– Have you ever discovered an artist on your Discovery Weekly, to see that they’ve got a million streams? And you’re not really sure
how they got those streams. You know that it’s legit
because it’s a good track, but you’re sat there on
less than 1000 streams. Well it’s probably down
to the Spotify algorithm. And I’m gonna tell you today exactly, how it works and how you
can take advantage of it. Everyone’s obsessed with the
Spotify algorithm right now. Because you don’t know why it’s gonna favor one
track over the other. In fact, I was invited
on to BBC World Service, to talk about how the
Spotify algorithm worked. But if you didn’t catch that, in this video, I’m gonna cover everything. Firstly, don’t hate on
the Spotify algorithm. The entire algorithm, was designed, to discover emerging artists, and good songs, and push it out to more people. Okay, the major labels
own a stake in Spotify, but the entire thing, was designed to give
artists like you, a shot, without having to spent
any money on promotion, have no fan base, and you get a shot at
getting a million people, listening to your track. And okay, you don’t get paid much for each stream on your track, but, forget about potential income, and think more about exposure. You can get millions
and millions of streams, on your track. And what happens is, Spotify will push your track out to Discover Weekly playlist. If you go to your Spotify for artists, you’ll see a row of bar charts. And it will tell you where
your streams are coming from. And if it’s just streams
going to your profile itself, that means it’s just your existing fans, your mom, your dad, your friends, they are the people streaming it. But, if it’s coming from playlists, or algorithm generated playlists, that is golden, that is where you are going
to make it as an artist. Some people are dreaming of being on a
Spotify official playlist, and I totally get that. But the thing about
Spotify official playlist, is that you’re not own them forever. New Music Friday, you’re on it for a week. If you get a major
playlist like Rap Caviar, you’re on it for a month. So it’s not long term. The algorithm playlist,
they are long term. You stay on them for ever. You will get more streams
from Discover Weeklys, if you are favored by the algorithm, than any of the major Spotify officials, put together. So what exactly happens
with this algorithm that everyone’s talking about? Well, firstly, when you
upload your track to Spotify, it will figure out what genre, your track is, and push it out to people
who like that genre. It will go into their
Discover Weekly playlist, which is a personalized
playlist, on Spotify, for every single user. And it will see how people
are reacting to your track. Are they skipping the track early? Are they going back and listening again? Are they saving it or saving
it to their own playlist? All of this is taken into account. And it essentially gives
you a track a score, of how people are reacting to the track. If it’s positive, it will push your track
out to more people. If it’s positive again, it’ll
push it out to even more. And then you’ll find that you end up on a Spotify official
algorithm generated playlists. Such as Fresh Finds, and
there’s Fresh Finds: Hiptronix, and Fresh Finds: Six Strings. And they have just so
many of those playlists, which will get your track more exposure. So actually, all you have to do is upload your track to Spotify, and the algorithm will continue
to push your track out. We often get asked in the
comments on our videos and also DM-ed on Instagram, “How do you get the
algorithm to favor you?” And to do that you need to get
more streams on your track. You need to get the Spotify algorithm to have a bigger sample size to work with, especially people who are
going to like your music. and remember that, it is
better to get 100 people, who are going to like
your music to listen, than it is to get 1000
people, who might like it. Because think about how
the algorithm works, it’s watching how people
are reacting to your track. So, what you need to do is firstly, get your track on user curated playlists. You can use things like SubmitHub, to submit your track to playlists, and made sure that it is genre specific, because you need to get on
playlist that match your genre. You can also use our guide, which is a full blog post on how to pitch, and get your music on
user curated playlists. I’ll link that down below, give it a read, and follow the steps and pitch
to all of those curators. Then what happens is you get more and more
streams on your track. And Spotify has more to work with, and figure out what your genre is. Now don’t make the mistake
of going on to Fiverr, and paying to be on these playlist. Because, that means that
you are getting associated, with smaller artists who have already paid
to be on this playlist. And it is absolutely pointless and doesn’t work for you, as an artist and doesn’t help the algorithm at all. And especially as other genres are pitching for these playlists as well. So if you end up on just
general genre playlists, it’s not going to match the algorithm. If you get categorized
for the wrong genre, then the algorithm won’t
know, how to push you out, to various users. Now what happens, if
someone loves hip hop, and you’re an indie rock band, and end up on a hip hop playlist, then your track is just
gonna get skipped, skipped and skipped, and you
go to Spotify artists, and see zero percent, on
the Spotify algorithm, and it means that it
hasn’t been picked up. So make sure that the playlist
that you are getting on, are completely organic,
the streams are organic, even if it’s just generating
10 or 15 streams a month, that is still contributing
towards the algorithm. Don’t try and aim for playlists that get thousands of streams, because actually, it
could work against you. So be patient, the
algorithm, in our experience, takes about eight weeks to kick in. A lot of artists we work with, they get kind of, a bit stressed out that the algorithm hasn’t kicked in yet, and it’s only been a couple of weeks. It does, unfortunately, take a long time. But the growth is
sustainable, and exponential. And just keep releasing
because, the more you released, the more people who
are loving your tracks, that means you will have more authority, on your profile, on Spotify. And when you release
and release and release, it will push it out more and more, especially if you’re building followers, and you’re getting more
Release Radar spaces, because people are following you. The next thing you can
do is you pre-save links. So you’ve got your social media following, make sure that they are
pre-saving the track. A lot of people think that pre-saves, is a native feature on Spotify. But it’s not. All they’re doing is granting
access to a platform, that will allow the
platform to add tracks, and save them, exactly
when the track is released. So, it will help the algorithm, because you will get
more saves on your track. You can use something called, Show.co, and that will allow you
to create a pre-save link. And you can use Instagram stories, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, to get more and more people,
to pre-save your track. Just remember, that people
don’t really know why, they are pre-saving the track. Because you’re going to tell
them when it’s out anyway. So, what I recommend to our
clients, is basically say, you’re asking for a favor from
your audience to pre-save it because, there isn’t
really any other reason, to pre-save the track. Because everybody knows, that the algorithms
gonna pick up the tracks, and also, you’re going to
announce it on your social media. And the final thing is,
gain more followers. So, not many people really
follow artists on Spotify. I certainly don’t do
it, but it is a feature, that the algorithm is looking at. So, get all of your Instagram followers, everyone who is following on,
if you have a YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook, get
people following you, because the more Release
Radars you land on, the more likely you’re gonna
get picked up by the algorithm, and especially as they’re
already fans of your music, so they’re not going to skip the track, and not probably save it. So you want more and more
followers, for each release, will allow you to get
more and more streams. So if you take all of
this advice in this video, you will get organic
streams from the algorithm, and you won’t even have to worry about promoting on social media all the time, you won’t have to worry
about getting on playlist, because it all just happens
organically for you. Thanks for watching. If you found this video
useful, give it a thumbs up. If you wanna see more music
marketing videos like this, subscribe, and we’ll
see you in the next one. (upbeat music)

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