Who’s The Mysterious Wizard Controlling the Algorithm? | DailyVee 576

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  • Christopher M KING says:

    Fire. Great job. Love the bloopers. Listen every day. hustle game is strong for me. $$$. Keep my head up and focused.

  • B Adventures Vlogs says:

    Ask you customers what they want. Don't assume anything. If you want to learn ask you mum, Google. Haha great video guys 😎👍

  • Learn Everyday says:


  • Buy Bitcoins says:

    fail, wrong on the algos Why dress like a homeless person?

  • Jennings Cunningham says:

    Censorship is running amok. It is ridiculous and blatant. Love your videos. Disagree with you on this issue. But you have all you want so it’s not your fight. The fight is for the regular guy that wants liberty

  • ColleensDreams says:

    I work on the ramp at the airport… so thank you….hard work , low pay but we fly for free😍 I’m a artist so is keeps me in art supplies and inspiration.

  • Carlos On Call says:

    Nobody realizes how freaking ahead of his time Gary V is. I so wish I could meet him. I'm sharing all of your content. Dude you are awesome! Keep doing you Bro!!!!

  • Carlos On Call says:

    I so love this!!! Id rather be happy OMG yes!

  • Daniel Fraijo says:

    That thumbnail is top tier

  • HamelTime says:

    Yessss regulated industry info please!!

  • Kshitij Kumar says:

    Yes they do care ❤️!


    Thank you Gary vee💚💚💚

  • Victor Rondon says:

    Man! I love that you share all this information for free! Thank you!

  • Nishant Gupta says:

    DAILYVEE BLOOPERS!! That's my new favorite addition to Dailyvee! 😍😍😍

  • Renan Añez says:

    the word algorithm make me watch this content and the algorithm who showed me know it

  • Peter Michael says:

    Algorithms as an excuse for business failure? No. He is correct in his business point.

    Algorithms affecting those dissenting from the left? Yes. He is incorrect with his actual statement.

    It would literally cost him millions to make a public statement against FB or IG.

  • Mohamed nadroo says:

    On the wings of desire.
    Letters travel with me.
    To you. Towards mixed creativity
    With a dream romance.
    And relax my reputation for your solo.
    On the strings of sweetness.
    My transmission of your characters.
    It makes me get to the top of the fun.
    A bright reading of you
    And a tribute that transports me into the clouds.
    Dreamers are hard to give up.
    Under the brightest lights.
    Their souls refuse only to cling to the pink fantasy.
    Their beautiful spirituality continues to sing alone in the sky of reality.
    It's easy for hearts to digest.
    And for the spirits you drink.
    She has feelings so easily.
    And our conscience attracts him as a witness.
    That's what you're doing, sir.
    You have my full respect.

  • Philippe Racette says:

    I Am the Wizard. And i fixed alot of things today fuck couldn't have gave me any clue what the fuck was wrong……nooooooooooo. its okay kubernetes tensorflow kubeflow pipelines and so on but eummmmmm. I need to fkn talk to you gary i'm sick of my job and i wasn't paid to fix this mess🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • World Wide Wong says:

    The "DailyDRock" is TOTALLY a series that I (and probably lots of other videographers/content creators) want to see
    For now, I will make do with his social media posts and stories

  • Brittany Lynn Official says:

    Seriously love this dude. Seen him live. Oh man. Definitely do that!! And check out my book reviews & youtube on more mentorship such needs and financial education!! They're the best ever. ♡

    Help me reach 1,000! www.YouTube.com/c/BrittanyLynnOfficial

  • Jacklyn Shapiro says:

    The real Algorithm Wizards are at FICO and calculating your credit scores!

  • LearnWithTheBest says:

    The point is that there is no such thing as luck, if you have good content then you will succeed. There is no fast lane to success, it takes time. 🙂

  • SB SB says:

    I BET GARY is a secret child of Joe Pesci

  • Rhett A. Lighthall says:

    They banned Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson off Facebook.

  • Tyler Simpson says:

    I am Gary!
    I am the creater of the algorithm, and at the same time i am the algorithm.

  • TheRusschannel says:

    Americans are the most naive in the World IMO ie~dumb and able to manipulate with propaganda, they don't care, they believe what their told… for example 9/11 and their whole government…

  • Mychal Clark says:

    Add value to the comments

  • ff7522 says:

    I love gary, but Twitter, google, and facebook have already said in leaked memos that they are 100% pushing political agendas. Does that have an effect on our small businesses? Not really, but it is affecting the greater political climate.

  • Patrick Wojciuk says:

    Quality is not subjective. Quality is only subjective amongst the best of the best. Best vs Worst is pretty much agreed upon.

  • Willys World says:

    Facebook and google have ruined the internet..

