WinEdt Tutorial [LATEX]: How to Change the Default PDF Viewer

So in this lesson, we will learn how to change
the pdfviewer in WinEdt. So, we are using the WinEDt editor for Latex. Let me show the eroor which I am getting now. So, this is our simple document which we have
already used, nothing special, just begin document, one sentence and end document so
I want to compile this, It shows me the document but then it show this error �Cannot Open
DDE Link� and this is a bug. And this error has taken a lot of my time
and research then I found the fix for this, so in similar manner something like unable
to refresh the PDF file or �Unable to open DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange Link) or Unable
the generate the PDF without any error. So sometimes it appens, there is no error
but you can�t get any PDF. It�s not showing any pdf, no output. Here you can have error which is annoying
and frustrating and you want to just change the pdf viewer so we a lot of options, so
for example, I just mentioned three of them One is the Adobe Reader which is of course
not working for some reason suppose, then we have Sumatra and Sumatra works very well
with WinEdt. It is very compatible and it aligns very well
with WinEdt. Then we have Foxit and Foxit is also good
and very popular PDF Viewer, so we can get any of these and install it first and then
we can change it in our editor. So, I�ll show you how to do that. You can have a look at Sumatra pdf. So, for example let�s say we wanna install
this. Here is the installer, 32 bit and 64 bit. So, depending on your computer, you can download
this. I have already downloaded this in my folder. So, I�ll just click on this. Ins Sumatra
and you can start it. So you can see now its running, So now, how
to change it. So, you have to go inside WinEdt. Then Options>>execution mode and Acrobat
and this is the executable file for Acrobat Reader You just have to point this to the
executable file of Sumatra PDF, just click on this icon and you go above this folder
because this is the folder where this executable resides, see Acrobat reader, so you have to
go up until you get Program Files and in program Files, you will get a folder name Sumatra
PDF which we have just installed. Sumatra PDF, just click on this folder, so
this is the executable, you click on this and open, so this will come here. Instead of Adobe Reader, WinEdt will now open
Sumatra PDF as a PDF viewer, So in order to change the BIN folder, you can just select
Autodetect and it will change when one time, it will run, it will change the bin folder
for this, So just apply this setting OK and now if we compile again, �pdftexify�,
so this is your document is in Sumatra PDF, So now you are using Sumatra PDF as a PDF
viewer.Once you have run this once or twice then you can double check by coming into options
>>executimode and you will see that, it has changed the PDF bin folder to Sumatra PDF. So in this way, you can change the pdfviewer,
So its very simple, so once again, it�s very simple, you just have to go in options
>>execution mode>>Acrobat and this is the executable which is pointing to Sumatra now
but before it was pointing to Acrobat Reader. When you change the location of the executable,
, you will just click �Autodetect� and it will change the location of the bin folder,
So this is how we change the pdf viewer in our Latex editor.

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