speak computer (languages 1)

you don't want to go to the multiverse we're doing videos what does it feel like to want to code but then run into the language problem frustrating frustrating are you frustrated have you ever wanted to program a computer me do what it just sucks not knowing how to code yes it just does so then you're faced with the vexing decision of where to start what language to learn first we drew a diagram of how you get from human language all the way down to assembly language assembly code mm-hmm symbols lead to writing writing leads to abbreviations and formal languages which leads into mathematics and then code there are different kinds of code different ways it's used you get machines into the picture here and eventually end up at assembly have a look at that see what you think how do you get from assembly to what we want to do for our purposes fortran leads to alcohol at least the BCPL leads to B leads to C right okay with me don't worry about all that this is just for reference and once you get to see you've got similarity between C and Objective C yeah and and then you branch off via Objective C to iOS programming maybe you go to Swift and come back to iOS and then you branch off from C to C++ to get the job you also get the JavaScript that's Amy's favorite Python which is one that it really interests us and then Java relates to um Android apps this is useful to people I think so so we figure or in some assembly code so we have the gist of it focus on C that seems to be the foundation of all languages we want to learn then branch out into Objective C so we can start building the iPhone version of our app and once we've got some momentum on the iPhone version start looking at C++ and then Java so we can start building the Android version so that's our first palace at the world of programming languages and we're going to come back to it we're gonna keep building on it and that's it come on people were hustling here we're doing this nights and weekends we're doing 40 hours a week right now 20 during the week and 20 on the weekends but there are a hundred and sixty-eight hours in the week and after you sleep and brush your teeth you've got about a hundred available to you that's what we want right now we're doing 40 each we could be doing a hundred that's two and a half times that we're doing now right don't you want that if you like coats Mac and obviously you do because how could you not you want us to get through more stuff put out more stuff you want more stuff we need more hours to do more stuff sign up and help us do more stuff and you get stuff you get the smack book the outtakes and a con call with yours truly don't you want that don't you want those things sign up

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