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hey guys want another one where I give you a life update about being a web developer all right so we're gonna start this vlog off with like three sidebars and I'm sorry about that but also I have a lot of stuff to tell you one I'm not sure if it's global warming or just God smiling down on us for like I don't know like what the we're into but like it's 70 degrees in North Carolina and has been for two weeks and it's February and that's amazing so shouts to the weather so I burn number two is I'm a bad youtuber and I'm sorry for that I haven't done a vlog in a while so I wanted to do like a proper vlog where I take you around with me during my day but Tuesday I missed my video and this video is gonna go up late on Thursday and I'm a bad youtuber and I'm sorry and I'm only trying to be better I promise okay guys so I had a pretty productive morning over at Panera on my work-from-home day I went and had lunch with a buddy of mine at Panera who works in the area he also went to the iron yard and is working as a developer now so that was super awesome and now I'm back home to do some more work and then I'm gonna talk to you some real talk about what it's like being a developer five months in all right so I'm finish up my workday now and it's time to get real about how it feels five months and being a web developer and what this life is like and what it's all about and as I always do I'm gonna start with the cons and then end with the pros so if you followed along at all in my journey you probably know my background I was in retail sales and food and beverage before that and I managed a movie theater for a while so mostly in that like retail food and beverage aspect so me pointed out cons here from for me and my background is kind of like having a really nice steak dinner right after having McDonald's and pointing out the cons of the steak dinner so it's hard to pick out because to be honest the tech scene and working as a web developer is a much greater fit for me than retail and food and beverage was so the biggest thing that I struggle with as a web developer is the same thing I struggled with when I was like two weeks in and I made that video a long time ago and it's the anxiety that comes with it there's this thought that you're coding and you're gonna make these awesome things and you can power through and just get it done and sometimes that's hard getting things done is sometimes hard if you're presented with a new problem that you've never had to solve before coming up with a solution is difficult and there's some anxiety that comes with that and not just that but you don't know what the next problem is going to be and not having that knowledge is hard and something that I've been trying to come overcome for a long time now for five months since I started in this field when I worked in retail or food and beverage I kind of already knew what all the problems were once I was like a month in the food wasn't gonna be right or the service for your cell phone was gonna be bad or the movie wasn't gonna play and I knew how to overcome all of those problems and they never seemed like huge problems and there was always something else to blame for those problems when it comes to code II don't know what the next thing is you don't know where the next bug is going to be you don't know what the next challenge is and then also if you can't fix it it's you it's your skill level and struggling through that is definitely something that you have to deal with when you're working and development with that said if you're coming in as a junior developer people know that there going to be some slow moments in learning times and you know there's there's going to be a learning curve there so you just have to keep reminding yourself that you know they know you don't have five years experience or ten years of experience a simple problem to a senior level developer and maybe a roadblock for you you just have to remind yourself that you're in this position for a reason and they hired you for a reason and you're you can do this and there are so many resources if it's within the company or Google or people on Twitter the development community there's so many resources out there for you the other con that I have when it comes to my career as a web developer is not inherently a con it can also be a pro but it's something that I've had to get over so there's a lot less structure at the company that I work for and talking to people who work in the tech scene it's this way at a lot of companies it's no set hours like 9:00 to 5:00 for me I can come in and leave as I please I have a work from home day as I did today and having that freedom is also a way to drive anxiety you could be worried about whether you're working enough or whether you're coming in enough if you're coming in at the right times there's a bit of anxiety that comes with freedom that's not a always a bad thing freedom isn't a bad thing but it can cause a little bit of stress and it has especially in the beginning now that I'm five months in I've kind of gotten over that and I'm going with the flow of things and I don't necessarily think about what everyone's thinking because I know like if I come in at ten one day instead of nine that's okay and if I have to leave at four that's okay as long as I'm getting my work done that's the important thing now the pros of this job are endless and I could probably make a twenty minute video just talking about those but I'm gonna go over some of the bigger ones from me the company I work for everybody that I work with is very awesome in support of that kind of atmosphere and environment is amazing now not all companies are created the same not all cultures are created the same and they're definitely tech jobs out there where that's not the case but I would say for the overwhelming majority of jobs at least in the area that I am most of the industry and the community are really chill and amazing people and then to counter my con of freedom there's a pro there too you have the freedom to still live your life and to be able to be different and unique and do the things that you want to do how you do them in the sense that like you don't if you're not a morning person you don't have to wake up at 7:00 to get to the job by 8:00 and stuff like that so for me and the company that I'm at that's definitely a pro another big Pro from me is the fact that I'm creating something my brain is hardwired to create things that's why I started this YouTube channel that's why I was so into writing because I like to create development gives you the opportunity to create things I work on a website that thousands of people view on a weekly basis and that is amazing to me that I can build something from the ground up and make it awesome it also feels really nice to have a skill that is in demand something that people want and something that people are hiring for it not just anybody can apply to it that is a great feeling and it's empowering to me as an individual to know that I have a skill that is worth a lot more than just showing up to a job every day and bringing out food or showing up to a job every day and selling cellphones it it definitely makes me feel more accomplished as an individual with those kind of things another pro of a development career is the fact that every day is different now I'm working on the same website every day and so there are certain things that pretty much stay the same but you're always tackling new problems and new challenges but the way that my brain works that allows me to not get like complacent and I'm always tackling new things and that's amazing for me another big positive is that if you have the skills to be a developer and you have like HTML CSS JavaScript some framework knowledge those sorts of things they open up a lot of different doors you aren't necessarily pigeon-holed into a single role that you can do I landed as a web developer I'm working on a website in the future I would love to be more of a web app developer and do more of like deep diving into like framework II stuff and code that is like app code instead of just making website but both of those possibilities are there and there's a bunch of different diversity when it comes to the kind of job you have the kind of company you work for the kind of product you're making all of those things are all there and you can find a niche that's like perfect for you so overall I have to say that my decision to get into code and get into development is still the best decision that I've ever made in my life if you're thinking about switching careers to become a developer or you're about to start college or a boot camp and this is the first thing that you've decided that you do please feel free to reach out to me you can leave comments down below and ask questions about how my jobs going the kind of work that I do the technologies I work with or you can send me an email I'm Erin in beta at gmail.com if you like this video and you like what I'm doing here please feel free to hit that like button because they are super awesome as always if you want to keep following along in my journey hit that subscribe button I usually come out with two videos a week except for this week because like I said at the beginning I'm a bad youtuber alright so that's all I have for you today guys I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your day and I will see you soon bye

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