“Unacceptable” shooting accuracy, 873 software issues found in F-35: Pentagon

testing reports by the Pentagon has
found shooting problems and software flaws in Lockheed Martin’s f-35 fighter
jets citing the Pentagon testing office Bloomberg said Thursday that the 25
millimeter gun on Air Force models of the Joint Strike Fighter has quote
unacceptable accuracy in hitting ground targets the report also found 873
software issues down from 917 from 7 September 2018 the assessment added
although the program offices are working to fix deficiencies new discoveries are
still being made no major new failing was spotted in the planes flying
capabilities South Korea has started to introduce f-35 a stealth jets to its own
Air Force

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  • Zetta says:

    Isn't it the most expensive weapon project in history? Why does it keep having an issue? lol

  • Moab's Washpot says:

    Well it could not hit Bruce Willis in "Live Free or Die Hard" , https://www.awn.com/vfxworld/live-free-or-die-hard-vfx-race-against-time

  • Pro says:

    Keep in mind that the issues raised are ALL SOFTWARE related and have NOTHING to do with the aircraft itself. The Gun problem stated was in 2018 and according to the latest reports all shooting and accuracy deficiencies have been corrected. The annual assessment by Robert Behler, the Defense Department’s director of operational test and evaluation, doesn’t disclose any major new failings in the plane’s flying capabilities. Maintenance issues are being resolved with the introduction of a new program.

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