Unreal Engine 4: Game Creation Part One – Changing the 3rd person Camera to 1st person

Hey everybody and welcome to part one of this game creation series in the last video I explained that this is going to be my new project and if you want to check it out There’ll be a link up here go and click this So as I mentioned, I’ll be using the Unreal Engine to be creating this game Which I have no experience for hopefully by the end of it We’ll have something that not only looks good, but actually works so hopefully you’ll follow along this series and either watch me create something [that looks] Okay, or I might completely fail that you guys can learn from my mistakes So let’s go ahead and setup the project as I mentioned in the previous video the Unreal Engine uses what’s called a blueprint system So instead of having to know C++, we can create loads of different game mechanics using these blueprints I’m gonna choose a preset now the game is going to be first-person, but for the presets. I’m going to choose third-person I’m going to be creating this for the desktop with maximum quality and using the starter content Let’s go ahead and rename this so This is the abbreviation of the game title and let’s create the project so I should also note that these videos are not tutorials I’m not really I won’t really be teaching anything. I’m just going to show you the process of how I’m doing things Hopefully you can learn from the mistakes. I’m still learning it myself So if you guys have any suggestions or tips Then go ahead and throw in the comments below but I will explain the things as I do it Just for anybody who’s not used to the Unreal Engine can sort of get an idea how it works as well So the game itself I want to create is an adventure puzzle game So something like Myst if you guys have seen this game, so I played this game a long time ago It’s probably one of the first PC games I played and I was such a cool game because it was Pretty well made at the time the graphics were really good The puzzles were really interesting and the story was just it was very interesting. I enjoyed it So that’s going to be the core of the game So a story-driven adventure puzzle game, I guess then for the design I kind of want to go with something that looks like Bioshock if anyone’s played this game It’s really such an amazing franchise I guess I mean obviously I’m not gonna get anywhere near to as good a game as this but You know just the aesthetics the sort of old-timey yet Futuristic, maybe otherworldly type thing but I think the graphics just look really really good So I can’t want to go for something like that It’s not horror or action game, but that’s the sort of aesthetic that I want to reach So with that in mind I planned out a story that I want to tell I wrote down some things. I want to add to the game Which kind of which I hope will make it interesting. So there’s quite a few things on this list I kind of want to achieve and it all starts here I guess in this first video and the first thing I want to do is change the third-person camera to be first-person and Then in future videos just gonna keep adding to it and changing the environment and so on and so forth So let’s go ahead and now get started for those who haven’t used Unreal before, just gonna quickly explain what we’re looking at We first have the viewport where we can add things to and build up our level Our character here and a few other objects then over here We have the world outliner, which is essentially a hierarchy of all the objects in the scene Then over here we have the details panel. So if we have something selected we can change a whole bunch of details Then down here. We have the content browser now This content browser will be full of blueprints and other assets that we add to it as the game goes on. We can also add a whole bunch of stuff here as well So essentially that’s what we’re looking at and I will link to some Tutorials on the basics of the user interface if you guys are stuck go ahead and check the description in this video I want to change the camera to be first-person So the way we do that we need to go to blueprints and go to your character for me It’s called third person character. If you chose a different preset when you started a project, it’ll be called something else I’ll go ahead and open that up. So we have this window here. Let’s go ahead and maximize it so straight away We’re in the event graph. And as I mentioned in the previous video, it looks a lot like blenders compositor That’s what makes me feel more comfortable about using this if it was all lines of code It’d just be overwhelming and I’m not sure if I’d be able to make a game. But with this it actually feels possible So the event graph will definitely play a big part later on but for right now I just want to change this from the event graph tab to the viewport You can see our character and again for right now. I’m going to use this mannequin Example in the future. I will be replacing it with a character But for now, I’m just going to use this as a placeholder and I’m going to do that for quite a few things I’m just going to add placeholder objects, then build the functionality and then come back and change it for the objects that I want So let’s go ahead and now change this camera so over here in the components tab. Let’s go down to the follow camera And when I left click and drag this on top of the mesh, so it’s now been parented to this mesh Then we can drag it over position this So we want the camera to move with the motion of the character so over here where it says sockets I’m gonna click this socket pin and Then I’m gonna go down and find a socket to pin this to And then right here we have the head So as soon as we do that, it moves the camera out the way and it also rotates it So I’m just going to reposition this over here Something like that. I’m also going to rotate this maybe is it 90 That’s the wrong way. So I’m gonna delete that – 90. There we go So now the camera is facing the correct way. We can also reposition it just a bit Then we just need to do a couple more things. Just drag this out So down here under camera options we want to make sure that the use pawn control rotation is checked Then if we go back up here select the third person character self Then down under pawn, use controller rotation Yaw just check this and there we go If we didn’t enable these options the camera would be able to turn and look at the characters face, which would not look right So that’s why we need to check those options So now we have this we need to make sure we compile it’s always important to compile it You can also save if you want to as well And close this down, press play and just check it out So that looks good and it all works fine So it was really easy to change the cameras perspective Maybe in the future. We’ll add an option where the player can choose between first-person and third-person Maybe but we’ll do that. But for now, I’m happy with this being a first-person camera in the next video We’re gonna be adding a flashlight We’re also going to be adding a battery to that flashlight so it can drain Then when the battery runs out the flashlight turn off and we can also add a refill pickup So it’s quite a few things to do in the next one But I think it’s important to add a Flashlight for our character So hope to see you in the next video and thanks for watching

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