Ultimate GMB Map Blaster Software Release

one brand-new GMB
ranking software no other softwares were used in the creation of the stunning GMB
and analytics reports to see how you two can replicate these amazing results for
free and be location-specific yes you can target your GMB rankings to specific
locations hey guys Peter drew here and in this
video we are into our third GMB software of a series of four welcome to the
ultimate GMB map laster software video in this video are used as a case study
one of our extremely lucky and happy customers who purchased both the Google
index of software with nitrous linking and the Twitter citation and link
monster software he got a new GMB client and
hand it over to me just the keywords locations to rank in images YouTube
video links and just one simple article no I don’t even have access to this gene
B and after two days he said this in Skype pretty amazing huh now that was
taking an existing GMB with no optimization no postings nothing I only
ran the software a total of four times over two days since he handed over me
those details so that was a pretty amazing response for just two days now
that was three weeks ago since then I ran the software ten times requiring
just one hour of my own time all up just one or just one hour
now I’m going to show you the software and what details you need to enter in it
so you too can rank your GMB hard and fast target specific locations
create unlimited powerful citations create powerful teired Google links and
not only that not only for gene B’s but for any sites that need powerful tiered
links or pointing to your stacks he’s a quick overview of the software hey guys
so here is the ultimate map blaster software I’m going to give you a quick
run-through so you can see what content you need to add so you either add a new
project but I’ll use an existing one obviously now you can see down the left
hand side you’ve got the main settings image and video settings Google accounts
keywords locations and article that’s it so here is your title and as you can see
we use spintax the tags that go in the maps that we add to the maps and the
main site URL which is typically the short URL of your GMB click Next
so in this software each time we create a new map we add a YouTube video link
and an image so there are two pieces of content at the top of that map which
I’ll show you later so you put the full path to your image and the YouTube links
in this box here click Next this is where you have all your Google accounts
it will make one set of maps per keyword per Google accounts so if you’re putting
ten keywords it will create ten maps using this Google account and then it
will repeat again with however many Google accounts you place in this
section of the software and I’ll show you the results from a demo like this a
bit later in this video so here’s where you enter your keywords and here is
where you enter the locations that you would like these maps to target now this
section of the software is really flexible if you really really need your
gene B to rank in one specific location in addition to its original location you
can put one location in this window and all the maps will be created at that
location or you can put these down here and the first keyword we use this one
second this one third fourth fifth six and then the next keyword will go to the
top and continue on so this is where you paste your article content click on make
spintax and it will spin it for you you put the words up here that you do that
you don’t want spun too easy this is where you put your nap and this is how
we create an unlimited amount of exact citations for your GMB
I put the link to the main business down here as well and at the bottom which are
shown in another video we do a lot of other tricky stuff below the article
content which really pulls this all together really nicely so there you go
click next and that’s it you have successfully created one project that
you can run an unlimited amount of times over and over now guys this new feature
is going to blow your socks off are you ready check this out he’s the software
and he’s another software that means with your license you can run two
software’s concurrently on your computer at the same time that means you can run
two different projects or even the same project twice and get 100% more results
than running just one software now that was a pretty tricky feat to pull off
considering we’re using Google accounts so you can have one set of Google
accounts you know this software and the same in this one around a project using
all your Google accounts in this one and all your Google accounts in this one and
it will work perfect very very cool to software’s for the price of one and for
the same price extremely extremely cool as you can see the software is extremely
simple to use more importantly here’s some pretty stunning results you can
expect to now remember I only use one software to
get all these results I was so tempted to use my Google index of software with
nitrous linking to really move things along even faster
I was just itching to use my Twitter citation link monster software as well
we all know how powerful these software’s are ranking Jun B’s but I
didn’t I wanted to test this software 100% on its own and I’m so glad I didn’t
use the other software’s and as you can see from these results they are stunning
here’s the PDF report of a single run of this software so here we have a PDF
report and on the first page you have all the keywords that you used in the
project then you have one page for each Google account that you entered in the
software so that’s the Google account that was used and this is the map and
here we have all the maps created thank you very much from one Google account
there is our citation and I suppose this is what’s called the container if you
click on that there’s more tricky stuff down the bottom which I won’t show you
for now but that shows you it shows you the article content this one’s actually
had four views very cool so you can click on the map and now if you click on
here it takes you to the video and also to
the image that was uploaded to this map so each map contains two pieces of
content video content and image content these citations links back to the GMB
link back to the actual business if you like article content and there’s more
tricky stuff down in the bottom which I won’t show you that’s for another video
and all of them are created beautifully so they go one of those pages for each
Google account you use in the software in this there were six now we provide
this PDF for two important reasons one for your record-keeping
all these PDFs are stored in My Documents ultimate GMB map blasts up
PDFs so you can find them at any time sort by time and date to find the
project you are after and also for you SEO guys you know how powerful these
PDFs are and we’ll cover that SEO strategy in another video these are the
amazing maps that this software is making 100% automated I’m extremely
happy my customer is very happy his client is jumping up and down of these
results mind you the cost of the software is less than 10% per month for
what this customer charges a single G&B client for that work which means after
the release of this software the price has to go up I’m pretty sure you’d agree
I’m not charging anywhere near enough for this software right now that being
said it’s nearly Christmas so enjoy this amazing software at this ridiculously
low price not to mention you can test this 100% free for 3 days so you can be
certain this is exactly what you want or need just like the thousands of other
customers using our softwares right now so if you’d like to grab our Christmas
discount coupon code for this amazing software one like and share this video
to comment below and i’ll PM it to you thanks for watching guys this has been
Peter drew and I’ll see you in the next video bye for now

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