Wamai’s AUG A2 vs. MP5K: Loadout META – Rainbow Six Siege

What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here! Wamai has been out on the test servers for
a couple of weeks now and will be coming to the release version of the game very soon. He is the first defender to have access to
an assault rifle since Jäger, who came with the launch version of the game over 4 years
ago; so some the questions you might have could be: “Which of his primaries should I run?” “What are their individual strengths and weaknesses?” “Is one of them objectively better?” Or maybe: “Which one will suit my playstyle?” Well, those are the kind of questions that
we answer here on the Rogue-9 channel and this Loadout META analysis
should be especially interesting! AUG A2 assault rifle vs. MP5K submachinegun, let’s go! We start with the usual overview and at
first glance, it looks as if we might be in for a bit of a surprise here. Normally the attackers have the upper hand
when it comes to weaponry in Rainbow Six Siege but a lot of these performance metrics
seem to indicate that the MP5 has quite a bunch of advantages over the more cumbersome rifle. So let’s get a little bit more detailed. Even though the AUG is a relatively
mediocre gun compared to the rest of the assault rifle class (3% below the average close range damage
and 2.5% above the average long range damage) the raw damage per shot is still
significantly higher for this assault rifle compared to the MP5 and the damage drop-off also starts later. The MP5K is also a very middle of the road
weapon compared to the rest of the SMG class with close range damage that is 2.6% below
the mean average but long range damage that is 5% above average. This is somewhat balanced out by the fire rate. Both guns are just below the average for their
respective weapon classes and that makes the AUG 10% slower than the MP5K. More bullets per second sprayed all over an
opponent means a greater chance of landing that all important headshot and then of course
there is also the beneficial effect on Damage Per Second and the time to down/kill. Speaking of which, the DPS of the two
guns at long range is surprisingly close, with the AUG only just winning out by less than 20 points. At the all-important close ranges though,
the AUG has a very clear advantage by dishing out over 100 HP more in
damage for every second of burst time. And this advantage of the AUG becomes even
more apparent when we move on to the shots and the time to down/kill. The rifle consistently requires one shot less
to down or kill opponents of all armour classes at close ranges before damage drop-off and
for level 3 armours & leg shots, it’s even 2 shots less. Then, despite the fact that the DPS stats
at long ranges are pretty close for both guns, the required shots are again 1 or two less for the AUG. A clean sweep for the rifle and
maybe that’s not all that surprising. The age-old rule of Siege is that the
attackers have more powerful weapons still applies. As mentioned earlier, the fire rate helps
balance things out a bit but nevertheless, the Time to Down/Kill is also consistently
worse for the MP5 (as long as you are getting torso or limb shots of course). On average, it is going to take 63.89ms more
to take out opponents at closer ranges and then keep in mind as well that drop-off for
the MP5 begins at 18m, whereas the AUG retains full power until 25m. For long ranges, the average TTK is 61ms
longer for the SMG, all other things equal, so again a clean sweep for the AUG at all ranges. The bottom line here is that when it comes
to killing potential against full health opponents, in any scenario except where immediate
headshots are involved, the AUG is objectively superior to the MP5K. So maybe things aren’t
looking that great for the old MP5 after all… But maybe it can make up some
ground when it comes to target acquisition, controllability and other usability stats. Capacity is the same for both guns so that’s
a draw but the reload speed is half a second or more shorter for the MP5 compared to the AUG. The AUG is pretty much as average as you
can get for the rifle class and not only are the SMGs in general a bit quicker to reload but
the MP5K is above average, especially when it comes to the tactical reload. As was to be expected, the Aim Down Sight
times are also in favour of the MP5K and while the advantage that the SMGs hold over
the rifles is still proportionally the same as it has always been (the rifles are 50% slower),
the overall ADS time shift at the beginning of Operation Ember Rise has basically
compressed the range of aim times that we get and the difference is nowadays only
100ms compared to the 150ms it used to be. In my opinion, this compression has
benefited the slower weapons and so even though the MP5 is still the winner in this category,
the difference is not as great as it used to be over most of the lifespan of Rainbow Six Siege. And speaking of aiming, I think it’s also
worth highlighting that when IQ picks the AUG A2, she will of course still have access
to an ACOG but Wamai, as a defender, does not. So both of his primaries have exactly the
