web development malayalam – part 1

eClass who introduction Mahna Mahna web design web development even empathy introduction math ramana at the Gosselin Allah khuda a detailed at a particular hierarchy so our theme Allah HTML and Donna CSS and down JavaScript and down on in the number of party Kim second the mother define root folder using a table Dreamweaver a root folder defines you nothing any animal Dreamweaver like him see another monomer that designing a simple webpage Adela basic concept or adding background color and images adding paragraph and alignment adding a hyperlink would link add another ingonyama oh in all the carrying along the mother but he can hire him but they lost this little HTML edited in a corrosive nada either using notepad to create HTML page HTML editors in the Christian number party Kim either not madam Martha Marlen or ibadah HTML editor under or than the listed an animal – Parris oh the him at the wall and HTML validators in a collision collision Nirmala body him when a homework for understanding instrument corner activities for students other than English they end up on the run carrying a lot so we throwing around animal on yoselin Toralei to party camp another introduction the Trinity or triad of web another technology in the were I another Surrey Camaro triad on I hadn't the one had a moon the period ever to group in here no triad in the marina now for HTML and CSS JavaScript it either a moon and Technology sauna have been any and Rick another iPod the wonder than web but he can agree on Overhaulin must die to party can remove the technologies on HTML CSS JavaScript it above theory Parrinello theoretically he didn't the combination on our web site an elegant web page about either moon them intersect in our space and they would intersect denied aghanim in intersect in how do baaga model number laguna the book page i like a website it number in a theory on a practical not theoretically HTML CSS and JavaScript him intersecting barani or a web page create another HTML and Donna CSS and JavaScript and Donna in the body cam HTML in the banana hypertext markup language and either HTML or a programming language Allah other browser the malla content the place he I'm really using a record imatra mama for other angry online their definition and Donna I defined it again the angle a on and I'm gonna come so HTML in the definition again IANA HTML in full hypertext markup language a formatting system for displaying text graphics and audio over the Internet on a computer monitor and such pages contain hyper testing and either text graphics audio video if the lung our browser displays amnd or lower formatting system on earth he para in the hypertext markup language when a page is like a and then the hypertext a linker now the mother and the hypertext markup language and dominant and defines either giving any another can't do any HTML is not a programming language either chordoma harmonic content to display and only record a more thorough manner uni I'm gonna her web site in the code in under similar number of Cardinals look overdone windy number line it's a Hindu and it a shortcut key and then he para in the controlling you he controlled you honor I need a shortcut another Quran million Firefox Elam in la browser loom at the same honor I think in here my cord are then getting out of them look over to Connie another father Irene is I'm gonna put again Moodle Kodokan anything any other what a website banana Murtagh hotels on at three another website opened he that my mother people eat the Firefox on rockzilla Firefox on the pariah in the browser honor we did the menu original right side eager about their tops top corner Lana within the main original menu opens here when you open cheated last web developer and over in the more option condom at the open genius select a yeah I didn't asked I had page souls in the world economy he page the souls in the one I put on the card another and I pulled him HTML code IRA key and a shortcut came over to go to the children the page source and select Ian Ayre nomicon de corps de Gama sorry Oh Madonna are in the quarter a quarter reward and at the gandharva Decatur Corona website in the page a throttle on lengthy Anna I can I call him lengthy and Rocco and I are like him but I can't Karthik Ambu mother Eduardo reasons and then the LMR the complicated Allah Allah Eenie party component commands allow it is not complicated as simple Amin when akka order rewarded then when he were even a javascript in the karate programming and then get a scripting good is it under other longwood he added in a lengthy ahkamaat original in a Nirmala CSS and nana longer per diem CSS and the banana cascading style sheet there other website ended design layout other control is am Indian and CSS a you see another he CSS which website and I end up page a sillim through consistent at earlier design Kundun America saw the key finish Nana CSS stands for cascading style sheet cascading style sheets are used to format the layout of pages layout of web pages bunny on the other button overlay and a design him regular design the name a layout other for my team and I like another controller and D are not the mother CSS you see another any number e cascading stand sheet merit a coordinate of the wall a condo naka I know you see easy I don't know everybody ended I'm done watching an animal near a theater the wall and within their website Attica I got a shortcut key Eddie said I didn't order the girl HTML coordinate girl control you shortcut to beauty and the doesn't leave an e link no later even aghanim other EECS you were a test to see us know what is it undying it in other cascading style sheet Allegra LaRue who link another people died and then I everyday get in there no gone I would have touched the CSS you see yes I see the CSS file a crinoline gonna be able to click here the other night Tomica cascading style sheet common Saudi came without a Taj Hotels in the design and layout to control in the cascading stand Shaitan either CSS code a king in a arisen particular CSS coding and I'm gonna