The Thing About Harry | Sneak Peek: The Phone Call | Freeform

Speak of the devils. Hi. How are you? How does it feel to be affianced? Affa— what? Affianced. It means engaged. Oh. I like that. “Affinanced”. Like, gimme my money, husband. No I— no nevermind. It feels amazing. And we’re so excited that you’re coming home for our party. Ask about Harry. I’m going to. Give me a sec. Ask me what? So, listen. We have a small favor to ask. Anything for the bride and groom. Great. Could you— would you mind, giving Harry a lift? Harry? Harry who? Harry. Turpin. Harry Turpin? You don’t mean Harry Turpin. Harry Turpin who hates me. Harry Turpin who made fun of my pretty much everyday in High School? Yeah.

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