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Let’s go through it together, and this first one starts with a left angle bracket, which looks super promising, but then it has this slash which we don’t see reflected up here, so this one doesn’t match, could not have produced this sequence of 5. Over here we have a left angle bracket, a b, a right angle bracket. Looking great. Salvador, looking good. Dali, looking great. Oh, yeah, this totally matches. Down here we have almost the same sentence, but there’s no space between salvador and dali. This is very close, but instead of getting 2 separate words at the end, it would break down into just one word at the end, salvadordali, so this one doesn’t match. Over here we start with a bold tag, have salvador and then dali, but then we have a few more characters that aren’t shown in this list of 5, so this doesn’t match exactly. Here we have salvador followed by the bold tag. That’s getting the order wrong, and the order of this breakdown is really going to matter. We really need to know the order of words in a sentence. Super important, it is. Finally, over here we start with bold, and we have salvador dali again. This looks great. No problems there. Notice the spacing was a little different. Here we had a space between the bold tag and salvador. Here we had kind of a space over here. These spaces don’t matter very much. Salvador Dali was a Spanish artist famous for his surrealist paintings, probably most famous for painting The Persistence of– I can’t remember. Let’s just go on.

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