Tutorial Unreal Engine 4 – Agregar al Array

hello, in this tutorial we are gonna learn what add array is add inside an array we are gonna put a key we are gonna put the f and we are gonna create add array here we have an array with 2 values on 0 and 2 variables spots and here we have a normal variable with a value of 77 remember that for create an array just right clic in any variable in the variable icon so, we are gonna put our array here and we are gonna ad this value here with this we are gonna create a new space in the array with a 77 value we are gonna get a new spot here , with this value from here for example if here we have 2 spots we are gonna have a third one with the 2 number of index and the value of 77, so we want to show that on screen lets do a print string lets get, a get array we drop the array here and we are gonna set the 2 , even if we cant see the index 2 here, at this point we should have an index with the number 2 we connect, and we should see the number 77 on creen if we did this well we press f, and here we go , 77 this its gonna be everything, thanks for watching!

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