Strength Training Program for MMA Fighters

i'm jeff channel enemy shredded and in this video i'll be showing you three were building increased your strength and size these workouts can be performed on your strength and condition days which would be on top of your regular MMA training schedule [Applause] then I yeah this is but I have a little trick for those who want to significantly increase strength without getting any weight so finally in the before video they just saw I still live wasted trying to gain lean muscle mass I got stronger but I get it past 150 pounds I thought that because I wasn't enough but then after do my homework I learned the reason was because I was combining my enemy conditioning with my strength training because I had such a busy schedule I'd lift weights and a melee after I would train keep in mind this is only if you're not changing your diet very much if you eat out a calorie surplus you will gain weight now that I've achieved my ideal weight I use this method to keep getting as strong as I can while we came the same weight this is to ensure that and cut back down to my weight class or quite head cups on the other hand if you want to maximize muscle growth you want to avoid training cardio 24 hours after strength training lastly this is for those who spend lots of the time training martial arts I know I don't look like a bodybuilder but this is not a bodybuilding workout so the first exercise can be bent dressed and in final wait that's not understand on my water mats and then I attempt to hit 9 sets of 3 once that becomes comfortable I mean then attempt to hit sense as a floor of the same way if I do not hit 4 reps I will then go back to 3 reps and attempt hit panic or $0.11 on the other hand if I can if I complete sentences of 4 I'll then move up by 5 pounds and go back to the 9 sets of 3 so find a way to get a so final so that's my knife set and since I'll able to hit 9 sets of three that means next week I'm going to attempt to hit seven to four if four reps is too difficult I'll then go back down to three reps but I'll try to ten for 11 cents these set exercises can be bent over five of those the rules specifically targets to move a pattern and muscles offset of event press so these two pairs exercises are great for together on one day I'm going to find a weight that is 8% on my one arm acts and I'm going to hit 5 sets of 5 once 5 sets of 5 becomes comfortable I'll then try to hit six sets of 5 and once I'm comfortable with that I'll move up the weight by 5 pounds a poor ratio of pulling depressing will be to an over development of your pecs and an underbelly of your scapular trackers which will lead to shoulder injuries such as your rotator cuffs I've had an ongoing folio injury for years and only after I began to perform a lot of pulling the my shoulders heel so it's important you pull as much as you push so just like Joel said if you perform a row baby or animal training you mean the after strength training it will lower your protein synthesis so that's exactly what I'm gonna do I'm gonna get changed and jump right into three rounds of five minutes part because my muscles are full of acid will actually force me to relax clothes tonight time is money I don't so I'm a set mortar of a three-day program like I started with Carlos Ponce's your legs is a huge game changer when it comes to animate whether it comes to strikes or grappling everything comes from the legs so I'm gonna follow the same guidelines it's work out one I'm gonna find a week that is 90% on my water max and try to hit nine to three or I'm in finally that's 80% of my water max and hit five to five do Louie Spence use a Hemis do a shadow two surgeries Saten exercise can be deadly they're very beneficial to posture grip strength and pick up your appointments slamming into the ground finally we're on day three I'm going to hit wave pull-ups and overhead shoulder press and I'm also going to follow the same guidelines it's day one and two I'm also going to do a variety of pull-up variations since we just performed vertical pulling we're now I'm going to finish off with the vertical pushing although this program has been very effective for me limiting your exercise selection rep and set range will eventually lead to poor and/or improvements it's very important that you changing the routine every few cycles lastly stay tuned for more workouts thank you for watching this video if you liked it make sure to give it a thumbs up please also remember to subscribe because we got new videos coming every week and don't forget to check out mmm a calm where you can subscribe to my mailing list for some exclusive content

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  • Chris B says:

    I may have missed it, but did you mention anything regarding rest in between sets?