type the end of the canyon party which is Aram the Potala didn't occur to go team border la carrera party on other than eternal order carries on party can do the in a chrome Ilana Gilliam nomina and test the CSS nor on a link if leaky living Allen I'm kinda CSS code rarity cascading style sheet in there a filer than crickety we just in the condo Nokia mohammadi well you're finally with every website him taught you website in the design mother mother i po e banner he photograph either a banner on anything anyone ever died aligned he did he give me the other lung he coldly he CSS coding local to the tundra I think what I need in there he'd ever Diana the center live on the Agena the atom CSS code under cone down I would I see three king of the photograph way but Allah indeed at the king of the he let itself in the phone Diana another one I didn't take a layout you would have shared over thirty can I then um see is a silly honor design Adrianna be there a the page data talam same he para in the code under design same design similar design are again lap easily return failure to Talam same rather consistently design argue nowadays it order design what type is it away a loser and is an angle angle a rude and Oracle about earu navigation modern Allah when Allah pays it in aggravation same a dilute design wound and sabi him CSS away chatter mother GRC uses in their advantage CSS and on and on I'm gonna party to enzyme good JavaScript JavaScript and down but again javascript in the or another or venerian dealer programming language on the benevolent do you see in the programming language on JavaScript unlucky J's and the para another JavaScript you under them occur in the animations around and give them a Billiken doram I've been there interactivity control am we've been there behavior control him but then dude it's very exemplar number in the condom all come in at them could website in the J's and an account under the I don't know come either young or example I had a through site Donna JavaScript to endure say the recite Anna a typo graphic designing on angular Ningaloo visiting our dough and Dingell imposter all and then repair indeed going and then the cholera Martin patellar white car not easy any other white tonight I like the white colonel opposed to redo the Whitehead and I really like Ali where every color combination honor than the madam but Allah forgive Billy put around a boring when you whitey random round Obara in the black one green when I'm older adult color pattern run JavaScript and angry and I'm okay their lumps Allah to become very logarithm I never enough at the are easier than good site is equal to come be better than Jason to the programming or mother's Arnim whitey wonder why it aside to get them any power are compliant angular I'm gonna black endeavored I'm black linger on the select either money on other click you see and the other side a black guy tomorrow other word I Nene green villain green lingula green select eeeh I'm a green side EVP yellow when angular yellow click here here no solidity right there and angling red to select area per activity Brown ran on Glee brown select here and hey the cholera vodka Saudi key about a sport I drew js3 knowledge alone our recital or hoopla take a caller patterns and gonna go to go well guru are linkeyla click either Indiana lingering leverage el apoyo artist in the color palette and their designs in service and re him power pattern of licky and everything how the color pattern were where are you color pattern clicky and there were routinely were a lot of people what are the what are the poor not multiple Delaney another changes in the color scheme peridot orange yellow I'm going to throw a pattern over him an angular black green deep blue deep blue how the patterns were a little blue white light green I'm gonna end at the pattern aluminum occur website in there and they were I design who does our design Allah in the collar room carrying a la quwata sorry Brown o or a doe yellow your green black o in there and I'm gonna controlling sonic no one away and the word I want man what I reflects implied recite that again I'm gonna JavaScript into the melody signs he knows I never develop is he another I be doing JavaScript in the important something will come on slight and I ring him and he put her website in the Jessica Angela people Taj Hotels in the car I'm on angling everyday coordina Mueller to equal our HTML coding develop in our DJ center but Yong GE cited brown white red yellow green black he didn't aim and the more HTML coding developer jnana our jad another a link Alana J is equal to three canal other one click the column on colliculus Colorama I don't look I'm and under go to three Guinness other one down a click here and there to the command sorry column or another but as hotels in the HTML cordially our reminder I got the HTML code with an IJ is equal to that under banana now there everybody I would a table he's cryptic on column the KJ is like holding gonna put a dot to Jessica and unregular ljs file a crinoline gonna so how we leave any companies in there as a pathological company taja Paula group index website and then JSI they've got it's a complicated I take him opinion thing order than the pair Deacon down number in their life either complicated honor come either water under come on they said but he cannot enter any other I'm like the basic carrying on mathram but it's a muddy but what about is Union and I'm not in the Padre Island of Oregon I'm gonna give you the I'm marina moving in them forever and ever but this wooden programming arena or analogy is like a theory another victory under a J's kirtanam delay and I'm gonna munch lava they they Adam the mini minimizer either total order file another J's CSS of all and I never shall endure min min him minimize see an option and I mean him I see there in the space I get if they got another one down a thing and I need you know then in JSA three complicated ramen okay second slider defining root folder using adopt Dreamweaver ebay india indiana either number low roof on Drogheda matter