Training Computer Science Teachers

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Now here you– Two times one and two times, oh that makes so much more sense. But it’s– Today is part of the first year of a cohort of teachers who are going to incorporate computer science into their classroom in some way. And the grant is part of this CS for all from the National Science Foundation. So the goal is three-fold. The first one is to provide professional development for teachers. Second one is to try to come up with this support group, a network to support these teachers, so if they are full-time teacher from the rural schools or the trouble areas, can actually also participate with this network to share resources and experience expertise. And then the third one is to actually do the research part to assess and evaluate how well the courses work in terms of teaching these teachers to teach computer science. It’s a pattern of header… I’m helping set up the course, set up the assignments, the syllabus, what they’ll be working on throughout the day, the schedule. And then after we get the results, I’ll be working with the cohorts, find out how it went, what we need to change, and what we can do better next year. Yes!
(hands clap) Oh man, the support from my group has been tremendous. We really feed off one another. What one person has understood, they’re really good about sharing that with other people in the group. We cannot do this on an island, by ourselves, and the support has been fabulous. Teachers we teach this summer have their course created and developed and starting teaching in the fall and so forth. So this impact is immediate and it has the potential to be long-lasting.

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