You tube User’s behaviors? Guide algorithm’s Choice? My morning routine E49

good morning world how can I serve you all today how are you and we’ll come back to this my morning routine guys and this is your humble host Victoria Lamar Dell good morning to you good morning wherever you are around the world good morning everyone and welcome to this my morning routine live streaming and wish every one of you out there have a lovely morning and how a lovely breakfast good morning to you and let’s welcome our first guest and eat it and it is hi hi good morning hi an idiot good morning to you how’s your day today good morning to you and idiots idiots how are you how’s your day how’s that temperature in your country right now because down here it’s a little bit cold and good morning to you and welcome back to this my morning routine live streaming us up to this date it is October 8th of 2019 time check eight zero eight zero eight good morning to you and idiots idiots good to know you are just fine here if the temperature is kind of dropped England not not so cold but what I mean it’s starting to get cold now so you cannot withstand outside without your jacket in France you call it man – you know so a little bit colder right now so even sometimes inside the house a little bit colder so even this one cannot it’s not enough but now it’s okay well thank you so much and I’m so glad that you are here welcome back in this my morning routine lights to me and today our topic is about like its users users behavior is also the guide for the algorithm it’s kind of our it’s like the algorithm depends on our behavior and how we how we use a YouTube how we are as a user good morning to who and we’ll come back but and Edith and it is I can’t find it seems like I can feel you are a happy person good morning to you and if it’s idiot and I’m so glad that you are always every morning you are always here thank you so much and as well I would like as well to say thank you to our 3 million people who are currently watching right now or whatever you are doing hope every one of you I’m so blessed today and wishing you if you are in America you I wish that you have a lovely day and if you are in Philippines or some somewhere in in a tea shop sometimes I have some of my guests coming from Vietnam and some of them are from of course Tori Kelly or India so I wish all of you guys have a lovely lunch good morning to you and welcome back and it’s my morning routine live streaming how about it it is giving me some love love love good morning to you so I would like to continue guys before I will I know I have my interruption I hope today would be okay cause ER yesterday guys three later you know the interruption the buffering very kind to me it really starts right away anyway maybe it’s my fault because you know maybe I have some a lot of browsers being open or it’s either I have a lot of file you know so yesterday guys I tried to address I try to erase so that’s why if someone listening there from you know my angel is homemade cooking me dizzy my homie talk to me DC if you are listening right now I think like my Facebook was been off so you might be wondering so I off it because yesterday I tried to erase some of my you know just to address this buffering thing so I was able to vary some of my other browsers and other sites so maybe I could get back later well thank you so much it it so if you are still there I would like to continue with our topic today related to behavior your sirs behaviour guides the algorithm so and what are these things what are the possible things that what you call it you call it as a behavior behavior or the things that we used to do as a user in YouTube what are these things that guides the algorithm of course algorithm depends on a state but not only all of it obviously it’s just a part to be part of our behavior guides the algorithm and what are these things now us even even you there will only two of you guys watching right now and I hope you will give me la blah blah out there well thank you so much for being here and for listening and despite all there were only two million people I would like to continue before the you know the battery come on come over it again so I just hope you do not know I hope it will be fine I hope my streaming today will be fine so guys let me get back to our main topic today is behavior guides the algorithm so Welcome Packet is my money go to live streaming and what are these our possible behavior that we are doing first is the behavior that victim that we usually do some other but we call it one of our behavior is good like for example what people watch or not watch let’s welcome first our guest let’s welcome back our sister of Korea Rubin official hello sis good morning to you and we have our friend from India and idiots idiots will come back as well and it is idiots and we have our second guest Oh beneficial so if you are not yet a friend of Rubin officials as she is from Korea thank you so much for coming in guys so guys our topic today is about users behavior guide to a guide or one is one that guides algorithm since moving kamusta sees almost be speaking in our language because Obon is coming from our country so for now stand by stand by yeah edits edits stay tuned please thank you will be no fishes coolest Aziz Muslim Allah nothing I’ll take a bad child baka I know and okay I know the government capita in Delhi because I know okay Turkish videos so free Thailand’s in diameter brothers you know happy new year – happy now – I’m glad wait