TechGenies Co-Employment is Better than Outsourcing for Software 2018

Let’s face it, whether you’re a startup Or an established company Your business success depends on the right technology From software development to Quality Assurance You need an IT professional who can go the distance But how do you find the right person At the right price? With traditional IT outsourcing methods You’re just another project in the queue of an already overwhelmed programmer Who has no loyalty to your company’s vision When the project is delivered, your programmer moves on Leaving you with the code but none of the people who created it You don’t want that, what you want is a Genie Not a magic lamp Genie but a TechGenie Although in truth we both make magic happen With our unique co-employment model We begin searching for your Genie, both near-shore and offshore Based on your specific IT needs Then, POOF! We deliver your dedicated and exclusive IT professionals To make your tech dreams come true And because your Genie is owned by you The journey only ends if and when you say so At TechGenies we simply handle the boring stuff So you can just focus on the destination Did we mention it’s all at a lower cost than the other guys? Yeah, we know it sounds too good to be true But, hey … they don’t call us Genies for nothing Make a wish or three today

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