Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color at Target | FULL COLLECTION with SWATCHES!

– Hey guys and welcome
to today’s new video. I am super excited because in
today’s video I’m partnering with Wet N Wild Beauty
and I am bringing you their whole entire launch of
their Mega Last Lip Colors. Oh my goodness. I’m just gonna bring this up and I’m gonna carefully bring it up. I literally have all the
shades here in both finishes which is the High Shine and the Mega Matte and I’m excited to just hop
into this and get swatching. I obviously can’t try on all 26 shades, but I’m gonna pick my favorites
and try those on for sure. But, we’re just gonna get to swatching. I’m gonna swatch on my arms
and we’re just gonna look like a little fun lipstick extravaganza here. I’m so excited, yeah! So the packaging is like beautiful. Like, spot on gorgeous. Look at that with the rose gold lips. It’s so cute and the little
Wet N Wild emblem, so cute. And I love that you can see the color, so you’re not fishing around trying to find what shade you were looking for. Both the High Shine and the Mega Matte have 13 unique shades and they’re all
cruelty-free, fragrance-free, gluten-free and they’re
all a 1.99 at Target. So, that is amazing and I’m really glad that they didn’t add fragrance because I’ve been kind
of avoiding that lately. So, that is always a thumbs up in my book. You can get this at target.com
or in Target stores. I also have a link below,
it’ll send you right to Target so you can grab your shades. Literally there’s so many amazing shades. I can’t wait to swatch them all. So, there’s two kinds of
packagings for this launch and they’re practically
the same except one is white and one is black. The white is the High Shine and
the black is the Mega Matte. So, we’re gonna read what they say about the Mega Last
High-Shine Lip Color right now and it says the Mega
Last High-Shine Lip Color delivers luscious, buildable color for a perfectly shiny pout. The ultra nourishing
and long-wearing formula is enriched with lip-loving ingredients like vegetable collagen,
murumuru butter, mango butter, and sunflower and watermelon seed oils. Glides on effortlessly for a superior wear and will not feather or bleed. So, that is amazing and promising a lot, so I’m excited to dive
into this and find out. But before we do that, we’re going to read about the other candidate
which is our matte finish. Now I’m gonna read you a little bit about the Mega Last Matte Lip Color and it says the Mega Last Matte Lip Color is hydrating, long-lasting,
semi-matte lip color infused with hyaluronic acid, natural
marine plant extracts, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin A and E that deliver moisture
while murumuru seed butter, argan oil and sunflower and passion fruit seed
oils nourish the lips. This silky, high-pigmented
lipstick offers full coverage, all day comfort and long-lasting wear. So, that sounds amazing as well. So, what we’re gonna do is dive in and get to swatching. Again, these are only a 1.99 at Target. So, make sure you go down to the link, purchase your favorite colors or head over to your local Target store and pick up your favorite
colors there as well. I’m gonna pick one to
put on my lips right now just so I’m not so nakey on the lips. And I really love this color. This one is Rose and
Slay, what a cute name. So, I’m just gonna
automatically just go into this and put this on, so give me a sec. Gotta look cute while I swatch. This, again, is Rose and Slay. Oh. Oh my god, that feels so good on the lips. Oh, I love this color. It’s so moisturizing and there literally is no fragrance. I can feel the oils in this
and it’s super hydrating. I can definitely see myself wearing this. A lot of time lipsticks
really do dry out your lips and this, so far, feels really good. Oh, I really like that color. Like, hi! Isn’t that so cute, that color? We’re gonna go into the high shine and we’re gonna start
with our lightest color and we’re gonna swatch here and work our way down ’cause
we have 13 shades, so. And this is called Peach
Please and it’s number 427. So, I’m gonna take this off. And I am going to swatch
this one right here. Oh, very pretty, I like it a lot. Okay, so that was Peach Please. And it’s super moisturizing
on my skin too. Like, I wouldn’t expect a
lipstick to feel this way. The next shade we’re
going into is Clothes Off. So, this must be a nude and this is 428. And I’m opening it and here we go. Right underneath. Oh wow, that’s a pretty
color, get out of town. Oh, I like that one a lot,
I gotta try that one on. So, I’m gonna put that one aside kind of ’cause I really like that one. So now this next shade
is called Mad for Mauve and this is 429. And I’m gonna go into this one. Here we go. Oh. That is really pretty too. That is so gorgeous! Okay, so now this next one is the one that caught my eye from the beginning and this is Rose and Slay and
