What it’s like working at Adifo Software

Who are you? I am Filip Snauwaert I am Lieselot I am Cédric Uyttendaele What is your position at Adifo? I’m a BESTMIX Consultant at Adifo I’m an Internal BESTMIX Consultant I’m a Technical Consultant What does that entail? Mainly programming and assisting consultants Supporting our customers Everything from the installation of our software to customer training Basically everything that has to do with our BESTMIX software What animal would you compare yourself to? Hm, probably… a dog,
because I absolutely love dogs Hm, tough question… Probably… a cat
Because cats love to be pampered Whales are awesome! They are impressive animals.
Not that I would consider myself “impressive” What industries does Adifo operate in? Adifo mainly serves customers in the “Animal Feed” and “Food” industry We are indirectly involved in the production of sustainable”feed” and “food” products In this regard, we are contributing to the future of our planet because our growing population needs to be fed. What’s the biggest perk of your job? Our job offers a ton of flexibility The biggest advantage for me is that I’m able to work close to home My job is extremely varied You learn something new every day Every single day there’s either a new challenge or a new development What is adiFUN? A team of co-workers who,
organize fun activities from time to time Fun For me, adiFUN is an opportunity to get to know my colleagues in a different way Any advice for job applicants? Uhm, carefully think about your ‘wants and needs’ But also consider what you don’t want in a job A nice appearance is important, but don’t be too ‘over-dressed’ Be passionate, because knowledge isn’t limitless

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