The Most Gullible Prison Guard Ever – Key & Peele

[closing door echoing] (man)
[yelling indistinctly] Hey, man. You gotta let me
out of here. Oh, okay. [keys jangling] [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ You tricked me. I can honestly say
I wasn’t trying to trick you. You weren’t? All I said was, “You gotta
let me out of here.” There’s no trick. So I do have to let you
out of here? Yes? Okay. [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ Bon voyage. ♪ ♪ Order’s to let him go,
I don’t know why he’s in here in the first place.
I don’t know. [sucks in air]
[whispering] Sorry. Boy, you really
got me in trouble. Sorry. Yeah, you must think
I’m stupid. Well, I’m not stupid.
I’m smart, so– You know how you could prove
that you’re really smart? Oh, yeah, let me guess. You want me to let you
out of here again. – Well.
– You know what? You think that you can trick me
into letting you out again. Well, you can’t.
‘Cause this is my choice. [dramatic music] – Get the heck out of here.
– All right. All right? Reverse psychology. ♪ ♪ (guard)
Sorry about that, guys.
That was me, guys, my bad. My bad. [laughs]
Real nice. Now they said they’re gonna
dock my pay, and if I let you out of here again,
I’m gonna be severely punished. I mean,
what are you gonna do? I’m actually surprised
they haven’t already thrown you in here with me. No, prison is
for bad guys. You’re a bad guy,
and I’m a good guy. Yeah, but you could see how,
from my perspective, I’m a good guy. Wait, you’re a good guy? [dramatic music] It doesn’t seem like you
understand what your job is. Oh, oh, okay.
I see what you’re doing. You’re trying to manipulate me
with reverse psychology. – Well, it’s not gonna work.
– No. [sad music] It’s not even worth going
out there again. Look, they just gon’ get me
and bring me back in here, just like they always do. ♪ ♪ Unless… What? No, I’m–
forget it, I don’t want to take advantage
of you anymore. Look, hey, no, no, listen.
I’m not gonna fall for it, whatever it is.
You may as well just tell me. I was just gonna say that,
like, if you were to help me… Uh-huh. get past the guards… Yeah, yeah. and get all the way out– Okay. I really–
no, I have to tell you. You need to think
about this long and hard. Weigh your options
and consider the ramifications
of those options. Like heck I will. [dramatic music] – Let’s go.
– All right. – I’m busting you outta here!
– Shh. Don’t–don’t yell, man. You might as well
ring the alarm. – Good idea, yeah.
– No– [alarm blaring] Look, look, he–ah!
He’s– – Oh, hi, Tom.
– It was– Good to see you guys.
Yeah. Oh, boy, I did it
again, didn’t I? It’s actually very ironic,
’cause when I was a prison guard–
when I was a prison guard, I wasn’t allowed
to talk to the prisoners. That was the thing,
they said to me, “If you talk to those prisoners,
you’re gonna get in trouble. You’re gonna get in trouble.”
Now that I’m in here with you, I can talk as much as I want.
Just babble on, and babble on, and babble on, we can talk about
anything you want. Any–any–

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