What’s Easier to Learn: Software Development or Cybersecurity?

– The most successful people
that we’ve found in the application security space
come out of the software development background. So what we’ve found is
that it’s easier to take a software developer and
teach them about security then to take a more generalized
security professional and to teach them about
application development. So if you think about, I
look at my background growing up as a kid I did a lot of programming, because I was really cool. (laughter)
– Same. – But I went through school
and got my computer science degree with my math minor,
I was cool in college too. (laughter) I continued to be cool. That was something that I
spent a non-trivial amount of time on growing up and
so if you look at the hours under my belt that I have
coding, even before I started undergrad, it was not like
I was this master wiz kid coder, but it was something
that I was familiar with and I knew. It was something I spent
a non-trivial amount of my four year degree doing, very
much time in our start-up developing eCommerce sites
and things of that nature. – And so if I look at
the level of proficiency and development and the
understanding of the development process, a lot went into me gaining that. And so to say, oh let’s focus
in on the security aspects of that and for someone to
teach me about authentication, authorization, someone teach me about some crypto-engineering or
things of that nature, that’s a smaller syllabus
you’ve gotta chew through as opposed if you’ve got someone
who has a lot of experience with security and you’re like
let’s write “Hello World”. Okay how do you get from
Hello World to modern cloud based applications stacks? There’s a lot more steps along the way. And so that’s something
for application security professionals it is tremendously
valuable to have background in application development. Just because that we found
that takes a lot of time to gain that experience.

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