With one click enter the current date and time in excel spreadsheet – Simple excel keyboard shortcut

When working with lists and reports, you sometimes
have repetitive data which you want to enter again and again. While you have the excel autocomplete function
but if you have similar tellers at the beginning of the data, the autocomplete wont function
properly. A very good shortcut for this would be the
ctrl+down arrow. It is an easy means to speed through repetitive
data entry within a column. Let’s take an example of this spreadsheet
where I have some brands, product types and the software versions in a table. I have to update this list and say the brands
and software versions are repetitive. So, I will go to this cell and then press
ctrl+down arrow and here is my dropdown listing all the brands. Remember auto complete can also be used but
if you have similar spelling brands, then autocomplete will work only after you have
typed the characters that are unique in the list. Here I select one brand and then press enter
and similarly I can do this for all other cells as well. Just one thing to remember, this shortcut
does not work with numbered lists and here you need to type the entire number. Friends just try this tip while using your
excel workbooks and do remember to share your tips that you thin are interesting and should
be in the upcoming videos.

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