defines me Nana a tone another odd in linking the mala 808 oh mama sanam number server like uploading an earther number on Lingle number eco-link you Breaka Breaka at the Malheur sight of our casita father might say and repair body honest to root for differential other animal party gamble root folder defines here and ii namaha my computer 11 return my oath include rude rival on the level c in d the yield and like I feel it hey I think a little drive away I'm gonna point number two food you to falter create unum and that the jnana guru photography sadhana and da gamba angrily and then you recite and I got movin and Gilly and they will pay you to come and they will her name go to come yeah I would have to pay to come on Ellen dreams dreams nor their dreams not a debatable – okay other than yet you know I didn't doubt their dream soon or default early dreams nor he fall Darla I didn't die a figure eight tend to falter on young creating on the images there are now Ithaca I set it rather photograph some but the graphics some story and maintain a major CSS at the ball and JavaScript I didn't defined historian Indian I said to it which a range either in your turn Emily the close here and then I'm gonna dream you were Eddie come Dreamweaver open Gianna Dreamweaver open dream and I'm okay he walks the mocha written a poem nan you see a dog dream Dreamweaver cs5 Anna if la testa cesium a diversion I am a cs50 to a lot enemy than the London be more in more on or an option to pocket I don't dream Dreamweaver site and one and then third eye on Okinawa route to Hollywood appearing in the route into richer your symbol in Okinawa but dreamy Versailles to select eeeh and I would I remember the site in the parody – dagur dreams Bonet ever die in the mullah he fall Darla brawl Suzie that I found her lucky that browse for folder other clicky that number do you drive will create either PO our dreams not a scientist allottee that others elected inverter inverter selected ago I was I'm on a path the garden co2 and then to or regarding woody number uh say was a minimum booty and I'm I'm gonna even he said things silly advance into setting silly I'm gonna put him in operon for chela PO he died he came but another Alegria him say the ke arah in the Samba in London ah sir overwrite or related ayatollah everybody body or on a server right sir override the connected ayatollah telepathy body or only the lump clocking in a design what's the file will you call him sang and I spy again never go into the local inform a theramin now what I'm gonna put him he linger late you to document I really he cited the melodica the colossal prototype Oh adorable companies reduce our overall sell em overboard website even ever ever upload he long ago Martha on a side road to go to colossal number or website the uploading and there they put a documentarian um put it under a lingerer lady to document it be done on my images folder on the mala karna pseudonym but then every time folder look like either turn number I made this selecting the open Paducah whatever you ended up selling to do gram father in the Pathan I'm gonna count co2 and then to save here in that the number love put your HTML page you create Yanam EST MLM northern epirus t Marana and the MOOC Amanda and Emma could have more live on that morality that then he would have a document type below html5 and yesterday ml fiber select a young and to create to recur you but I untied till the document in ever and I killed animal decide in the period and they become the title would occur dream Photography appalled title over to any the mother he pays on the savior for savory and Arthur normal applications here and the car you like I'm gonna fall Dublin I'm gonna create either dreams nor default automatically I'll save save save I how dark I don't know you were doesn't appear it what economy home northern a page where you would come document syllable my Steam and documents about none other than to say able to come in he who who pays your booty's I'm gonna create a html5 create unattainable a euro title and I'm gonna come both of them copy please don't see another and to e do number where they say Buddhism Mohammed II waited and then photograph about HTML documents remember the save either math Rama their dreams in default on automatically save I order Kara no no okay in the middle it until him render images it to know cup nothing home in like for a marine I'd ever Donaghy piranha I'm gonna cut sir he blinky in the Sun becomes another day equal to I would have gotten at him we would have gotten all him but every day on angle him number two for two in 30 and everything automatically number a you dream even over software the tied a body tag in there at the condo no look how amazing would occur and that the image in the fall pictures nah he you're amazing has selected another okay order to the way I get a good Hamid either search engine and you under some bomb Alana he made the tag mother undergo to turn a Liverpool Allah okay were to come he would remains I mean I'm when I about to page it him number the boy insulin he made you go to Kuno I had a theme we select you know okay what do you know we did them okay what do know my name yeah they were amazing one no nobody say in the column button and a homonym designed anonymity major undercover I put them on a theme in either homepage where they say V the Mott Ramadi and when I about to pee but are they save me the matrimony you know closing along Harnack or a Buddha carnem number Dini our deed rival a folder knock another homem about them you would have say I say why you would I cut up on done he may just opened either in yellow and we carne asada him a number save either images some character at the folder live on the kind of canosa Madonna 400 defined either Allah advantage a link Aleppo everything gonna be the only claim filed under gallon everything in him boy he may just say why only vertical align HTML files him is indeed a liar you another banker a difficult earner and then we'll have managed a so the mother root folder define G nothing and another