Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint (PS4 / Xbox One) Unboxing!!

hey guys welcome back for another
unboxing with popngames, in this video we’re going to be unboxing Tom
Clancy’s Ghost Recon break point for the ps4 and the Xbox one and we can see the
front covers for both of them with the soldiers right there and down below we
see that the game is rated M and it says includes Sentinel corp pack and on the
right it says that it is developed and or published by Ubisoft and on the
Xbox one and ps4 actually it says internet required and there’s
the Xbox one and on to the spines we see a whitish gray spine on ps4 and a grey
spine on the Xbox one and from the tops we can tell that both of these are
y-fold copies and now on to the backs, that says join the fight now, become an elite
US SpecOps soldier, play solo co-op or PvP, face your
toughest enemy and here it has some shots of gameplay as well as the soldier
and down to the play modes, on the Xbox one this game is Xbox one X enhanced HDR
10 video online single-player online multiplayer 2 to 8 online co-op 2 to 4
and 45 gigabytes of storage required and on ps4, 1 to 8 network 45 gigabyte
minimum online play required DualShock 4, ps4 and Vita connectivity ps4 pro
enhanced and they’re rated M due to blood intense violence mild sexual
themes strong language, in-game purchases and users interacting and
let’s go ahead and open these up and see what we’ve got inside all right well start with the ps4 and
we’re gonna see the game disk on the right and here we have this promo code
for the merchandise offer right there and on the back of that in English right
there and here we have Sentinel Corps Pack DLC code, it expires October 4 2021
and information on how to redeem it and we also have this here, the one-year
pass for access to all this stuff translated on the back alright and that
will do it for this unboxing of tom clancy’s- oh I’m sorry we didn’t open the
Xbox one anyway ok so we have the game disk on the left and it looks like we’re
gonna have the same kind of papers right here so we have the pack right there and
we’re gonna have a code on the back, the expiration date I don’t see it I take a
look mmm it doesn’t seem like they list it here I can’t see it anywhere I’m not
sure if I missed that and then additionally we also have the year 1
pass- breakpoint right there right and that is going to wrap up this unboxing
of Ghost Recon Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon breakpoint for the Xbox one and the ps4
as always thank you guys for staying tuned to popngames for these
unboxings and if you enjoyed this one you can let us know by liking commenting
and subscribing thanks for watching guys bye bye

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