Transform customers’ business through Microsoft Software Asset Management

Cybersecurity threats. More personal devices accessing a company’s network. Scaling technology to meet business needs. How can you help customers secure and optimize their IT investments and drive business forward? Software Asset Management is an industry best practice that incorporates proven processes helping companies control, manage, and protect their IT assets. According to Gartner, a robust, dynamic and well-funded IT asset management discipline is now a strategic imperative and a success prerequisite for digital business. A Microsoft SAM engagement helps customers transform their businesses, by providing a complete picture of their existing IT investments, how they’re being used, and which workloads would be better optimized in the cloud. By partnering with Microsoft, you differentiate your business by helping customers find ways to optimize their IT assets, create stronger alignment between IT and business goals, and build a robust technology roadmap for the future. Microsoft SAM engagement kits enable you to provide insights to your customer’s IT investments, helping them move to a modern workplace with cloud technologies. A well-executed SAM engagement gives customers and their employees the tools they need to perform their jobs and helps them with licensing requirements. Trouble-free software and IT systems that function properly help to not only increase efficiency, but also boost employee morale. By being an integral part of this IT asset management process, you become uniquely positioned to be your customer’s lifetime trusted advisor, while identifying opportunities to expand your services. Additionally, by participating in the SAM partner to partner motion, you can increase your reach and profitability, while better serving customers. By connecting with other specialized Microsoft partners, who offer complementary expertise and services, you can expand your offerings and accelerate solutions for your customers. And that’s a win for both partners and customers. Getting started as a partner with Microsoft SAM is easy. We have dedicated field representatives across the globe who can provide you with guidance around best practices, systems and tools, and investments for executing a value engagement. Microsoft SAM is committed to making it easier to do business with modern partners. We continue to support and invest in partners to help you build strong relationships with our shared customers. Learn more at aka.ms/mssampartners

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