SMG4: If Mario Was in… Minecraft

(Guys, if you please, I would appreciate it if you DIDN’T remove all the original subtitles made by the first producer. It’s unfair to discredit somebody’s work and there are people who DON’T like swearing, so if you want to change something, just edit stuff like spell checing and timing, and if you want to butcher it, I prohibit that) Luke: Hello everybody Kevin: We are so overwhelmed with the positive feedback and love that we’ve got you guys- from you guys over Meta Runner Episode 2 just released a few days ago. It is brand spanking new Luke: And it’s super intense. It’s cool Kevin: Yeah. This is actually one of our favorite episodes in the whole series If you haven’t checked it out yet, please go check it out right now right after this video. That is two episodes out, baby We got EIGHT MORE to go Without further ado Luke? Luke: Let’s go on to the video Kevin: OOOOOOHOOHO Glitch Productions!! 😀 SMG4!!!!!! (Aaaaaaand, begin!) (One day in Peach’s castle… we can hear some dumb swooshing sound effects) (Okay, this guy’s digging a hole. Cool.) Mario: Hm… What’s take so long!? Imma tired. SMG4: (wasting life on the computer) Okay. Now look at people’s @$$es for a while I’MM DUMMY THICC! AAH THE C%@9, OF MY @$$ CHEEKS (O__________O) SMG4: DAT ### Mario: SMGfourrrrrrr! SMG4: Huh? Wha?? GO GO GOOO!! MOVE YER FORWARD Ohohohoho heheh boi Mario: HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM (moar diggen’) DANG!!! (WHAT WAS THAT!?) Hm…. (IT’S CAVING IN! GET OUT NOW!) Uh-oh! Mama- SH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… SMG4: WHAT WAS THAT NOISE? Naah it’s probably nothin’ Mario: WOAHHHHHHHHHLUBUBUBUBUBUBUBUBUBU OH MAH @$$ *BOING* Wuhu! Hey where’d everybody go? (Back in that space-hole in the sky idiot) Minecraft: Now Dummy Thicc!! AAH!! Mario confuse! Hmm! (Runs off to find locals) Chicken: Buk buk buk buk! Villager: GET IN MAH BELLEH!! Mario: Mama mia! Villager: (I honestly don’t know what this sound is) Creeper: Tss! Tss tss Ka. BEEEEWWWWWWWWMMM! PIKACHU! USE THUNDER… SMASH Mario: Hello! 😀 (UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU………) Woah! (ok bye) (HUMP! HUMP! HUMP!) Imma lost! Hooooo! Okay! Byeeeeeee! Mario’s got to go! PYEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW (YOU HAVE TO PAY $677 FOR THAT) Woah!! (I can see where this is heading) HI GUYS! Mario: Steve!? Woahohoh! Blubububu *gibberish* O H N O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O No! *gibberish* Steve: !!!!!!!!! WHAT DID YOU SAY!? Mario: I’m… Imma so sorry Wohoo, hoh, hoo! Hm? Now let’s try real hard to get back there Steve: *gasping* Chickens!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (CRASH. LANDING.) WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHH I CAN FLY!! Yeaaaahhhhhh! Mario: ohhhhhh, mama mia! Letsa go! Hmmmmm……. Let me think…… Hm, oh, hmmm… HOO! (Oh yeah! That crafting table!) Wingardium Leviosa! (*sigh…* Harry Potter references put a smile on my face…) (That anime girl just appeared!? I thought it was gonna fly!) I got it! Imma so good! Woohoo. Ho, hm… HAHAA!!!! (KEK!) (Mario runs into the party…) BOOM SHAKALALA HERE COMES MARIO!! HOO! HOOO!! (WHY???) all done (Villager status: Triggered) KIDS GON’ DIE TON- (MASS INDIVIDUAL GENOCIDE) I did it! I DID IT!! I DID IT!! I DID IT!! Okie dokie HERE WE GOOOOOO!! Steve: Alright! LET’S DO THIS!!! Mario: Hahaa!! (Oh great, here we go again) C H I C K E N S ! ! ! Mario: