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– Hey guys, what is up? How’s it going? This is Qazi from cleverprogrammer.com. In this video, we’re
gonna be talking about the best course on Python
that is absolutely free, so without any further ado,
let’s jump right into it. (techno music) Alright, so I feel like I
talk about this all the time, but maybe it’s your first
time to this channel. If it is, the note of this channel is about learning computer programming, and it’s about learning a
programming language called Python and learning how to do web development. Also, at the end of this video I’ve got something phenominal for you, which trust me, you do not want to miss so stick through it, okay? Now, when it comes to Python
and computer programming, there are a lot of courses, okay? I’ve mentioned those resources
like Udacity, Coursera, blah blah blah, lots of them. But the one that I want to mention to you that I think is the best
for Python is called, go to cleverprogrammer.com. Okay? I’ve made this course for you. It’s about learning Python
by building projects. The reason that I want
to do this for you is, I get that you don’t have a lot of time. So, I wanted to make something for you that lets you learn Python
in the fastest way possible. And, as you build projects, but you have something to show
for it at the end of the day that keeps you motivated and you have that feedback
along the way. Okay? As you go. So, in this course, it’s absolutely free. If you go to cleerprogramner.com, you can sign up for my free course. Okay? In the first five minutes of this course, you’ll be building your
first project. Okay? How crazy is that? Right? Not a lot of courses have that. And my course is about taking not some crazy technical approach or working with numbers, we’re working with things visually. Okay? Which means your eyes can see it so you can get that instant feedback, literally improve yourself,
become better. Okay? Because if you don’t have that, it’s very hard to improve
your skills. Okay? So, again, this course you
get interactive exercises, you get quizzes, you get projects so you have something to
show for it at the end. So definitely sign up for this course. Now, I have that special
announcement for you that I told you to stick around for the end of this video.
– Follow me on Instagram. – This is something that
– John Colors. – you don’t wanna miss. Okay>I love this guy, follow him. The announcement that you don’t wanna miss has to do with my web development
course for Python. Okay? This is flagship course that
we offer at Clever Programmer, and we have hundreds of students take it, and they have gotten successful,
amazing results. Okay? We have some students,
I’ll try to put it up here, but one of the students is Dennis Murphy. He has now built his own platform and he’s getting clients with
Python. Okay? Programming. So, this is something that
I want to now share with you where you can learn Python and
do web development with it. And if you’re interested
in this course coming up, it’s gonna come 2017, November. And then I’ll keep launching
it again and again. Okay? If you’re watching this video after 2017. This course is called Create Apps with Python
and Land Your First Client. So, what I want to do
is help you create apps as fast as possible and
get your first client as fast as possible in
less than 90 days. Okay? Because a lot of other
courses don’t teach you how to get clients, how
to start making money, how to build a portfolio, how
to start creating projects, how to negotiate, how to
get a salary of up to five high five figures or six figures. Okay? This course is about putting
money in your pocket, it’s not about taking
money out of your pocket and that’s it. I’m not just gonna show
you some technical bullshit that you’re gonna be working
with, something boring, some professor teaching you this, I am gonna teach this to you, not from some high moral ground, but like we’re friends. Okay? And I wanna help you get clients with this as fast as possible because
that’s what I’m good at and that’s what I wanna share with you. So, I want you to start making
money as fast as possible. This is a web development
course for Python, for people who actually want
to make money with Python. Now, you know something
I’ve mentioned before, but Python is a very popular language. And companies like Instagram
were built off Python. Google, YouTube, Reddit,
Dropbox. Quora, Spotify, hipmunk, all of those companies
are built off of Python. So, there’s no reason for
you to not learn this. And Python is super easy, it’s trending, and you get to make the
most money doing this. Okay? So, it’s a no brainer and to
sign up for this new course, the
cleverprogrammer.to/first-client-with-python. Here’s the link, we’ll put it right here. You can click on it, or you can go to the
description of the video. Get on the VIP wait list
for this course, okay? Right now, do it. It’s free to get on the VIP wait list. And as a bonus, I’ll send
you my free resources that helped me become a software developer in less than three months
and start making money. And I’ll send you that
bonus, as a gift, for free, if you sign up for this VIP
wait list right now. Okay? So, hopefully you found
this video to be helpful. Hopefully this video gave you
the value that you needed, that you came here for. And again, all the resources
I’m giving your right now are for free. Okay? So again, thank you so much for watching, as always, I love your faces off. And I’ll see you in the next video. (techno music)

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