Weight Loss Exercise Program Week 1

you hey everyone welcome to diet.com video I'm Sara host and once again I'm joined by Steven crippled body transformation expert and today we're bringing you week one of our six-week slim down series this workout should be done twice a week on non-consecutive days and next week we're going to be bringing you a similar workout but it's actually a progression all right let's get started and have you grab both dumbbells we're going to start with the shoulder press so to give you a fairly challenging weight but that's what it has to be it has to be a weight that's going to make your muscles work and work them to fatigue so we're going to start with the arms up at right-angles good keep the knees slightly bent just so you take the pressure off your lower back you'd be core engaged and then simply what I'm going to have to do is just press directly overhead without the dumbbells touching good so come back down slowly breathing in breathe out on the way up turn these just slightly towards each other good that takes a little bit of the pressure off your shoulder you don't want your shoulders just externally rotate or internally rotate through the front having your thumb turn around so both shoulders starting to get a little bit of a burn and like you said as we progress through the different weeks you're going to show or see how we can make this exercise more challenging and get more out of it for right now I want you to stick with 15 repetitions for a dumbbell shoulder press excellent job now we need to drop the dumbbells right by your sides good we're going to pull the shoulder blades back and I'm going to have you put one foot in front of the other with the back foot on the ball of the foot so let's move them just apart just a little bit further so you're balanced good pull your shoulder blades back look straight ahead with the chin parallel to the floor sink the back knee down towards the floor press right back up before it touches good so if you look this knee right here is above the ankle it's not pushing past the toes so you're sitting back in that right hip and the glute and the hamstring get to do a little bit of the work as well so let's do one more well square sides great job so we have the right foot in front we need to switch to get the left light in front so reset make sure you have a good grip on the dumbbells nice strong grip that'll pack your shoulders in nice and tight and now sink back down with the back leg go ahead push back up breathing in on the way down out of my way up let's do one more one more alright nice job and the last one I'm going to take these dumbbells out of your hands I'm going to have you lie right down on your back I'm going to do a crunch with your legs up let's put the hands the temples the reason I don't like people put the hands behind the head is what it does is ends up having people pull with their neck which we don't want we want to keep your neck away from your chest on the way up so just like this pull your shoulder blades and head off the ground to start so now crunch up keeping your abs tight and I want you to look up to the ceiling the whole time so that way then you'll pull your chin to your chest and round up your spine which we don't want and crunch right back up the legs stay steady the whole time you good breathe it in right back up let's do one more legs are great they're at about a right angle squeezing up says perfect so what we did today with shoulder presses we did split lines also called a split squat and we did crunches with the legs up at a right angle so what we're going to do over the next six weeks is really progressed into one of those exercises we're going to make them progressively harder by adding another new dimension new twist to that and then on your off days when you're not doing this workout so let's say you do this on a Monday and a Wednesday or Monday and Thursday the other three four days a week you want to get in either interval Sprint's or you want to do a longer distance cardio day but then also with this right here you're going to add the nutrition component which we'll talk about later so make sure you guys check back for our a diet video later this week and don't forget do this workout two times a week and you will see results in no time don't forget to subscribe to diet health you

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