yeah will be no fishes okay look at in hard I like the Madhavi Thani and so on good morning to you and we’ll come back so I will just continue guys with our topic while waiting for our response of our sister will be no fishes of goryeo guys so what are these behavior that we could consider as a behavior our performance while even using YouTube so such as for example guys are the algorithm based on how will we watch for example in a video how when we watch or what are the things that we don’t watch so those are one the algorithm is also observing it and the second is how much time people spend watching your video so it’s a little Tino Pune so these are one of the you know the algorithms is also observing these things home how much time people spend with us spend watching videos its case our attentional how will how long we watch the video you will attend shown up in how long with pay like for example if you are watching a live streaming how long we will stay of course the time that we spend posted to watch the video that is very important to us that’s rate of use counts and how long we should stay like for example if you are watching a live streaming or if we are watching a video like a normal video nor normal upload videos how long we should say that it will be counted as a view now for infamy for your information guys for those people who are not new in this YouTube world the time that this is according to the research guys this is based on the research in Google the time that we need to stay to stay so that it will be counted as a view guys it should be like for example live-streaming cuz it should be like thirty thirty minutes it should be counted yeah I will make sure huh I think yeah 30 30 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds though like for example if you are watching a live streaming you get in and then like you get in and if you stay like up to 20 seconds then you will get out then after you get in then you will finish another 10 seconds that is counted as 30 then it will be counted as as one view now if you want say up to that length I don’t think it will become that’s the way they that’s based on the research guys that’s what decides so it should be 30 seconds we should stay in mini-moon mini-moon know at least videos stay up to that length otherwise it will not become dead a subview so it means how will we behave how will you behave that’s also the algorithm also basing basing on how we behave so that’s performance of us like if we are watching we should us stay for a little bit longer so that it will be sure it will be counted as a view at the same time we are helping as well to the great or not or the host for conducting they’re like streaming so we should be mindful guys if we we get in into the live streaming if you are not inclined to be in there never mind was in a way it’s always our choice and it’s always our right freedom you know it’s one destroyed freedom or choice so it’s okay but that’s the thing it will not be counted and also it affects all the bus but what the host and your cause really guys I can see based on my channel as well I was able to observe base as well and you can reflect it on your own like if you if you notice that your views like goes down based on analytics analytic performance you can see it in your in your analytics performance guys how it is how’s your views how’s the performance of your engagement your you know the rich get rich you know in your analytics you could observe it how it is it goes up or it goes down you know the present page in there so you can reflect it guys based on our performance and how will we behave how would we watch the videos so the so far guys that it that’s it how much time people spend watching your video so it means if us how long we stay how will how long we watch the video and after it guys is how how videos popularity you know there are rape girls it means if your videos is popular how long it will grow like you know the performance of your videos and obviously of course how’s the new video perform if your upload and your videos you will observe as well if you upload a new videos you can observe so how it performs so also the algorithm also looking at it how’s your video performance of your videos newly upload videos and obviously how obtained a channel upload a video so it’s a lenient anything money I know every time from how frequent developer upload a video and obviously algorithm also also relying on our behaviors and how much time we spend on the platform your anything London Union own began a cabeza para in absurd near Ibaka Mota Dominic Babar is ago device having in a Burberry you will see it’s it’s based on how we behave as a user and also it’s also based on how we like the video how it is like the video somehow if we share it or not how long we how we engage so that’s also one one thing that the obviously our algorithm is also basing on it and obviously guys that things that if we don’t like or we dislike off we are not interested the ultimate enemy algorithm Sunnah cabassa partly huh partly in Kobashi shadowed but guys before I will proceed a little lesson and from our guest who been official said hello uh first I would like to hear from idiots idiots hi and good morning and I asked if he is fine he said he is fine and it is it it said it is dribble rain here Wow it’s raining in there side on that side of it is idiots it’s in India India eat it and idiots and idiots is from India guys and you know if you need anything like editing tutorial you can check