same options when it comes to optics. Hip fire spread is a minor aspect when it
comes to combat effectiveness of any given gun in Siege because of how impractical hip
firing is in general but as I have mentioned in previous videos, a smaller hip fire cone
is also useful when aiming in because you can reach a passable accuracy just that
little bit sooner and here again, the MP5 shines. When prone and not moving both guns
perform exactly the same but in all other cases, the SMG is a lot better with a hip fire
cone that is on average 46% smaller. And last but definitely not least we need
to compare the recoil of the two guns and the first thing to note is that both
guns are really comfortable to control. Here are the in-game charts for both guns
with various attachments, so let me quickly walk you through those first. All the way on the left for each gun are the
recoil patterns without attachments, then we have the guns with the flash hider added
and finally for the MP5K there are also the options with the compensator and the muzzle brake. Both gun models already have vertical grips
attached, so there are no grip options available but on the plus side, the baseline recoil
patterns for both guns are already pretty damn good. The AUG (for whatever reason) is one of the
few guns in the game that never received the muzzle brake or the compensator as
attachments, so the flash hider is pretty much the only way in which you can improve its recoil. Now if we compare, you can see that the
baseline vertical recoil for both guns is pretty much identical, it just doesn’t get much closer than that. The horizontal recoil for the AUG is incredibly
consistent (probably amongst the best in the game out of all full auto weapons) but the
MP5 starts to open up after the third shot. Attaching the flash hider to the AUG is helpful
of course but since the horizontal dispersion is already so tight, the benefit is pretty limited. It’s a real shame that this gun doesn’t
get access to the muzzle brake, since that attachment would be the perfect tool to
give us the best possible recoil with the AUG… and maybe that’s why the gun doesn’t have it? Maybe the recoil would just be too good? I don’t know… whatever the case, when
both guns have the flash hider attached; the AUG is still the winner in my eyes
because of the superior horizontal control. But for the MP5, I wouldn’t
necessarily go with the flash hider anyway. The muzzle brake, which helps a bunch in
reducing the first shot recoil is great for keeping down the vertical climb of the gun but if
you are going to be firing longer bursts, then the horizontal recoil reduction of the
compensator might be the best choice for you. The subjective control tests that you can
see in the background were run at 10m distance and you can see the effect of each
attachment on the patterns that I was able to create. At the end of it all though, the winner for
me in the recoil category is still the AUG A2. The characteristics of both guns are very
similar except that the MP5 is a bit less predictable during longer bursts and on top
of that, the slower fire rate of the AUG also makes this gun even easier to handle. So, let’s tot up the scores and draw a conclusion here! The AUG is hands down the deadlier gun when
it comes to takedown power, against all opponents and at all ranges and on top of that, it’s
also just that little bit easier to control. The MP5 has the higher fire rate and the
nimbler reload & ADS speeds going for it and, for what it’s worth, it also has better hip fire spreads. My overall conclusion here is that we have a situation that is similar to Mozzie with his two primaries. One is a little bit slower to handle and has
a slower fire rate, which makes it less reactive and a bit more challenging when it comes
to headshots; but at the same time it is also just straight up superior if you’re landing
body or limb shots and if you have decent discipline when it comes to
pre-aiming before taking on engagements. There is something to be said for the quick
aim time and fire rate of the MP5 as well though. This gun is still a very viable option for
all players and depending on the defensive site and your personal playstyle, you
might still prefer this SMG over the rifle. Nevertheless since Wamai is a defender
and probably best played in an anchoring role, you could argue that being able to react
quickly with faster ADS time is not that valuable in most scenarios and so my conclusion is
that most players will probably benefit from sticking with the AUG. Both of these guns should be familiar to
most of you already, so what are your thoughts? Which one will you be playing more and in
which situations? You know the drill, let me know in the
comment section below or leave a quick vote in the poll on screen now. If my analysis of these guns was helpful
to you at all, do feel free to leave the video a “like” and with that, many thanks for
watching, I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next episode!

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