What are the benefits of Magic Browse (Co-browsing software)?

– Monitoring customers
experience in real time should as easy as chatting. Magic Browse has been
created to let your team understand what customers
are doing on your website. Let’s get down to it. (simple electronic music) Magic Browse allows you to monitor a customers screen in real time. You can see customers
scrolling and clicking through a website to spot
UX issues, and guess what? You can even take control
of the screen to guide them. No matter where your
customers are on your website, it doesn’t need any additional plugin. Open your customers
screen to resolve issues, keep on chatting with them, or start video call to offer the best customer support experience. To get Magic Browse,
and many other features, upgrade now to Crisp unlimited and enjoy a two week free trial. To get Crisp features and pricing just go to https://crisp.chat/pricing/.

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