the house of idiots idiots so that’s all about the tutorial thing about editing using your mobile phone that’s the channel of edited it’s guys so please feel free put them over it if you need a lot of friends in your community so you got it at its in-house and list here from Ruben officials guys hello sis Billy cook up a bit sees now Apple misawa novices see this is it’s ok long series and I know nama di say this is no worries Thank You me time sis no worries and and it is it is said are you and your family well yes very much thank you so much and idiots idiots yes we are all fine all is well thank you so much and also I declare today all is well it should be like that isn’t it and and it is it is said I see you video and I am editing today’s video Wow cool have you seen my videos and it is idiots I have not I’m not editing it’s like really video like directly uploaded like that you know how I wish I could do you know more edits in my videos but thank you so much it is it is hello hello hello everyone from idiots idiots guys so if you need more a lot of friends it if Smith needs one too but who beneficials is in Korea and it’s if it’s and as of now she cannot interact much because you know there is a you know – bun right there and we do not know what’s the real situation there guys so if you are free it’s how about you and AD series are you free you could maybe visit and the house a moving official if you are free are you and your family well yes very much thank you so much indeed it’s a date for being here all the time you are very kind you have a good heart and yet it’s idiot thank you so much and obviously obviously our sister moving fish house and for the 2 million people watching right now thank you so much for giving me that thumbs up guys so me the pictures if you could give me the thumbs up that would be fine well thank you so much guys but obviously I will be no fishes cannot top so if you could be set to be no fishes that would be verified now let’s continue on idiots idiots I am editing my video today and watching your video well very kind of you I needed it thank you so much but one and one maybe one day if you need your hand I will message you who but as of now I’m not applauding much some videos but obviously I would like to because this is also part guys of our performance on YouTube it is a must if you want to grow if we want to grow our channel so it is a must to upload a video guys because it’s really it’s not about you have to do these things only that thing but it’s it’s really about how how well you do everything everything all the guidelines here in YouTube that’s really the essence there the impact our performance and our channel so it’s really based on how we how will we do everything not only one thing so guys let me continue guys and what are the things that the YouTube would like to check this one is at I know I would like to really activate these guys cuz I even until now because actually I needed idiots have you heard that the emojis also included in that is from spammy you know we call it the spamming spam words or spam its timing no you call it like that because it is it is have a lot of emojis I am not really sure yet why he says it is included in the spam as far as we know what is a spam if you know that spam is a kind of explicit messaging and also repeated repeated repetitive repetitive words you call it the spammy words maybe well I find the word spamming spamming is the use is the use of messaging systems to send an unsolicited unsolicited message so you call it a spam or especially advertising as well as or it’s either sending messages repeatedly on the same site so you call it as spam and what are these things and how will it affect to our channel guys actually YouTube will look at all these things like for example videos that really reloaded over and over again like for example have you ever have an experience like you uploaded videos and there you I mean I was able to do it one time to reapply it but if you I think early uploading one time so that would be fine but maybe we uploading earlier repeatedly cuz that’s one thing that YouTube look up for videos that reloaded over and over again do you have what’s your understanding about a time idiots it’s on your on your point of view post the YouTube will look up for all these kind of all these things I will be mentioning but first we are talking about videos that we loaded over and over again have you tried idiots and idiots because this is one thing that the YouTube we look at it have you tried really reloading reloading over and over again reloaded have you tried how our woven officials cannot talk guys so it’s okay so that’s a new thing YouTube looks at four videos that not really dead over and over again so that’s one thing that the YouTube will really look at it so kind of you know the the algorithm you also look at it and checking it if it is okay or not second guys views that appear to have their source insert of malware obviously like views like someone like they are you know the malware guy is something like it for example that could attack the computer or anything like that like virus thing so those those are one as well that the obviously the YouTube is really keen to look at it and other guys someone he gladly uses the spam boats you know that’s where the messaging like like this one it is it is if you could try to erase your emojis I could appreciate it was you know why it really affect as well our channel the tool bus it affects our channel it could be you your