The Pitt Vlog 2016 – Outside the Classroom Curriculum (OCC)

Welcome back to the Pitt Vlog. Today on the Pitt Vlog, we are going to take an in-depth look into the Outside the Classroom Curriculum, or the OCC. The OCC is a way for you to track all the things that you do outside the classroom with added benefits, like joining the OCC honorary society, or applying for a grant to study abroad. Two of your First Year Mentors will tell you more. Hey guys! We’re here to show you what the OCC is all about. The most important thing about the OCC is that there are ten goal areas, and by attending events and programs related to those areas, you can gain credits towards completion! The coolest part about the OCC is that it’s designed to make it your own. You can choose how to complete each of the ten goal areas so everyone’s experience is unique. And you can complete it by going to events and doing things you were already planning on doing. It’s easy! We’ll take a peek at each of the ten goal areas and give you examples on how to complete them. Let’s go! Through Leadership Development you gain the skills, knowledge, and experience to lead others in achieving a common goal. One of the best ways to complete this goal area is through the Emerging Leaders program: a ten-week program that looks in-depth at the ways to become a great leader. Trust me, this itself looks amazing on your resume. With Career Preparation, you can gain a competitive edge in employment or being accepted into graduate and professional schools after graduation. There are career fairs, resume reviews and mock interviews, and so much more! With Global and Cultural Awareness, you’ll gain better understanding and appreciation as a global citizen. There are so many cultural organizations at Pitt, and attending one of the events with your friends is a great way to get involved, learn more about other cultures, and get OCC credit. You’ll find that many Pitt students, faculty, and staff have a lot of pride when it comes to their University. The Pitt Pride goal area shows what it’s like to be a Pitt Panther, as well as a part of the Pitt community. By attending events like the Homecoming Laser light & Fireworks show, Convocation, or being a part of the Oakland Zoo during a Pitt basketball game. With the Communication Skills goal area, you will be more effective and confident in your oral, interpersonal, and written communication. Whether you’re writing a professional presentation or a research paper for publication, you’ll be able to communicate your best self to others. Through the Service to Others category, you can become engaged with the Pittsburgh community. Pitt Make a Difference Day is the University’s largest day of service with thousands turning out, and it’s a great way to start. PMADD isn’t all though. The Office of PittServes can connect you to service projects throughout the year to complete your OCC requirements. Being aware of your personal skills, beliefs, values, and abilities is the core of the Sense of Self goal area. Coming to the Stress Free Zone is a great way to get credit. Another great event is the Majors and Minors Expo where you can find out about all of the academic programs available at Pitt. The city of Pittsburgh has a great art scene, and Pitt Arts connects you to that scene for free or discounted prices. You can get Appreciation of the Arts credit by going to museums for free with your Pitt ID, going to a show with the Cheap Seats program, or by attending the Artful Wednesdays here in the William Pitt Union. Maintaining your health and financial wellness are crucial aspects of being a successful college student. Attending the Healthy U Fair early in the Fall semester is a great way to get Wellness OCC credit and learn about the resources available here on campus to stay healthy. By reflecting on your experiences and submitting your application for OCC completion, you can complete the Initiative and Drive goal area and be inducted into the OCC honorary society. Make it your goal to complete this area, and you’re well on your way to completing the OCC. So those are the OCC goal areas. You can start completing the OCC as soon as you get on campus. You can complete the OCC at your own pace, although many students finish by the end of their sophomore year. To start earning credits, simply log onto your Pitt Passport and go onto your My OCC page. There are many ways to earn credit even during Orientation Week. So it’s really easy to get started. We hope you learned a little bit more about the OCC and that you’re ready and excited to start learning OCC credit. Thank you for watching the Pitt Vlog, and we’ll see you again soon!

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