The Modern Machine Control Interface ✨ – Eaton’s XV300 Series of HMI and PLC Panel

Hi, I’m John West Automation product sales manager from Airline Hydraulics Here to show you the XV 300 operator interface series from Eaton The ease-of-use we experience every day on our smartphones and tablets has now become a reality in industrial applications as well these new high-resolution Devices are available as an HMI and also as an HMI PLC in one And are changing the way man and machine interact due to their capacitive multi-touch technology How often are you looking for space to incorporate more capabilities or features into your equipment the HMI PLC all-in-one package? not only provides a sleek profile and simplicity but also safe space on the front panel and inside the control panel a Combination HMI PLC is central to the design of a truly lean automation solution enabling increased productivity and reliability XV 300 operator interfaces can be configured with three different software packages Offering the flexibility to tailor the unit to meet your exact needs The HMI only version uses visual designer which runs a built-in SCADA package that can be configured for multiple applications and connected to various third-party PLC’s This gives you the capability to use this unit for a variety of applications and control platforms Version 2 which is the PLC and basic HMI in one package is running a code assist base IEC six 1131 runtime package capable of a complete all-in-one design to save panel space hardware and overall cost version 3 is a high-performance HMI PLC in one package running both visual designer and code assists and Features the complete skate a solution for more complex applications. Do you have applications in a harsh environment? Not a problem for the XP 300 series units which feature heavy-duty anti-glare tempered glass front panels They are available in a 7 inch 10 inch and 15 inch widescreen format Capable of being viewed in portrait or landscape mode the multi-touch format offers easily adjustable pinch and swipe Capabilities to size images just right it supports all pop I own networks such as ethernet/ip modbus/tcp Prophy Annette DP can open an ether CAD and of course it can be easily incorporated to Eaton’s own smart wired ET network to build a cost-effective automation solution You can easily store information in PDF, HTML, and mp4 formats to retrieve and display manuals Drawings instructions or information to assist in machine operation for maintenance without the need of additional Pcs to store and display files and have hard copies or documents at the machine Do you have requirement for the desired access information remotely? The XV 300 offers remote access for up to eight independent users to access information Without interference with each other Alerts communicating machine issues can be sent via text message or email to avoid unnecessary machine downtime Or service calls, which always seem to happen at inopportune times To learn more about Eaton’s XV 300 series HMI or plc contact us to arrange a demonstration and discuss your application Or visit our website to find these and other products available For easy ordering and fast delivery from Airline if you like this video be sure to subscribe to Airline’s youtube channel for the latest information or Technologies to save you time and money. Thanks for watching

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