So Console Fortnite Is BROKEN Again… (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox – New Update)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be going over Fortnite update 11.50 but not really the update itself, moreso
about the wide array of negative effects the update has had on the game so far especially
for console players. So update 11.50 was actually pretty hyped
up for 2 main reasons. First off it was always planned to be the
last update of chapter 2 season 1, and historically the final updates in a season have frequently
been pretty game changing. But the even bigger aspect of this update
that people were excited about and maybe a bit nervous for was the implementation of
the new chaos physics engine into the game. When we got the announcement that it was going
to be added in this update, a lot of people started speculating about the impact it would
have on the game. Some people started posting videos showing
how it worked in other games with like these crazy building collapse animations, there
was speculation that it was going to totally change how box fighting worked, you had some
optimists hoping it would improve the general smoothness of the game, the hype was pretty
crazy to say the least. However, when it was finally implemented into
the game it changed…pretty much nothing. You probably wouldn’t even notice any difference
at all unless you looked super hard. However, after the update was released players
started experiencing a bunch of different problems in Fortnite. And many people believe the new engine is
the most likely root cause that’s leading to most of these problems. So without further ado, let’s get into whats
going wrong since the release of the update. Alright so probably the biggest issue that
a lot of players have been experiencing since 11.50 was released are increases to things
like ping, input delay, and packet loss as well as a decrease to FPS. It’s funny because on the day the update was
released I immediately went to twitter to read the patch notes. And what I saw when I started scrolling down
my timeline was “Why is my ping randomly so high right now” “Is anybody else getting way
lower FPS than normal” “Why am I getting 40% packet loss in creative”, so I was like “welp
that’s definitely not a good sign.” Now I wanna make it clear that connection
issues like the ones I just mentioned randomly occurring after an update isn’t totally unheard
of. It seems like maybe once every 2-3 months,
a new update that gets released will for some unknown reason cause FPS/connection issues
for a chunk of players. But usually the amount of players effected
is relatively small, and they typically all have the same issue whether that be high ping,
low FPS, whatever. But after update 11.50 it not only seems like
a lot more people than normal are impacted by this, but also it seems like everyone is
being affected in a different way. I gave you a preview of that by mentioning
some of the random tweets I saw, but let me actually read off two or three of the numerous
popular reddit posts that discuss some of the various issues people are having. Here’s one titled “Since this last update
this game feels absolutely terrible.” “Idk what they did man if it’s the chaos engine
or whatever but my ping in creative and in game has skyrocketed so bad to the point that
I can’t double edit like I used to. I am getting mad frame drops and bad input
delay. This game feels the worst it’s ever felt before.” Here’s another post titled “console is so
bad ever since 11.50” and it says “For Any other Console Players is this affecting you
too? I’m getting Stutters Every second, Random
1000 ping spikes, when you play creative sensitivity feels hellah fast and everything u do is delayed
by a second, and the friends list is bugged it’s so hard to invite ppl for zonewars”
And here’s a different post with a similar title that says “Ever since the new update
my packet loss has been significantly higher,,, and my fps being already capped at 60 as I
am playing on an Xbox is now sitting at around 30 during box fights or if there’s numerous
enemies around me. Creative mode is the worst, I can’t even
practice my builds or aim if there’s too many targets, dummy’s or whatever else in
one area. To cap it all off, the macro and micro stutters
are beyond belief. I just don’t understand why epic won’t
do anything to help all the players complaining about this.” And in response to this thread, another user
pointed out that the act of phasing is something that directly leads to some of these major
stutters. He even attached a short little clip showcasing
that which I’ll show you guys right now. So these even though these issues do seem
to be a bigger deal on console, pc players are also being impacted as well, and it isn’t
one specific issue such as everybody has the same ping as before but now they have lower
FPS or vice versa. And what makes this really bad is that usually
what happens when Fortnite sees a lot of people having certain issues with a new update, is
that within about 24-48 hours they’ll release another much smaller update that fixes it. Everybody will download that, the problems
will go away, and just like that every thing will be back to normal. However at the time I’m making this video
it’s been about 6 full days since the release of 11.50, and we still haven’t heard a peep,
we don’t know if Fortnite is even aware of these issues, we don’t know if/when they plan
to fix them, heck we don’t know if they even know HOW to fix them. So even though I’m sure they eventually will,
since Fortnite stated that update 11.50 is going to be the last update of this season,
it may take until the 20th for that fix to actually be added into the game. So just be aware because I’ve gotten so many
questions about this, if your ping has been higher, or FPS has been lower, or you’re getting
more packet loss, or you feel like there’s more input delay, there’s a very good chance
it isn’t a problem with your internet or console, it’s a server issue that you can’t really
do anything about. And leave me a comment right now if you’ve
been dealing with any of these connection-based issues because I wanna see how common it really
is. So even though those various connection issues
were probably the most important negative side effect of 11.50 there are other a few
other things as well. The first is something that is absolutely
driving a lot of people crazy and for good reason. Not exactly sure what would cause this but
for some reason the double damage blue circle that pops up while farming materials randomly
stops working fairly frequently. Basically what will happen is the first time
you hit the circle it’ll give you the normal double damage and double materials, but then
it won’t move and when you continue to hit it it stops working. This is mainly a console issue based on what
I’ve been seeing but it apparently also is effecting a smaller amount of PC players. Luckily unlike the FPS/ping issues, Epic has
actually directly acknowledged this farming problem. On their trello board which is where they
announce which bugs and glitches they’re aware of and trying to fix they have a post titled
“Weak Point hits not always registering”, and they claim that it will be fixed in the
quote unquote “next update release.” But like I mentioned earlier, there’s at least
a decent chance that isn’t until the beginning of chapter 2 season 2. Another mainly console-only issue that players
have been dealing with involves the auto run feature, and just sprinting in general. I’ve seen some people say that autosprint
stops working for them after like 5 seconds no matter what, I’ve seen other people say
normally sprinting only works if they hold their analog stick at a specific angle, it
kinda seems like a disaster. So if you’re someone that’s been experiencing
sprint issues recently, don’t automatically assume it’s a problem with your controller
because I know that’s what people are going to do, there’s a good chance it’s a result
of the update. There have also been various issues regarding
boats since 11.50. Not only do they feel a little bit more clunky
now for whatever reason but players have been experiencing a variety of different glitches
when using boats that are kinda pretty funny. I’ll just show you guys 2 quick clips of what
I mean by that. So even though that was funny to watch, it’s
definitely not something that you would want to happen to you in any kind of an actual
game. So, I hope you guys enjoy this video and if
you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. Have you experienced any of the issues that
we talked about in this video and if so which ones? Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

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