this is 430 and very cute. Pretty. Rose and Slay. The next shade is 431
and this is Pinky Ring. (laughs) And this is what the shade is looking like, this is Pinky Ring. It’s a very pretty pink and I’m going to put this right
underneath the last shade. Oh! Hey guys, so it’s editing Carolyn here and I realized that two
shades are not in this video because my camera decided to shut off and this one is 432 and it’s
called Strawberry Lingerie and it is this beautiful, beautiful pink and it’s like a hot pink
and I’m gonna put this here. It’s a beautiful neon hot pink. Especially since the summer is coming up, it’s just a beautiful shade. And now the other shade that was deleted was 433
which is Bellini Overflow and this has a beautiful orange tone to it and it is such a beautiful
spring, summer color and I’m gonna swatch that right
next to Strawberry Lingerie. Gorgeous. I didn’t want you guys
to miss out on those two because they are such gorgeous colors. That shade was just dazzling. I love swatching, I look
like a colorful rainbow and I love it. The next shade I have here is 434 and this one’s a little pun. It’s Tanger-ring the Alarm. It’s this very orange
shade, so here we go. Very much like a tangerine. Wow. Wow, I just love how colorful this is. So pretty, so stinking gorgeous, love it! Oh, the reds are coming up, I love red. Okay, so this one is 435
and this is Fire Fighting. And wow, like look at that red. I’ll pick out my favorite
red to try on too ’cause reds sometimes are finicky. So, I can’t wait to see
what these are like. Oh. That looks like a really beautiful shade and that’s it’s gonna be complimentary to a lot of skin tones. I really like that and
that’s what I’m noticing with this collection. This could be worn on a lot of skin tones. It’ll look good on everybody. This next shade is Crimson Crime, oh. Oh, I like that name. This is Crimson Crime and
now I’m going to swatch it. Oh. I don’t know which red, guys, which red? I like them both. I really like the name Crimson
Crime though, that’s pretty. I’ll probably go with that
one to try on for you guys. Now we’re going into these
deeper brown berry shades and this one is 439 Sangria Time. These are such cute names, like
A plus for the names, guys. Oops. Sorry that wasn’t the best swatch, but that is a pretty color. That is such a beautiful burgundy. This color, I think,
is great for right now. We’re just kind of in that in between. We’re in between spring
and winter kind of. So, I always like to go
for the deeper shades then and especially in the fall. You can wear deeper shades all the time ’cause they’re ultra sexy, so they’re great for
a nightclub and stuff. That’s a beautiful color. Now we’re gonna go into 437
which is Raining Rubies. Oh, oh! This shade is really pretty, look at that. And I’m gonna swatch this. That is pretty. Very pretty, I like that shade a lot too. I think I’m gonna pull
that one to the side ’cause I wanna try that one on my lips. And our last one of the
High-Shine Collection is Jam With Me which is number 438. And, oh, I like this. This is a nice color too. And I like that it’s Jam With
Me, it’s very rock and roll. Oh, I wanna try Jam With Me on. These are all the High Shine shades and it is such a beautiful color story. Like, look at that and I just love how inclusive they are with shades that’ll work for
all different skin tones. Like, I can really see this
working on fair skin tones. I could see these working
on deeper skin tones and these ones in the middle
are just fun for everybody. So, I really love that. So, the shade that I
have on my lips right now is Rose and Slay, which was beautiful. So, I’m gonna pull that one to the side and I’m gonna check out one
of these nudier ones before. I think that one was
like pretty much a nude, like, oh, Clothes Off. That’s the one I wanted to try for sure. I know I pulled that to the side and thought that was really cute. So, I’m gonna just take this
one off my lips really quick. So we can try to see what that looks like. And now I’m gonna go into Clothes Off which is this nude color and I’m gonna put this all on my lips. This lip color matches
my lip color perfectly. That shade is just unreal gorgeous. That is like my lip color
but better kind of lip. As I was putting it on, I was like, oh my god, this
is just like my lip color but like heightened and
so much more beautiful and glossy and so moisturizing. Glossy isn’t the word,
it’s like moisturizing. I don’t feel like my
lips are gonna fall off. Sometimes you put on these lipsticks today and you’re just like I
can’t even move my lip and then you see all the lines. I don’t have lines, it
just is really nice. This I think might be my favorite. Oh, I really like that. Okay, I gotta take this