reviews will be lessened or you will not resurface you will not be you know you are not searchable or you like you cannot be seen because that’s one thing that the algorithm could detect as well you’re looking at it so if you could remove your emojis edits idiot that would be fine well thank you so much because that’s one I in the list of our storm to get about the something guy so I will be mentioning this one again guys because there’s a lot of people even until now even though there’s a lot of people are saying it like avoid avoid you know but they’re still until now I could still see a lot of people for men thing don’t you know that the comment thing guys it’s very important to our views performance you know in our analytics so that’s why it is very important to be mindful of messaging you know when you is when we write a message on the comment box because I really both of us will be affected guys related to you know don’t you know that the the the thing that we could be resurfaced on YouTube there were three that we should be mindful and this this messaging will really affect like for example on your performance it should be like for example obviously if you are searchable in browse suggestive videos and also the youtube search that is the tree very basic like you if you are high on those things you could say that your channel have a good performance with those things obviously part of is involve one part of it what involves is also part of its the messaging it really matters of the performance on those three is one one factor well that’s it guy so if you are doing a messaging I would like to mention now please avoid using all these family words cuz these things obviously there were a lot of spammy words but in short spamming words are repetitive words like for example like you are not really watching the videos and you will just say keep uploading thank you for sharing it’s like that’s all you could write that’s also considered now as the spam words because it’s come on you know it’s repetitive know the algorithm are so clever and they could detect it so like that also the emojis or that’s all included so if you want to know just for the sake of those sleep also have been heard or learning about it because even until now based on my video guys I could still see a lot of you know people they’re still messaging you know the same the same thing so that really affect with our channel and the performance of our channel so these are the spammy words that would like to mention just Fergus a all people who haven’t know yet but this are just the same as some of the words that mean captured and considered as a spam and also from my spam folder so like for example the sub4sub word if you write it directly on the comment box guys it really affects different formats of our channel you can notice that your views count really really less you could really observe it and obviously the shout out emoji symbols like this and edit it adds that’s also included on that considered as a spammy spamming words also sub to me hug for hug and also so be the word sue be the word if you write directly just the word done that’s also considered as a spam and the numbers if you are writing numbers there good morning mom during college how are you good morning to you and let’s welcome our third guest guy from German from Germany mum nari cowlick good morning mum nervy how are you Mustapha Mary and I copy behind my aunt Agnes caffeine Ibaka my boot and it has a Germany – no not a burr on my jacket magenta okay – no not on the way Mona did I get a lock away jacket good morning and have a lovely breakfast mom Mary sees Mary garlic Germany guys so guys I am talking about the Swami words again just for the new people who are just a beginner and this is in relationship to our topic today guys if you know users behavior is a guide part that guides the algorithm so it means the algorithm is also watching us and how we behave how we use YouTube you know how will you watch the videos how will we do the comment obviously those are just apart guys the performance of our analytics on everything the views and engagement and everything guys depends on us how will we act how will we do how will you do everything not only one but everything all the what s mentioned in our community are in the mutual guidelines it’s really everything guys it’s not only one so you will wonder why my views getting smaller and smaller it’s really about us guys it’s in our behavior and we don’t know sometimes obviously because it’s an algorithm we look at it and it detects of course not all mistake I like like it’s like an algorithm look at it so it means it will become like a general even if you are doing the right thing and maybe some of some of you like for example commenting someone is commenting on your videos you are secretary some you are just doing right and in one one of the operator is commenting on your videos which is not right guys it affect as well so and to see how it is guys so it affects our performance so the why that’s why I am mentioning again all these family words guys because we are one here guys we are one if your comment being you are affecting the channel of the creator if you are commenting like not the explicit you know unnecessary word first spammy words it affects it affects you and it affects to the creator as well you are commenting on if you are watching a live streaming like this and then the way you perform as well the way you it’s also everything is even watch being come so that’s what I am