What is the YouTube Algorithm (the Secret to get More Views)

the YouTube algorithm is a lot like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld remember him very good very good could you come back one year well he knew better than you do what you want to eat and put him you didn’t get no soup well it’s good my name is Tom welcome to another video and if it’s your first time here and you will learn more about how to get more views and more subscribers and grow your channel and make an impact you’ve come to the right place hit the subscribe button click that there so don’t miss any of our upcoming videos to put it in simple terms the YouTube algorithm has one job one job only it’s only job is to make sure that the right video is presented to the right person exactly at the right time and as long as the algorithm performs its duties correctly more people will watch more videos and will stay longer on the platform which is exactly what YouTube wants the problem is this isn’t as simple as I make it sound because every minute you could get 400 hours of new content that’s 5000 videos like this one every minute and managing all this content can be quite a challenge you can have to organize catalog and analyze all this massive data in real time while still making sure that every single user in the platform gets an extremely personalized experience and this is exactly what the YouTube algorithm is for but how exactly does the YouTube algorithm work the internet is full of answers about how the algorithm works but frankly most of them the vast majority is just the generic cookie cutter answer that really doesn’t provide any insight as to the inner workings of the algorithm sadly the classic case of quality taking a backseat to quantity but it’s a good thing you’re here because this video is going to be a whole different enchilada I’m gonna give you some real insights to inner workings of the YouTube algorithm I’m gonna teach you exactly what you need to do to grow so can take that data leverage it and grow faster than everybody else according to recent study by little monster media which took at 17,000 videos 1,000 different verified channels and clearly six data points these numbers are mind-blowing the link is gonna be in the description section below if you want to check out the full study these are the secrets to cracking the current YouTube algorithm while the sign says that it’s for quarters for an hour but a quarter only gets you 15 minutes so if my math is correct that’s not an hour so the first point I wanna cover is upload frequency or upload schedule according to the study channels with 200,000 plus subscribers consistently upload more frequently than smaller channels this is evidence that upload frequency is important in growing on YouTube in fact the study shows that if you wanna be successful in YouTube right now your upload schedule should be at least 2 videos per week no less than that this doesn’t mean that if you just upload mediocre content every day you’re gonna be the next Peter Pan that’s not gonna happen but it does confirm the notion that you cannot be successful you do if you’re inconsistent with your size size doesn’t matter the second point I want it talked about is video link what is the optimal video link from YouTube there’s a lot of discussion about it so according to the study the video link sweet spot in between 7 and 16 minutes you wanna be in that range with respect to your video link but this doesn’t mean that shorter or longer videos can hit it big on YouTube they certainly can if you made a great video which is 2 minute video or a 20 minute video and has all the right signals the YouTube algorithm will promote it but as a general rule the aggregate data is telling us here that the YouTube algorithm prefers this type of length that you want to be consistently promoted by due to pogrom you should try to aim to hit that 7 to 16 minutes go oh come on an hour that would be 60 minutes then Derek you say well the next point is probably one of the most important ones on getting promoted on YouTube view duration how much of your video is getting viewed on average by your viewers view duration is very important it’s one of the key parameters for YouTube’s algorithm to know what your viewers think could be a video because if they are watching it for longer periods of time it means they like according to the study videos with a view duration of 5 to 8 minutes perform exponentially better than any other video on the platform on the first day the first week and the first month however this is really important the study also showed that longer videos tend to perform worse on view duration so when you’re making a video you have to try to hit that five to eight minute view duration range while making the shortest video possible you have to make every minute count because the study shows that if you’re just gonna post very long videos that’s not gonna get you anywhere see there again the next issue I talked about is the importance of subscribers not a lot of people who actually don’t have a clue what the hell they’re talking about are saying that subscribers are no longer important in 2018 that couldn’t be more wrong subscribers are very important and they do matter according to the study channels with 200,000 to 1 million subscribers get three and a half times more views than channels with a hundred thousand to two hundred thousand subscribers that is almost a direct correlation between them all the views you have and the amount of subscribers you have so saying that subscribers don’t matter is nonsense now even more importantly the studies show that the primary source for first-day views are your subscribers and without the subscriber base to push those first day views the algorithm is not going to get you promoted because as you know the algorithm takes a look at the first day the first week and the first month to determine whether your video should or should not be promoted so giving up or discounting the important of subscribers is just plain wrong shoot two three pass the Kobe like the shot pass the Kobe défis passed the Kobe I’m on a bench pass Ocoee the next issue when they talked about is metadata your title your description and your tags according to the study there are no major keywords we knew that right but more importantly the studies show that there is no correlation whatsoever the length of your title the length of your description or the amount of tags you put in your videos now that’s important but does it mean that metadata or the thing is just mentioned it’s not important anymore no metadata is still very important but it just means that you can’t manipulate it and increasing the amount of tax you have putting five thousand characters in the description putting longer titles all of this does nothing for your video but metadata is still very important in determining the relevancy of your video and the relevancy is one of the key parameters for the YouTube algorithm of making a decision whether to promote or not to promote your video so what you have to take away from this is that you cannot let me plate metadata not anymore maybe in the back in the day people could’ve but nowadays you cannot manipulate metadata but metadata is critical for relevancy so what you have to do is optimize your metadata to be as relevant as possible make sure that what you’re saying in your videos what you’re writing in your title what you’re writing in the description and what you’re putting in your tags is compatible compliant don’t just spam your description or spam your tags that’s not gonna work then next be sure when a cover is suggested videos the studies show that large channels rely more on suggested video traffic while smaller channels relying more on search time and this is clear evidence that content of the position is just as important as keyword optimization and the idea of content optimization is getting your own videos and this is just a video section now the conclusion of the studying this is really important is that longer titles and longer descriptions tend to decrease your odds of getting suggested but that’s important because when you’re writing your titles when you new descriptions make sure that every word counts don’t just spam it so just shove in there as much keywords as you can try to make it as little as possible and as important as possible and as relevant as possible that’s the only way that you’re gonna get promote now there’s a few key takeaways from the study which I want you to remember it your video length should be between seven and sixteen minutes the view duration which you are looking for is probably five to eight minutes you have to upload at least two times a week you have to make sure that you metadata is very relevant and you have to make concise title and concise descriptions if you want to get suggested when you consider all of these factors and you make sure that you have this checklist in front of you when you’re making new video I’m sure you’re gonna see results now if you enjoyed this video and you found it helpful make sure you hit that like button because I giggle every time I get in you like mixture subscribe to the channel cuz they have a lot more cool videos like this one and check out these videos we’re gonna learn how to get more views and more subscribers and I’ll see you guys next time

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