off now, but I don’t know. Should I keep this one on? I wanna keep it on. I said I wanted to try the red and I really like that name Crimson Crime. So, we’re gonna do that one. I can’t really say it
though, Crimson Crime. (laughs) It’s a tongue twister. So, I’m gonna take this off. And I’m going to pop into
that Crimson Crime color now and that was this color. This one really caught my attention. So, I am going to put this on. Okay, well, that is a beautiful red and I love how moisturizing it is and it’s just a really… Like that is a pretty red and
the undertones are just right. Red sometimes, undertones
just like you’re like, “Ugh, why would you do that?” This red is so nice! I’m telling you, my lips feel moisturized. They feel so good. See, my lips aren’t sticking together. And they just look so moisturized and I love that look, I really do. I love the moisturized lip look. Just so good. Loving these High Shine ones so far. (optimistic music) The next shade I wanted to try was that deep berry one
and that was Jam With Me ’cause I just think this is gonna be a really cute rocker look
because I sing and I have a band and I have music out. Let’s see if this makes
me feel like I’m ready to get up there and start
singing at the microphone. This is Jam With Me and
we’re gonna put it on. Okay, this color is so gorgeous and it’s so expensive-looking. I don’t know, it’s just so perfect. It almost has this wine
color, but it’s not just wine. It has a red look, so from far away it almost looks
like I’m wearing a red lip, but up close it’s more like this wine, but it’s not like so in your face. This undertone is very neutral to me. It’s not warm, it’s not cool. I don’t know, I really like this one. This one might be my
favorite, I don’t know. So the two shades that I pulled aside that I definitely would wear
over and over and over again is definitely Jam With Me which is the one I have on right now ’cause it’s like gorgeous. And Clothes Off which is that nude. These two are just so gorgeous and so are all the other
colors, but these shades, there’s definitely
something here for everybody and I really love them and I love the way they feel on my lips. They feel so great, high-end. They feel like they’re
moisturizing my lips when normally when I have a
lipstick on, they feel stripped. These feel so good and I’m so excited. Also as a runner up would
be this Crimson Crime. I don’t wear bright red as much as those other two shades, but I do wear it enough to put this in the top category. It’s just such a pretty red and it’ll make me wear red more and I always like how I look with the red, but you have to feel a little adventurous for that sometimes. I can’t believe these lipsticks
are only 1.99 at Target. It’s like ridiculously
cheap and they feel so good. And for all those great ingredients and they’re fragrance-free
which is amazing and gluten-free and cruelty-free
which is also amazing. I love my puppy so much and
all little animals, so yeah. That’s so good. Definitely check this
line out, it’s so good. Now we’re gonna go into the mattes and see if they stand
up to the High Shine. So, we’re gonna start with the lightest and I’m gonna swatch on this arm this time and bear with me with my swatches. I’m going to be using my
left hand and I am a righty. So, just hang in there with me, all right? This shade is Skinny Dipping
and it is number 401. This is the shade. This is a very nice, neutral color. Oh, I like this. This reminds me of something
Kim Kardashian would wear, like a very matte, nude color. Like very pretty and what I like is that these are not
drying feeling on my lips and they’re demi-matte. They’re not super matte where it’s like you can’t move your lips. This feels really nice on my lips and I feel like this
would last all day long. I really like this color, this one’s a really nice
shade, Skinny Dipping. I’m really into those nudes, this is really nice, I like this shade. And now I’m going to swatch it. That’s super pretty, I like that shade. So now that I already
put that one on my lips, I am going to go into the next one which is never Never Nude
and this is number 402. I’ll show you what that one looks like. That’s also super pretty and
we’re gonna swatch this one. So that one has more of
like a peachy undertone than the other one, very pretty. The first one has more of like a mauve. That one had more of a
peach, very, very pretty. The next shade is 403 and
it is called Bare It All. Lots of nudes, I love the nudes. And this is that shade, Bare it All. This one looks like it has more of like a pinky undertone, very cute. Yes, that’s nice. Like more of like a pinky berry undertone, I like that a lot. This next shade is Think Pink number 405. This is definitely a
spring color, love this. Okay. Very pretty. I like that one, I think I’m
gonna pull that one aside to try on for you guys. This next one is 407 Mauve Outta Here. Very cute. So this one’s gonna be a little purple-y. This next shade is 409