mentioning now because Erica for mom Mary colic was not how she was not here a while ago here so guys I am talking about the Swami words because that this is part of what YouTube looks look at for YouTube look at for first for every tougher memory cowlick was she was not here a while ago the YouTube look at all these things such as videos that really reloaded over and over again is a open open at me Ananse algorithm or new YouTube Kumar videos now those videos that Puri upload and we upload and we upload it obviously we’ve got every sip and noticed me I was able to absorb and receive one to like there were there was once a video I uploaded and more or less the same although not really the same but it’s just the title maybe I put in there more or less the same so I receive a notice that this video is a copy or blah blah blah and you know they will not allow you to upload it so that’s what I have received so what will I do I just erased the video and maybe I could just find another one to reupload hit with a fury upload and reuploading obviously algorithm can detect it as well so the second guys is views that appear to have their source in sort of malware so is a detonating and you know views perish on muhammad’ some views like spam viewers humans Pamina not anything Dominion kamaswami canary mara beacon subscribe subscribe personal spam spam subscribers a young cacophony Nyanza channel napping Banga Banga paper for me and Elmo who burrows famine subscribers Deborah Lorraine so inside the antenna Penang new YouTube an embalming spam messages Mendonca folder mount mo during the evaluation period when you are able to meet that that’s also affected guys so it could be the videos will not be putting an ad before I was able to observe with my account but sometimes I was able to hear when someone doing a live streaming as well he said now if you receive because before I am a miracle like i already verified no with my channel my channels already verified so before at the start they don’t have yet the requirement I was able to have my account verified so I have I am already monetized and some of the videos there already have a green dollar on the side but there is one video of mind that it has a yellow dollar sign what it means what that dollar signs means yellow it means that I was told on that the message said that yellow sign is about like your video it’s not they are not advising to put an ad it’s like what you call that one how will you say it like they are not allowed to have an ad but when one I was able to attend one light streaming that they said not because he is already a big big guy in a bigger chopper he said that one of the if you can receive like that try to change everything in the title the the keyword may be in the description and in fright re-upload it then it will change you know the dollar sign means like a yellow it will become grade but I did not try it yet that’s the guy’s suggestion you know but I didn’t try it yet until now I did not change it but obviously now since I have already the new rules that I just get back actually this year because it’s been a long time I did not that do it seriously so can’t you see guys so I just got back so now I was back so I followed what’s the rules that I need to make the 1000 and then I need to get the 4000 hours so although I am already partner verified with YouTube the money that I get before my money position because I am already monetize all the oldest cents we’ll just my account in Google Adsense so it’s just there guys and they it for me that once I will arrive at the requirement obviously they will look at it again because I have my videos as well you know do you need to look at it because obviously the YouTube will really dislike like for example if your videos are violence the involves violence obviously that’s not possible so each or each videos will be look at you know reevaluated again although I am already partner verified so after I got one all those all this all just joins it’s just when my Google account until 9:00 so I will be waiting again for another free evaluation although I have already signed there that partner verified so guys those spammy words in relationship to that so during the evaluation it is involved so once our videos have a lot of spam message a message s and there is a lot of spam subscribers what do you think will happen guys it’s either your effort will be put into futile because it’s either that video will not serve you it’s either it will be your advice to remove it or it’s either it will it does there is no iron so it’s just useless so guys we are one here so if you are recommending to the video you’re also hurting the creator and also on your on your side like for example I was able to do it before I really observe it it really happens in my channel me it happens I’m the one commenting to the video i said like i already subbed to your channel because i was new at the time and i do not know and i said i sub already on your channel and i did not and sometimes i most likely at that time that since I am new I did not bother to finish to watch the whole video guys just click directly so all of a sudden I was wondering I my subscribers rich already this much and I was wondering why it’s like more than 50% or like more than merely nearly gotten from the subscribers and actually obviously your views it’s really you know the color is really red so what you can do guys uh-huh also wondering why and then I reflect and that’s the time I knew as well from the other youtubers that