  • Michael Enquist says:

    “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

    ― Calvin Coolidge

  • IdolCam says:

    Gary, do you listen to Abraham Hicks? A lot of the things you say about the happiest person wins and having gratitude reminds me of her? You and Abraham are my guiding light for my venture and life! Thank you man, Jason!!

  • Willys World says:

    PS. Gary needs some pussy guy looks like hes about to have a heart attack.

  • Adnan A says:

    The thumbnail alone deserves a like

  • jd star says:

    iF YOU THINK THAT THE SCUMBAG OWNED CORPORATIONS;;; [all owned by the same creeps],,,,, INCLUDING "alphabet AKA YOUTUBE, GOOGLE,… are not censoring searches, well you must be OUT TO LUNCH on the facts. THEY ARE .

  • jd star says:

    Next you'll say there is no illuminati. WAIT , ………………you already did.

  • jd star says:


    Your response is awaited.

  • Vess says:

    Thank you for the free content, but there is an obvious justifiable reason why people don't trust the big social media platforms. Does it mean you shouldn't use them for business? Not at all. But the ball has started rolling and I'm curious how you (Gary) will navigate the climate the more and more comes out about these companies.

    I feel like I have good guess – you're always looking at new alternatives.

  • OSSFI says:

    Click my picture on the side and check my content, access only given to Bright minds with dreams of success.

  • Mr. SparksZ33 says:


  • Audio Books says:

    THis is one of the best channel for motivation ..
    Thanx man..
    You are the reason I keep up with my youtube workk

  • Don Berwick says:

    5:50 he gets to excited sometimes!! Why is he trying to pull out his 🍆

  • Harveys toys and tech says:

    Best fucking video I seen today. That's the shit! Don in the UK.

  • Caroline Cousins says:

    This is great, Gary, thank you. As a result I'm coming to see you in Birmingham in UK later in November. So grateful.

  • Yasseen Shaahed says:

    This guy said “expound upon my followers”

  • ClientStreamz with Jobs Jarabo says:

    Keep making 👌 Keep documenting 👌 Keep posting 👌

  • jd star says:

    NOW , on here , my comments are being CENSORED…BLOCKED. __FK WAKE UP …garys oblivious to whats going on. __or…………….

  • jd star says:

    by the way, the "wizard" the WIZARD…IS THE SCUMBALL CABAL THAT OWN THE "PRIVATE , nonfederal noreserve,….fk WAKE UP, STOP thinking we are all ignorant to reality.

  • jd star says:

    by the way "gary", it is for a FACT, Its way worse.ThEY have FULL INTENTIONS TO KILL MOST PEOPLE, AND BESIDES LECTURES AND WHITE PAGES, AT YOUR FIGERTIPS, HAVE even put it in stone [georgia guidestones]

  • jd star says:

    FK WAKE UP …garys oblivious to whats going on. __or…………….

  • jd star says:


  • Adam Does says:

    God damn it, Gary V. You fucking inspired me again… Now I have to go Carpe the damn diem.

  • Boogie Bomb says:

    so my cannabis brand and accounts being blocked , shadow banned and more is a dream orrrrrrrr………by the way , not the dope , legal products like art and clothing with video content of our life in a blog style vlog style ….are you fucking kidding me , are you going to be found in a pedo scandal next or bleach your fucking hair blonde , maybe wear a dress

  • HG51 says:


  • EatnTV says:

    Decide, deduce, deduct and deliver.

  • Ray An says:

    I love this channel, I love what you do – GaryVee is the man that inspire me to create my own channel, I've taken all of his advice

  • Ashik Mondal says:

    Gary you are too much real man.You really help man.Now a days lots of people are feck and they are pretent like expert .

  • jd star says:

    "people"are"naive"??…. WOW, Gary. You,… on this, are naive , to the point of…..well, wow.

  • GamingEat says:

    you are so good youtuber!! 😀

  • DAILY PERCEPTIONS - Simon Scholes Vlogs says:

    I tell my clients and talk audiences so often, there's no magic pill, the hash tag you need to grow is #hardfuckingwork

  • Steve Sorensen says:

    First time i'll have to call out Gary V on some facts – It's documented, deboosting, etc based on an agenda. BUT, I think GV is basically saying, don't use it as an excuse! And he's right about that.

  • phil mckay says:

    the algorithms might be designed to target or whatever….but there are biases…because the algorithm is derived from the real world

  • Beautiful Roofer says:

    Youtube and Alphabets AI/human driven algorithms are designed to be politically driven.
    Ive watched them destroy and demonetize ALL alternative producers that deliver the content Youtube was built on…those who remain are playing to the agenda.

  • The Success says:

    Love it Gary. "Quality is subjective, quantity isn't." Most people just don't do enough and then come up with reasons to quit early.

