Weight Loss Testimonial Of A Software Engineer (Medhamsh)

transformation time guys and this time it's me thumbs now my damage is a soften jr. and like all software engineers his job is to sit infront of the computer all day long no exercise and because of which he had piled on tons of weight and body fat in fact his condition got so bad that because of his excessive weight and central lifestyle he had bronchitis depression and social insecurities and that's when he decided that he needs to lose some weight and get back in shape plus he also has a kid so he wanted to be a role model for his kid so Madam's going to touch with me about 18 months back and that time his weight was around 96 97 kgs and his abdominal measurements were around 42 inches and since then he has been working out regularly so as you can see over here that he has a lot of body fat around his chest area his belly area and also his oblique region and since then he has been working out about six days a week and also has been following a healthy eating pattern no crash diets just a healthy eating pattern and has been working out regularly so this is how you serve me about 18 months back and this is how he looks as of today so as you can see it's a phenomenal progress and he has lost a lot of weight and body fat if I were to give you numbers he has lost a total of 37 kgs and has lost 14 inches off his abdominal area so as of today his waist is his abdominal measurements is 28 inches and his weight is 60 kgs and all this with the help of just regular exercise and a healthy eating pattern no crash diets no steroids no gimmicks no fat burners none whatsoever just regular exercise and a healthy eating pattern okay so that was with Tom's progress and if you like his progress give a thumbs up if you like to watch more weight loss testimonials then click on the link which is right over here and if like to watch more videos do subscribe to my channel I'm going to you guys next time till then for me buh bye it took around 80 months to close to yes and you know I have to go and I go a lot of procedures like lots of scientific promises wearing which helped me achieve this so I did a couple of runs or this course and I want to share a couple of things you do so one thing is transformation programs help you are a healthy lifestyle right when you stick to a healthy lifestyle okay you're going to achieve things transformation programs don't help you in achieving something and just keep up the whole life but you need to adapt at a later step second thing you definitely need to go to a qualified professional goal help you understand your body and help you with the right guy and right approach yoga roots the next thing is like you know you have to be motivated cook your own good note and then just get an equation of what you're putting in and what the calorie expense you're doing so all this consistent approach helped me reach this and you know Rhaego raga will be about him achieving this thing he was like so patient with you I used to him up in watts at females used to reply me promptly and he was there the P all whenever I needed become a fitness coach I'm so happy now I was around that dessert I use of body fat then muscle definition so I'm just looking forward maintaining this healthy lifestyle and we go to met all those guys were looking for a transformation change I would just address you at a good transformation program and a laptop healthy lifestyle eating habits and all

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