Vehicle loop detector

This is a demonstration of the new Ultraloop
detector from EMX Industries. The Ultraloop loop detector model is Ult-Din and the new
detector features DIN rail mounting and also a secondary output and a new feature which
we refer to as Detect on Stop. The Detect on Stop feature activates the second output
only when the vehicle has come to a complete stop in front of the loop. The loop that we’re
using here is a standard EMX car wash loop. It’s a loop that’s assembled into an acrylic
plate. So first off we’re going to bring the vehicle by, moving, and you see the presence
output is activated. And deactivated. However the Detect on Stop output is not activated.
We will come by again, and again the presence output activates, the Detect on Stop remains
inactive. So we’ll bring the vehicle by one more time, and we’ll stop it in front of the
car wash right on the loop. And you’ll be able to see that the Detect on Stop output
will activate. This is useful to prevent false triggering from vehicles that are moving in
the vicinity of the loop. There you can see the Detect on Stop output is activated. That’s
the Ultraloop model Ult-Din loop detector from EMX Industries.

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