it really counts it’s really effective cuz it’s the algorithm who look at it so it depends on our behavior how will we behave if you’re watching the video are you really watching it or do you try to give time to watch the whole video can’t you see guys it affects the operator and it affects us too so we just get even so it affects really our performance so our behavior you know it’s also the guide of the algorithm so if we are doing well with how we use YouTube also it will be get beta agreed and in your channel will perform well and you can see it your analytics performance how it engaged how can you see that you know the click-through rate is it performing well do you have is it great and also your impression you get a good impression in your videos you know the impression guys you know what is it like if you have if your videos if you have a good thumbnail so obviously that’s one thing if your video is like when you look at it it has it has a good thumbnails and obviously the person who will look at it or the sink size nice it catches attention sure look at the video so it will be checked then if how long they’ll be yours look at it then if he/she will look at it longer like what I have said a while ago that it will count as a view when you are watching like 30 seconds for every for every video but if you if you are not watching like that obviously it will not become as a view so the same way without streaming or within a normal video the same count only guys doesn’t do anything like different like if you are watching a streaming or watching an ordinary upload it’s just the same count it should be like minimum 30 seconds it will be counted like for example if you are watching the video 20 then after you will you will be out then if you finish another it then that should be counted like for example you get in the middle you skip the video then at the end you will finish another 10 seconds so that would become to get started in a published author that’s one view now guys what if for example guys you are a new in this YouTube world and then nobody watch your videos guys and then you are inclined to watch your own videos because you you think I was able to do it too before you guys I really watch my own videos you know cuz nobody watch it’s like the start you know nobody watch your videos and you are in college I was encouraged to to watch my own videos then later on I know it’s not really do any good in my channel guys if we are watching the our own videos the question does it count as a view reviews yes it will be counted as a views guys but there is you know what you could you need to be marine food because if we keep on watching our videos guys because we are not restrained we have what we call the freedom you know so we are not restricted not to watch our own videos of course we can watch our own videos guys but if it is continuous and it will arrive to 300 views that’s the time that the algorithm could detect it and obviously they will be minded they have what we call the safeguard one it arrives 300 we we have got equal the safeguard and when it arrives 300 that’s the time that the same guy came in and I would like to read it to you guys so that it is really it’s a comic from my word this is based on the research so I would like you to do in for your based on Google research guides so YouTube count views your own video views work only for a little while obviously if you are watching your own video it will work for a little while but guys before I will proceed I will welcome our next guest ad is V in how are you at this vide guys are these Viennese from utopia so we got one and it is edit of India and our sister of Korea will be official and we have also nari colic of Germany and now we have a dis win good writing guys and thank you so much for that 3 million people who give me love thank you thank you so much much thank you so much and it’s welcoming here at this vide host good morning and I give big thumbs up news thank you so much Atlas V thank you thank you so much at this vide how are you today atlas vide how’s the weather in your country how are you good morning right there right now I’m very dolly is very good morning to you how are you you’re busy it’s okay it’s morning I understand that don’t worry I just try to delivery some mommy suggest here that it could help us and you know as a creator because all of us here we are just really one and obviously there are algorithm because the YouTube is really you know that what is what what works all these things is the algorithm so obviously guys our behavior is really also a part of what the algorithms how what you call this one have part guide of the algorithms a kind of a guide it also a guide five-part only not not as a whole body our use our behavior is a guide of the in fact that guides the algorithm yeah this is based on the research guys in YouTube and now let’s listen from nary garlic now BC host he he he and host our own October bounnam banana more thank you so much for nearly and I actually I am so glad if it will but I am not really really like very much in a hurry just fine I’m just cool if it will become well I am happy and I’m just fine actually for now since you know the watch our also I was also looking at it a season airy I give me some time una sin Erica now and I’m gonna open during have one line Assad many Silla so that’s why we’re just talking in one language because you know we have edit idiots of India and we have a dis bin as well from other country so since and also will beneficial