  • Chadwick Eisman says:

    Has Gary Vee Mentioned Gab, Bitchute, minds.com yet? or is he still straying away from ever talking about those topics

  • الرزق حسن says:

    i am crashing it baby

  • Hasbullah Solutions says:

    Organic reach is king

  • Cad Beatz says:

    "Quality is subjective, quantity isn't" – Gary Vee.

  • Exploring China with Patrick Freeman says:

    Another back handed slap from GV👋🏻. May I have another drill sergeant! Hey Gary, why don’t you just compose a video of your one line gold nuggets. I’ll put that on my iPhone for the gym👍🏻👍🏻. Thanks for all the encouragement 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Vapor Trails says:

    Uh. Never mind all of the mountains of evidence, including their own words, that platforms are trying to manipulate what content gets shown. It's all imaginary. Sure.

  • Rydahville says:

    From the information to the way you connect with people is precious 🙏🏾 can get a little teary eyed 😁

  • Mental Minds says:

    I always get tired of reading that you must put out quality content only and I agree to an extent but Gary said it best, Quality is subjective. I don't belive he means to put out quantity without being mindful of quality but to stop trying to be perfect. Not only stop trying to be 'perfect' but STOP using the excuses that you are using to make you NOT create content!

  • Dino says:

    I think most of these "censorship" comments didnt really pay attention to the video. Gary was speaking about the algorithm that is overseeing the ads, audience you reach etc. I'm confused as to how tf you people are drawing censorship out of that and then bashing him for it because he was an early investor lol. Critical listening and reading is becoming a lost art.

  • Mi Nana says:

    Shocking ! Garry didn’t post for two day !

  • Jayden Lawson says:

    Sorry for suffocating you Gary. Haven’t been commenting much

  • Craig Jay says:

    Hard disagree with Gary. There is REAL censorship happening.

  • Smoakpipe says:

    I woke up this morning to see that instagram deleted my account. Why you lying????

  • Swat says:

    Gary V speaks truth when he speaks about personal development. Grateful, put it out there to get feedback, don’t judge self, start the process.. this is legit! Simple. It’s training your body to obsess on long term executing.

  • Sarah Eubanks says:

    OMG Gary this was amazing advice, as always! I followed your instagram marketing advice by using Igrocket com to get my views up and DAMN my leads have doubled

  • SgtToedrags says:

    Algorithm must have changed 20th to 20st at 0:20

  • MOVIE DAY! says:

    DROCK probably gets laid so much.

  • Squarehot says:

    so then why did Alex Jones get banned….

  • Macoco Music says:


  • HeahMinAn says:

    #dailyvee bloopers👍🏻

  • Dan Leak says:

    Hahaha I get to quality by doing quantity 😂😂😂 I cannot fathom someone taking this dude serious.

  • L Max says:

    I blame Graham Stephan.

  • Saadon Aksah says:

    finding right..ok got it! 👍

  • new nohay status 2019 says:

    Very well

  • Shane Morris says:

    August “20st”? 😂😂😂

  • Patrick2332 says:

    For a large channel or page quantity over quality is fine as that page has grown. Growing a channel through quantity is encouraging everyone to flood streams with potentially poor content which in turn makes it harder to see the quality content because of noise.

  • Boston Atane says:

    Daily Rock? ''Drock''

  • jd star says:

    Right…right, no censoring going on, right, …..no removing of content, right, sure………..next you'll say a guy in a cave did 9/11. ___Building 7, ……of course, was his cherry on top, right?….Right.

  • conor harrigan says:

    Oh, Gary – they are suppressing conservatives. If you bothered to do some basic research on it, you'd realize that. That, and their employees have been caught on tape admitting it. I love you but you're way off on that. You literally have Prager U nuked from tech pages, Alex Jones is scrubbed – Prager U is as innocent as they come. Liberty minded commentators are constantly having their follower counts reduced, being shadow banned. Pages are removed from FB. I could go on.

  • charlie hustle says:

    I hacked the Instagram Algorithym with basic math. Guess what they shadowbanned me for no reason and took away my analytics. Better to just create good ads and pay to play like they want you to. If you do game the algorythm grow it slow. They dont like it if you go from zero to hero in a single day. Facebook does not play fair.

  • Ryan Fairchild says:

    "Gratitude is my fuel"

    And cocaine. Lol jk dont sue me. Haha

  • Jay Carper says:

    Facebook has publicly stated that they tweak their algorithms to suppress certain kinds of content no matter who likes it or reacts to it. It doesn't matter that this doesn't make economic or business sense. It's just fact.

  • M1kenobi FIFA 15 says:

    What you said from 11:04 to 11:15 the world needs to hear it!

  • Pat Windon says:

    Gary V – he's the man. I want a selfie with Gary (putting it in the universe)

  • The Watcher says:

    too much ego in this

  • sUAVe Industries says:

    11:10 hit me right in the jellies

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