MAAAAAAAMAAAAAAA OWWWWWW!! (So Operation: Beacon to the Sky didn’t work, now for Operation: Minecart Shuttle) Let’s go (Launcing in T-minus… 3… 2… 1… LIFTOFF!!!!!!) (HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!) SMG4: DUH DUH DUH, DUHDADADUH PIECE OFF (NOOOOOO TURN BACK TURN BACK) Mario: DAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (COME ON!! HOW DID THAT FAIL!?) RRGH (Creating a Nether Portal) Lalala, hmhm, HMM!! I got it!! (Chucks a torch right) *boing* (Welcome to the Nether, did you bring Fire Resistance?) COME ON!! Ghast: DllllllllllyEEE Mario: LET’S GO RIGHT NOW BRING IT ON HERE WE GOOOOOOO! (Ghast panics from this piggyback ride) Yahoo! Letsa go!! Jump! Likesa English mass hole career YOLOOOOOOOOOOOO Mama mia… (Hey Steve, whatcha doin’?) (Aww, so nice) (Mario gets frustration) (Construction site in progress) Hahaa! (It’s crumbling, not safe) (Okay, goodnight) (Oh come on, seriously!?) Mario: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Hey how ya doin’ Mario: Mama mia… I’M GUPPY (WARNING TO LOCAL AREAS) Steve: Room for one more Mario: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fine (Well this is nice, stable, pleasant) Mama mia… Steve: You lock dat door Mario: Okie dokie *GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASPPPP!!!!* (FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD) Mario’s wiener just got a little bit harder YEET *CRASH* *VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM* YIPPEE! *gibberish* Yahoo!!! Steve: Goshdangit Mario: No problem! Here I go! Yeaah hahahaa! *woosh* *so much singing* Woohoohoo hahaa!! (WAIT NO! THEY’RE ALL INEDIBLE) Oh yeah! (DISGUSTING) *nomnomnom burp* Wahaa! *gibberish* *Flatline* (Steve regrets life and walks to bed) *boing* *snooooooooooooooooore* Witch: IIIIII’M about to LICK somebody’s a## Mario: *snore* night nighty *snooooore* ah spaghetti… *SNOOOOOOORE* Witch: Time to die! *Throws potion* Mario: AAAAAH! SECKSY LUIGI!! Witch: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mario: *sniff sniff* yummy! Yippee!! Steve: WILL YOU SHUT UP!? *Back at it with Metal Gear* Witch: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA | Mario: Mmm… mmm… wee… Steve: OOOOOHHHHHHH HECK NAWWWW Mario: GET! IN! THERE! YOU! B####! Woah… *dizzy* Witch: You f###ing son of a b#### Mario: Hoohoo! Hello! Steve: Mario! Catch! (Iron sword coming your way, this is epic!) You don’t F*** With Ma- (Great) OHHHHH F******* (Witch throws poison potatoes while sounding like she’s obsessed with Gruntilda) (Oh right those make zombies) Mario: AHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! AAH! *panicking* Steve: Did, I, uh… (Drawing) Imma ZAMBAY now. BOO Mario: CAMAAN! CAMAAN! Here we goooooo! Hoo! *ROCKET LAUNCHER* BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII DIE B**** (PYEW) (Explosions!!) Steve: Deeda, la, da, dida, da… OH GOSH OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *LAPTOP ACTIVATION* /gamemode creative (Zelda SFX) SUCK MAH D!