is also the same speak the same language with me and mum there insist I recall like so I so I talked a while ago with our local guys so after all nary golly host our own item boom hoon and Balan a moon well the I just hope and you will say thank you so much and a partner and coulomb oh well thank you so much after this is nari I really I don’t mind but what I am concerned all this I want the you know the people will really do it it’s really really do it by heart like I don’t want like someone just do just to subscribe like they are just force I don’t like it like it’s really like you know i’m i really prefer someone you’re subscribed because you like it well if you don’t it’s fine because for name each one of us deserve our choice what’s your choice in life it is yours and i really respect it so if someone dislike it well I don’t mind as well and it makes you happy then do it the respect it each one of us we need respect guys so it’s her choice and that’s your choice well that’s fine so that’s why I just I’m just cool it will arrive III thank you so much it’s very thank you so much of course we are so grateful for every single person who of course to subscribe I quickly appreciate each one of you and obviously it’s they every day of my life I am so thankful I am so grateful to be to be here you know to have you and you know it’s like so grateful to know that I was here because of you you know I will not be here without you it’s like a pyramid no the pyramid dance you cannot reach to the top without the other people especially at the bottom part you cannot without them guy is never never you can never reach to the top so if you reach to the back this is because of a lot of people supporting us so that’s why it’s like the idea foundation or the framework of our if it could be call it success so it is really the framework with the backbone where we are stuck is it’s like infrastructure that stands that supports us to get where we are so that’s why I am so thankful each one of you especially all my my subscribers and all the people who subscribe in my channel I couldn’t maybe mention each one of you because there were people also subscribing from other countries and I am NOT I just hope I could read each one of you – thank you each one of you guys was a you know if I cannot say it in front of you I just wish each one of you is will be blessed that’s all I could say good thoughts I could gave and it’s lesson from Mara garlic up at Milan coulomb more thing yeah yeah it’s a big guys and yes host Ghanian Ocoee Santa or Nabu and banana cool he releases ma I know maha-baho body no actually uh occurred in yatta actually Cosima Tigana Kunekune pieces is nary a soul on afternoon immunity Isaac Oh Papa Coulomb Pakenham column on colada in anyway every day we need we need to learn more every day every day is a learning experience and I really I knew very my new thing about YouTube so when I was monetized I was able to see the you know the guys don’t be discouraged you will be if you will be monetized cuz this is not about how what we get it’s about us with our monetization fund or a monetization threshold it depends on us as well how will we perform or how we behave as a creator our it’s that according to our grandma no the locking button is my liking Oh Hollis so it means if you want to earn or if you want to get you know if you get monetize or you want to earn more you have to perform well as well not only one but you have to do everything here in YouTube like not only one it should be you have to be pretty darn well with everything not only one so if you want to earn more if you are if you are thinking that ads will help you and you can just get or earn more on ads do it the best you can because that’s where our earning also depend it depends on us it’s like me before I was monetized and obviously I kind of disappointed right away because I was able to say that you know the payment really you know you call it ad sense it means sense so we could receive sense for every ad and obviously to get the $1 guys it takes time because the payment of the one is not all the same but it but it varies there is like being zero single dope in zero one Quincy ruto Quincy rotary it depends when zero for a point twenty five you are fortunate if there is one if there is so that depends because it depends on that one we’ll put an ad and our payment is not all the same guys and obviously it depends on how he owes you got the pic you’ve got that’s where it is so if you are not famous if you don’t have a trending videos obviously don’t get disappointed so it means it it comes back to us so in what what our videos about and how engaging it is how it was the content of it so that’s where our earnings based on so me at that time I was like kind of discouraged right away cuz when I saw my content is like obviously my videos are not really good at that time and is very short you know beginner you guys you know how it is you’re a beginner so obviously kind of discouraged right now he’s married at that time I tried to like discourage so I stopped doing anything I did not know anything on my videos on my channel I really stopped for a long hour years leave it there I just look at it sometimes I just do anything so the time that I don’t know who made me realize maybe one of my friend his she’s so active so it’s like that’s the thing that this year only I was able to see her like she just started this year and I observe her how she grow and you know what she just started like few months ago and now she