and it’s called Wine Room. I’m gonna like this color, I know it. Wine is my fave. Yeah, that’s really pretty. And this is that shade. Yeah, trying that one on for you guys. I’m gonna pull that one to the side. Now we’re going into 415
which is Cherry Picking. That’s a cute name. That’s Cherry Picking. And I’m going to swatch it. Cute! I love how bright and pink that one was. The next shade is Red Velvet. Okay, I’m gonna like this one too. This is 416. 416, Red Velvet. Yes! And then that’s that shade. Really pretty. That is such a gorgeous shade. Putting that one aside too. The next red shade we have here is Stoplight Red and this is 417 and that’s what that looks like. Very pretty. This one looks like a
showstopper, let’s see. (gasps) That’s really pretty too. Oh. Am I gonna try on this red or
the other red for you guys? I don’t know, we’ll decide at the end. Then I have 418, which is Sasspot Red. Okay, we’re gonna have to try this one on. The name! This is Sasspot Red and this
one is more of a wine color which is what I love. I think we’re gonna try on Sasspot Red with a name like that. Oops, we’re kind of
getting into the other one. There we go, yeah, okay. We’re trying on Sasspot
Red, I like that one. Like it a lot. Then we have Cinnamon Spice. Now we’re getting into
my very wine colors. I love these colors, the maroons. These are always my go-to for when I’m going out to the club. Not that I do that so much anymore, but when I’m going out to dinner. Oh, I like that one too, Cinnamon Spice. I don’t know if I wanna try on Sasspot Red or Cinnamon Spice. We gotta try on Sasspot Red
though ’cause that name. Cinnamon Spice, I’m gonna
try that one on too though. And now we have 421 Cherry Bomb. And this is Cherry Bomb. This is very dark. Let’s check it out. Oh. That’s pretty. I thought it was gonna
be darker than that, but I like that a lot. Okay, we have our last one! And this is 422 Mochalicious. Mochalicious, baby. All right, I’m losing my mind. Let me open this up. Okay, this is Mochalicious, very pretty. I’m gonna like this one too. Oh, yeah. I like Mochalicious. So, I have three of them that I picked to try on for you guys. I really do love the one that I have on which is Skinny Dipping and this is just that really, mm. Like ugh, I love this, I love this a lot. (laughs) So good, okay? I’m not really that into nudes and I just put that on
and I was like boom. Okay. Then I’m gonna take it off
so I can try on the others. All right, so now I’m going
to try on Mochalicious which is the last one that I swatched. And I’m gonna put that one on. Wow. I think this one’s a favorite too. That’s gorgeous! Oh my god, that is such a gorgeous shade. It is so pretty, this shade. I’m not gonna know what one to wear. Okay, I gotta take this off because we gotta do the other ones. Like, I wanna keep these on, but I gotta show you the others. Now we’re going to go into
Cinnamon Spice which is this one. I really dig this color. I’m gonna put this one on. Wow, that is so pretty too. How’d they get all the undertones right? It’s so pretty! This one makes me feel like a vixen. Taking it off. Now the last one we’re
gonna try on is Sasspot Red. The name is just hilarious and fun, so we’re gonna go with that one and I’m popping this one on. Well, this shade is just
absolutely stunning. This is like Marilyn Monroe red. Oh my god, this is so good. Okay, so Sasspot is a winner, Sasspot Red. This is so pretty, I love this shade. Beautiful! And that just about wraps up this video. I am literally sitting over
here in lipstick heaven. Look at all these swatches. Let’s just one more time get a little view of these swatches. Like literally I’m sitting
over here in lipstick heaven. I love all these colors and there is so many colors for you guys to choose from. All the shades are gorgeous
and they look so high-end and they’re only a 1.99 and you can get them at
Target, they’re so accessible. And don’t forget you can get
them at my link below too. It’s in the description
or if you’re watching this on Instagram, the link is in my story. So, all you have to do is swipe up. And don’t forget to subscribe so you can see more videos like this. I am also on Instagram at @caroylnmariex3 and I’m also on TikTok at
that same handle and Facebook. Pretty much everywhere, I’m there. And I’m really excited because I just hit 40,000
followers on Instagram and it’s mind-blowing and I love it. So, make sure you hang
out with me over there and I really wanna thank Wet N Wild from the bottom of my heart
for sponsoring this video. That really means the world to me and I love makeup and I love Wet N Wild. So, this partnership was
really special to me. And, on that note guys, I can’t wait to see you in my next video and I’m so excited for what’s to come.

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