What programming language should i learn first? (2019 – 2020)

What’s up everyone, deVer here! As I’ve
mentioned on my channel introduction video this will be the first content
video of the channel. Lately I’ve been streaming my new game development
project on Twitch and soon people asked me one question several times which is
“What programming language should I learn?” and this is a very common question that
a lot of first-time programmers usually ask so I’ll be answering this question
based on my own experience and opinion if you just want the simple answer and
don’t want to hear the whole boring explanation I will answer the question
right now: It doesn’t matter! That’s right, it doesn’t matter what programming
language you should pick first you just need to pick one and go ahead.
Learn the maximum you can of one language first, trying to choose between
which programming language to learn at first is like trying to choose which
language we will speak before we even know how to talk most of the modern and
top level programming languages has the same functionalities they have
conditional sentences, loops, functions, events and so on that’s why it doesn’t
matter which one of them you choose you need to pick up one and learn
everything you can about it that’s because they have a lot of similarities
between them so you should focus on trying to learn the computational logic
about it the algorithm logic the data structure you’ll be using as they are the
same to all programming languages. So, chances are if you are in a university
related technology you’ve already had some classes that they give you a
programming language that they be using along the semester so you should learn
it go ahead study, do some exercises try to think in solutions about some
problems you have and how would you solve it based on what you know about
programming. If you’re not in the university just grab any youtube tutorial
video where you think it’s beginner friendly and you understand quite well
what the Youtuber is teaching and keep on going
programming is a skill and you should practice it as any skill out there, the
fun thing about it is that you’re building something while you learn.
In the beginning you’ll have a lot of difficulties and probably will search
for other person’s solutions to achieve the result you want, and don’t think that
you are not getting any better if you’re just copying and pasting the code, trust
me you are. Try to read and understand other person’s code, google it, in that
way you will learn one way to solve the problem and when you know a lot of
different ways to solve that problem you’ll mix them and you find their own way to
do that. One thing that I can say for sure is that there are programming
languages that are easier to learn, they look less complex in the beginning.
Python is one of them, Python is a top-level simple syntax language that
is easier to read and understand than most of the other languages and this
doesn’t make Python a bad programming language as it is used a lot on machine
learning software because of some other frameworks that uses Python. So that’s what
I would recommend, if you haven’t started any programming language yet to start by
Python, if you already learnt the basic of other programming language stick to it
the important thing is to know how to program and not one language to. A lot of
mid and top level programmers really don’t care about what programming
language they are going to work with, the most concern is what framework they will be
using as switching between programming language is pretty easy and quick when
you already have to programming and algorithm skills. If you want to learn
programming to start a career on that, I will recommend you to search in the job
market what is the language framework that has been most wanted on job offers
then search about it try to find out if it’s getting replaced or if it’s still
increasing on demand and then go try to learn that! So that’s it guys I hope I’ve
helped you in some way on how to start your developer career and if you still
have any doubts about this topic or video you can for sure ask me anything
on the comments and I’ll read it and answer it I will also link some of
useful websites to learn the basics of programming that I think they can help
you guys out! Remember to check my twitch channel as
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