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in this video we are going to discuss about system software the system software acts as an interface between the computer the hardware parts of the computer and the user user like you and me now why this interface is required because we speak in language called English or you could be speaking in some other language but the Machine understands the computer understands only one language which is the binary language zeros and ones now if I am speaking in English and the computer does not understand English what is to be done an interpreter is required and interface is required the system software acts as such an interface it converts all our instructions the instructions that we are giving in English into a machine understandable form for this work there are different types of system software's operating system language processors and device drivers let's see what these software's do operating system it is responsible for functioning of all the different hardware parts as you know a computer has got a CPU it has got keyboard mouse printer video so many hardware parts operating system is required so that these hardware parts can function properly they can follow our instructions operating system is always the first software that is loaded into the system when we switch on our computer so operating system is always very very important if your system does not have an operating system it will not work because operating system manages the Mammal memory the processor the speed with which it will work the file and many other different tasks that we'll be discussing in another video now let's see what a language processor is as I discussed just now with you the computer language is different and our language is different so when it comes to human and machine interactions we can have three types of languages machine level language simple strings of zeros and ones the binary language that the computer understand then assembly level language a bit above that we have mnemonics we have small words that will tell the computer what to do instead of zeros and ones high-level languages English like languages that we are used to the programming languages they are written in high-level languages so these are the three languages what a language processor will do language processor will convert a high-level language into an assembly level language or a machine level language that the computer can understand easily for this processing there are three types of languages assembler interpreter and compiler what does an assembler do it will convert an assembly level program into machine level program remember that at the end the program the instructions have to be in the machine level language so that the computer can carry on those instructions what does an interpreter do it will convert the high-level programs the programs that we write that we understand into a machine level program line by line each line would be converted into machine level language what does the compiler do compiler will again convert the high-level language into a machine level language but rather than doing it line by line it will do it at a one go we'll be discussing all these in a little bit more detail in a further video let's come to device drivers as the name suggests the device driver will take care of all the devices that are attached to the computer so that these devices will function properly like a printer or a fax machine that is attached then device drivers will be used for that now I told you just now that operating system is the software that handles all the devices so what does the device really do operating system will interact with the device drivers so that these devices will work properly when you attach a new device you will need to install its driver so the operating system will know that how that device is to be managed whenever the user sensor requests so in this video we have understood how a system software works what are the different types of system software's in our next video we are going to discuss about the application software

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