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (Inside, Mario creates an idea to get out) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee O K I E D O K I E RRgh!! (More Banjo-Kazooie references) WAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LAYTAAAAA! AAH!! GET IT OFF! GETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFF WULULULULULULULULULULU Steve: OHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mario: AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA *OW* Witch: Hmhmhmhmhm *woosh* Mario: HEY STINKY *gibberish* Oh! *gibberish* Hm? Hello kind sir, very nice to meet you Enderman: (translated) REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH WOAH!! (Wow, so sudden) Please give me huggy wiggies, OwO I’m not sure what you’re talking about Look at me Mario: UH (well that failed) LOOK AT ME (Knock it orf!!!) YA LITTLE S###S (Running around at the speed of LIGHT) Luigi: O___O ______________ Mama mia, ohhhhhhh… (Woosh) LOOK AT THIS spaghetti WOOOOOOOOOOOO GOTCHA B#### (CRASH) Mario: EEP (stop it) AAH (get some help) EEP COME ON! AAH MAH P**** (Rapid building) Haha! Gotcha! I’m the winner! (Open) Hm? Yo man watsup Mario: HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA (movement sound) ? Hm? RRGH! Hey stinky!! (Push) WOAH STEVE!? Steve: whatsup *WIELD* YADADADADADADADA *OOF* YEAH HAHAHAAAA! Thank you so much Steve Heah yeah! WEEEEEEEE (What kinda party is this?) Mario: HEY STINKY! MAMAF###ER! NRGH Witch: AWW [email protected] (Woosh) YEET Mario: GET DAT MAMAF###ER Aw mama! Witch: OOOOOOHOHOHOHOHO! Mario: Oh no you don’t Mario: Wahaa! (Head bowling! Who knew?) (WAIT YOU THREW YOUR OWN HEAD IN THE LAVA!) How ’bout you suck Mario’s PINGAS!? Haha!! Here we gooooo! (Oh I get it now) (Okay Steve’s idea’s better) Gentlemen (Walks) AHAHAHAHAAAAAAA RRRRR! HRRRRRRRRRR!!! HRLRLRLRLRLRLR!!! HRLRLRLRLRLRLR!!! (How does that influence?) (More fighting) (What? Roblox spiders?) (HOW DID THEY GET IN THE END!? THE PORTAL IS WAY TOO FAR) Kid: GET THE F### OUTTA MY ROOM I’M PLAYING MINE… (silence…) *CRASH* YA DEAD SON YEAH HAHAHAAAA!! (mushroom) *shring* YOU SON OF A B#### Witch: heheheheheeee Mario: AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA Steve: METAL GEAR METAL GEAR F### YOU Witch: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *le broken* *growth* Mario: YIPPEE! YAHOO! I GOT IT! Witch: Hahaha. YOU FOOL! (WAIT MORE!?) I HAVE 70 ALTERNATIVE ACCOUNTS (Like SuperMarioLogan lol) (IT’S RAINING S###! HALLELUJAH) (GET OUT OF THERE NOW) *A wild minecart has appeared* Whoa OHOHOHOHO! *boing* HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Witch: You’re no match for me (Why does she sound like Eggman suddenly?) (AWW C***) (Okay now what?) *STAB* (New meme!) AW C*** DAAAAAA! AAAAAAAAAAA! DA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… HEY!! I’m talking to you! (Hey look, a baby!) Mum said it’s my turn on the Xbox, I’ve had enough to hear your s#### *CRASH* (wrestling) (Steve picks up the computer) (PROGRAMMING 101 BAYBEE) (POWER STEVE) THAT’S A LOTTA DAMAGE *DIDING!* YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yahoo, wahoo, YEAH!!! /gamemode creative Mario: (flying while f###ing) That was fantastic, see you next time. Okay, bye-bye (Time to return home) SMG4: HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM… Where is that juicy boi? ………………….uh… (O_____________________________O) HA! HAHAHAHAHA! WE’RE A GOOD TEAM (O-__-O) (PAWNCH) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *crash* Steve: Hi guys! SMG4: Hiii, Steve Thank you for watching, credits made possible by GameKingLucas *aww, cute pic* Also, if you would like, check out Meta Runner, a new show that the devs are milking dry Or, you know, you can search for the guy who KEEPS REMOVING MY SUBTITLES!!! Anyway, I hope you have a good day and I’ll see you next week

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