malecon do in the mullah Mohammed the slide Allah I'm gonna say enter than designing a simple web page to symbol symbol nitrile or webpage design GM HTML page of design GM the Nadia number folder create unum new faltering but he came India their unimpaired on them go to the mill none when I had the ball I never texted documented rather not Pat opens here I like a test document they opened easily mathy not bad at one no no well how they might have a another basically HTML tag another mandala through tag or Ponzi in the doing any HTML you do symbolic written on an envelope on Jesus a the tag I Adam other closes yeah so closely and a symbol on here I see like a bindi Regina you're a symbol other wonder number of clothes here HTML if a toggle I'm gonna close either the other either 99% at a good number close the TM wall away where I had to Mottram sale at I go to the middle closes he our lap pin a wedding without a title tag title in the title other than a mother close yeah the title cook another title accordion lincoler he would IP in new tested document in there is he got again overlay title everything angle number all sold out I neither but I ever die and the other untitled document title in another document the DVD Carnegie mother wonder nanomolar title to canal when I never die my even more narrow title to come other Indian altering it over go some go on ahead dinner in a tiger head open Jesu head mousy though he hadn't done on the JavaScript CSS the day long Ling guru cañazo another programming integral in would you can go head into town the other hadn't ever and then how do hidden delicate a Libra in the programming him a tug of our Cao Lu the work is you know really hit dinner – what it on what – Stalin look at Alomar Kasim but say where are the problems of the creating had ended on a podium programming could render other Warren a CSS core Dalaran kill him and hit him death able to come around other workers in other anyway under the body tag on woody tagging them look closely annum inhibit tag acknowledged even angular in the petunia channel so the year under tag across diesel England the Mulder website in dog at the Ecole de editor gonna keep on the other photographs in name and a griddle a recorder I should another Dorothea die take over this is not a key when I invented it I think a note on all season Langley somebody you know anybody tang into the town on the mullah and until you can examine our website at the corn another Ybor Italian death to it in the sambar aroma website at it with either Caroline their website in a body tag another Puerto someone on their love head him title is no similar in at the corner la title a verdict on him wish I hadn't accounting de amor Rita's mother on the milk or another eating them occur paragraph about economic paragraph so The Closer unum that the keyword a number I got another paragraph or way example paragraph four who doesn't say Sam blight on the paragraph on the mullah number a thread of times I'm gonna party care my dear wounded in the land I'm already gonna know read that Emily paragraph tag and a really tasty no and that I didn't the alignment it aligned equal to and the other other put on double cured could occur on other going at I mean I'm good left or right to send the wrong go to come he moon option and all of this when I just if I were to come hey then go over unknown oco-2 kind of number the sender overcome Center would come here to Korea some bunker okay I'm gonna send or do anything aboard icky background color or degrom be the BG color equals a record and I'm good I did you go to come the only photo shop alone okey doke order attitude to come and like Euler number dreamy Merlot select DM anyone IDM is it a brown color on the canonical thinking they need them could image it means is okay but I quote economy are the name India are didn't somebody needs it I'm gonna bring a save either save either wrecked annum p4 knocked out the nomicon already made say yeah we were done the picture seen in the moola Europe and then the car idea and owner and order solemn the copy that desktop will a similar new for Dublin how does a falter and I get to see in the night on that another what I normally I'm a just no good for Rhonda greater than the number of the beast II do Wow Cara did the to uh no you need them occur at the cottage over to come image' SRC equals when a double quarter broken um we're under no mind out there and then down below he may just fall down the period when the mullah out of the symbol in in the page I'm gonna a doodle a guerrilla I'm gonna just stop will save either than their Kol a Kol a dot JP the file name will be put it cannot be the case in city vana now the case in city workers are no space other one there any other link under the mutilation of microRNA tzadikim traveler a computer lacunae done that at the finally missing him what a counter pilla p9 in the height so in a in the middle height high to go to cannot equal to TT or another height is incur 350 equal to come then with the kuda column with the equals never got another with the nebula 450 would come I'm gonna eat tag number complete a key one number theorem guru background color go to or M is equal to or a paragraph or two other lines you do pará anomalous easy turning in them together I'm going you say VM file save as Nam on our desktop Allah Nam all die new folder under you better than their I'm gonna save you know save me under the all files is selected I'm illegally notepad in the firelight to say save I poo little animal die my web in the or in the refine at it you know dot HTML coding on for the modern over the dot HTML when I steam will fire at the number say we do not they need for analytic nauseam he then close him and he knew fall dollar number of my web editor ID and everything varam na mano coup d'etat ela some problem on the tundra beer and a beer and a foto para Nia hi tiller would kill him karate nominally the paragraph asunder either aligned 0.1 that wonder about train carrying on a basic eight [Laughter]

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