  • Bryan Biscoe says:

    Hey Jeff, first off I really appreciate the vid!! I was wondering what your thoughts are on this training split incorporating your workout split:

    Sunday: Workout 1
    Monday: Muay Thai
    Tuesday: Workout 2
    Wednesday: Muay Thai
    Thursday: Workout 3
    Friday: Muay Thai
    Saturday: Rest

    Alternate between LOW and HIGH rep ranges every other week.
    CARDIO in the morning of Muay Thai training days.

    You think this would work? Anything you'd do differently?

    And lastly, THANK YOU for your channel. You are the man!!

  • Trevor Green says:

    Hey Jeff, love your videos man. I have a question. I work a busy schedule so most of the time I cant do both cardio and strength during one session. Can you still maintain the same weight if you do cardio before weightlifting? Like if I ran in the morning and lifted in the evening would I still gain wait or would that be sufficient for maintaining my weight? Currently at 170. Thanks!

  • PibuFilms says:

    Just found this channel, love it already. Clean cut information and clear engagement in your comment section! Keep up the good work, you gained a subscriber!

  • Sun Rider says:

    Can someone tell me which equipment he is using?

  • Jon M. says:

    What about for those of us that need to cut down?

  • Tyrone 8934 says:

    I love how balanced your workout is. For every movement, you have an opposing movement. For example: bench presses and rows; presses and pullups. 🙂

  • vince11baller harris says:

    Hey do you think this could work for boxers as well

  • Odessa ! says:

    Love the videos!!! What is your rest times between sets for these workouts?

  • Tyrique Christains says:

    Jeff how can I go down in weight, for example cutting weight for a fight but still look good as in shredded please answer? For example my weight I used to walk at was 85kg(188lbs) and I look sized up with muscle, now I focused on getting down to 78kg(175lbs) but wanting to prepare for my fight I want to weigh in at 71.5kgs(155/6 lbs) for lightweight and when I came down to 78 kgs I noticed a lot of muscle loss so I want to know how can I keep my muscle as I move down to 71kgs?

  • Domenico Di Costanzo says:

    If I train strenght and kick boxing the same day, What do you think is better to train first ?
    I tried doing morning strenght – evening kickboxing or strenght right after kick boxing . I'm confused on this point. I've just noticed that my strenght training, right after kick boxing lesson, is really week, I have not much energy left and I loose concentration. If I do strenght in the morning and 5-6 hours later I do kick boxing, I feel quite tired too.
    I know that feeling tired when you train twice a day is normal, but I'd like to know what is the best combination in your opinion

  • U. A. says:

    Hi jeff. Do you know how much weight can be gained on this program? I'm looking to gain around 20 pounds to move up a weight class in MMA and cannot decide between this workout or Starting Strength workout. Thank you Jeff.

  • dr chickencake says:

    Hi Jeff, do you do any training with a higher rep range? Like 8-12 reps

  • Amar salkic says:

    how much you pause betwen sets?

  • Shadow Shris says:

    What is your rest time between sets?

  • Marek Kisiel says:

    One advice – replace yates row with pendlay row, much more effective for athletes. Cheers

  • MMA Bjj says:

    If i do strengh training. Does that mean i should not to cardio the next day? Eg running

  • Gilberto Nocelli Jr says:

    Awesome,thanks for the tips again !!!!

  • Mahamud Mahamud says:

    im currently 220lbs and around 25%-30% body fat, i’ve decided to go on a cut and get to 195lbs. i also want to improve my flexibility and mobility for mma and my cardio vascular system as its very poor what do you suggest i do as i also want to make strength gains and have enough energy in the week for mma training

  • อาทิตย์ ขันธะสีมา says:

    thank you .

  • Fahir Shah says:

    I replaced bench press with various push ups

  • Lusaga Mtc says:

    Weightlifting is great for MMA/boxing…..but calisthenics/bodyweight is more important….guys like mike tyson,mayweather,mcgregor,etc…..all these guys focus more on calisthenics/bodyeeight

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