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The reason why Spud Software exists is because
there’s always a need for custom software. We are looking for the best of the best employees.
And as far as I’m concerned, we have them already, but we’d love to expand our team
as we’re growing tremendously. Right from the beginning, I felt that my input
was valued and appreciated and then I would be part of shaping the future of the company.
At Spud Software, we’re constantly moving to the next technology.
I feel like that’s one of my favorite things about working here.
You know, Spud has a great defined process in place, and they are open to new ideas and
thoughts of how they can improve those. We have developer round tables for our programmers
every couple weeks. We have lunch that we serve, and they just
talk about all the techie things that are going on or any new technologies — just time
for them to collaborate in addition to just working on their projects together.
People hang out after work. We hang out.
We have a lot of fun. People are playing D&D.
We’re going out to lunch or dinner after work. We’re hitting the bar.
You know, stuff like that. It’s a group of people that you work with,
but you can also just be friends with. I think people want to come to work for Spud
because of the atmosphere that we have here. We have a really great building that fosters
creativity. And there’s a lot of companies that really
don’t offer that. And here at Spud, the sky is the limit.
It’s hard to really describe until you’ve been here, but once you meet the people here
and realize what they’re all about, they really work hard but they work hard for each other.
And they really look out for each other, so it’s a real tight-knit team here.
Spud Software also offers many benefits, both from a healthcare standpoint and through financials:
401k plan, then we have healthcare benefits that is including medical, dental and vision.
Being able to have the flexibility: they allow me to work remote when I need to.
Making sure that they have that comfort level. They can spend time with their family but
yet still get the job done. Flexibility is one of the main benefits that
most of the employees have said that is important to them.
And most recently, we actually have a chef that’s in-house that just make us yummy food
all day. And all healthy, organic, and we’re going
to be having a program where they’ll actually be able to have take-home meals in the evening
to provide for their family. It’s amazing that the company has actually
went above and beyond to make us feel this special.
I mean, we’re in the Game Room right now. And it’s super awesome to just like have that
opportunity to play ping pong. We can play pool, we can just hang out and
have a conversation. Honestly, for me, one of the most fun parts
about working at Spud is the floor plan. It’s not cubicled off.
I’m not shoved off into a corner somewhere. It’s open air.
I can walk up to somebody’s desk and have a conversation with them.
Okay, so the people we’re looking for at Spud are really high-energy, driven people.
They give 110%. The joke around here is my expectations are
extremely high, but we communicate that and we expect that.
They can work well with others and really they kill themselves to get the jobs done.
If you’re looking for a fun environment where you want to be part of the team and part of
the company’s future, looking for a different challenge everyday, then Spud is the place
for you. Check out our website.
See what we have to offer. We’re a great place to work.
Come and hang out, come explore new technologies, and give yourself a chance to grow while having
a great time. So I would say if you’re ready to take your
skillset to the next level, if you are looking for a job that will challenge you, but somewhere
where you can grow, have fun, meet other programmers, I would say Spud Software is a great choice.
If you’re looking for a place to really work hard and build your skills at the same time
have some fun doing it, I’d love to have you come out here and check us out.

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