Student experience in the School of Computer Science

what I love about the School of Computer Science is the friendly environment the course is great let’s start with that. It’s challenging and it’s demanding but it’s so it feels so good when you finally get it especially this department it’s very student orientated We’ve got our own library we’ve got our own labs which are just for us I’ve never come across or gone into the lab and not been able to find a computer generally you are on thing the same level as lecturers they treat you as academic scholars We can go and knock on their door and ask them to either reexplain something or get a bit more of an in-depth explanation I think I came to uni expecting them to be like very demanding like very serious you then meet a couple on like the first day and you think well just these are just other people who have the same interests as me I believe that that kind of encourages you to you know go outside of what the module boundaries are whatever problem might be and it doesn’t necessarily have to be academic problems you’re always welcome to come in and talk, the campus is beautiful as well and there’s plenty of societies for any hobbies whatsoever we’re a part of the Bulgarian society, the computer science society I have joined the kickboxing society. The computer science society this year had a lot of events There’s a computer science ball there’s a BBQ and they’ve got hackathons, they’ve got lots of different things, sports even They also do lots of events with employers in the field There’s lots of events happening it’s always a buzzing community there’s always an opportunity almost seems weekly for you to jump into something that isn’t necessarily lectures but it’s definitely computer science It’s such a lively environment and it’s just great to be here

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