfluous stuff

  • sammon says:

    im thinking of buying the seaboard block, primarily to use for string sounds etc. and more orchestral instruments. Does this work well with logic pro x? How does this work? Can i use the free version of equator in logic pro x to manipulate the sounds with the seaboard block? Thanks (:

  • Taylor Baum says:

    Hey I cant seem to find this on any other places on the internet but can you play other plugins/presets/VST's with the seabord Block? or are you limited to Equator

  • fly fischer says:

    i bought a seaboard but only have the equator player. how did you get this full version? I would also love to be able to custom map the macro knobs to another controller or even via lemur- but it seems impossible in player.

  • Relax Mode says:

    thanks for every video you post for Roli blocks, they are useful for mi, you own a new suscriber

  • Johnny B says:

    What a beautiful sound.

  • Zach Taylor says:

    Is this for everybody?

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