Ubisoft Toronto NEXT User Interface Challenge 2020

For the Ubisoft Toronto NEXT User Interface challenge,
we’ll test your grasp of menu and gameplay UI. You’ll create mock-ups, and pitch a UI style guide,
based on game details and a design brief. Your final submission will include
a package of mock-ups, and motion concepts… So you are going to need at least Photoshop to complete this submission. Remember to read the brief carefully. Show us how you make your choices by visually documenting your
personal process in a mood board, or with visual research… And show your UI design process with
sketches, notes, wireframes or mock-ups. Winners of this challenge will receive a paid apprenticeship
at the Ubisoft Toronto studio… Learning from some of the industry’s top talent. Find more information about the Ubisoft Toronto NEXT challenge
including the full challenge brief and deadlines at toronto.ubisoft.com/next.

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