Unboxing and First Set Up – Tasciugo AriaDry DDSX225 Dehumidifier

Take care when removing the
dehumidifier from the gift box, as it is quite heavy.
Remove the protective packaging from your dehumidifier
before use. The dehumidifier consists of: lifting handles
to carry the product, casters for easy transport
to other rooms, control panel, the anti-dust filter,
this is also the air intake. Air outlet Louvre, water tank
that fills when in operation, water level viewing window to
see how much water is collected. The air filters,
housing cover and filters, continuous drain hose. Place the dehumidifier so there
are no obstructions around it and it is away from the wall. You can choose whether
you want to drain water directly into the water tank, or if you will use your
dehumidifier for longer periods, you can use
the continuous drain system. To use the continuous drain, remove the continuous
drain cap from the spout and remove
the rubber stopper. Attach the condensate
drain hose to the spout and ensure there are
no kinks in the hose. You must make sure the hose
is positioned lower than the spout
so the water can flow correctly. Plug into the mains and ensure that the water tank
is inserted correctly. If it is not, there will be
an alert message on the display. Position the dehumidifier
in a room where you want to remove
excess moisture. Try to make sure that windows
and doors are closed and there are no other sources
of water in the room. Choose the function you desire
and your dehumidifier will begin to remove
unwanted moisture.

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