Tomorrowland timing algorithm REVEALED

Hi Everybody,
I did a quick analysis on the timing algorithm and as you can see there are repeating rows and one of these is this fallback.scale.tomorrowland.com This row is repeating in every minute, every
60 seconds. However there is another row which is repeating,
this now=14856… This code consists the queue.paylogic.com
webpage which will probably take you to the ticket sale. However the repetion of this code is constantly
changing and you can’t determine. I did a quick analysis where you can see that
the repetition is between 30 and 90 seconds, however it is constantly changing so I would
say you should stick to this fallback.scale.tomorrowland.com which is repeating every single minute. It is well determined. If you refresh the page exactly when this row
comes in, I think this is your highest chance to get you to the ticket page. Good luck everyone and will see what happens.

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