already monetized sheikah already receive already her salary she’s in Malaysia and she receive already her salary so consciously because you know why she performed well as well in her videos she got a very nice video smell edited and obviously it’s quite long and engaging because it’s about eating you know you call it mukbang well what is it so it’s more or less like that and she knows the mechanics on how to do it well so what happens she got a lot of views per videos like minimum of 1,000 to 2,000 and per videos she uploaded and she got a lot of videos now despite of GG she’s just new in the YT world so it’s like few months only she’s very very focus no and also she performed well few months only guys she just typed that guy’s just about two to three months I was wondering guys and after four to six months she was able to receive already the salary can’t you see however how much if participant is like how much focus is she gave no pain no gain that’s what it is so guys right now she’s receiving already the first salary should receive already and now I didn’t have about follow-up how how is she but of course her videos if you look at it there is a minimum boob and thousand to two thousand views so how much more if you can get your own videos and like a trending videos that would be fine so let’s welcome again an assist nari college yes host Daniel Nicole isn’t our Nabucco open and Apple it except a Logano season Airy but it depends on us again cuz I like what I have said my friend I was encouraged because like few months only she’s already monetized so can’t you see how if worth how much if our chick a few months only to get everything is really start from the zero like no no subscription at all just started with that channel yeah she was able to get all those followers right away when I was signed so easy for her in the first house and watch hours you keep on doing live streaming and long and very engaging so so easy for her to get the four thousand hours because you know why the views you guys on our live streaming guys the question is if it is the same in upload yes it is the views that we get from the live streaming and the views that we get from the graph my normal upload is just the same but it depends on the person who watch our live streaming like for example you right now there’s this nearly if you are watching me like longer than 30 seconds that is count as one view so if you just get in and then you are out obviously that will not be countless of you so it should be minimum of 30 seconds not if you stay longer obviously that is so great because that’s the you know the engaging of the prison algorithm will also detecting it and obviously it gives you a good performance on your channel and obviously if you are also the one there it also gives you a good credit because you know it’s the algorithm guys it’s serving us how will we behave us are you sorry now also let’s lesson from Eric Alec I got on a horse named Monica Monica yes or not or not go hamster going to like this Mary because the element of mine the threshold guys we call it threshold here in Europe seven pieces nary as far as I know based on Google before oh no and since that’s what I have remembered like 70 euro threshold but in the u.s. it’s like $100 or in Australia and in the Philippines I’m not really sure perhaps five thousand pesos this is a threshold that you have to get a rich it now for the first month if you cannot get it guys because like me before I am serving obviously my videos is not long and obviously guys not very long and short and it should be very engaging because at that time guys I’m just using like you know the slide slide video because at that time there is a slime how to make a slide video and your joke we have like that before but now it’s there they erase it so that’s where my video is all about like you know like making a greetings video a Britney greetings so it’s like that so it’s not really a video like you could say ‘la it is very engaging so obviously what do you can expect it’s like obviously your your earning is also not big you are just relying 2.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 for that’s the payment guys and obviously not those payment will be multiplied to the videos as well who watch your videos how many have the number of viewers so that’s right a payment opportunities are complete they show me that one but I really forgot now it is but it varies according to home who advertise and how much they will pay to your no one not no involved with the advertise so it will not not all the same not all the same so that’s why the pi-star now I really recently they have already decide that it should be minimum of ten minutes video that is advisable or suggestive because they could put like three videos like that’s like one video middle and end but if your video is cannot reach then that would be fine guys was actually a based on the survey like based on Google our research guides I was able to get it like if our videos four to five seconds is that a minute seconds no seconds m’lee bacala’s history seconds like if your videos long like that obviously how much you can get like 60% percent of the you know like the retention period don’t tell the viewers to watch it and obviously if you can if your video is just about 1 to 2 how will you call it the how will that is a I will check minutes guys five four – five minutes video fewer than 60% viewers but I’ll still they still the video those 60% for effort to fight but obviously if one to two minutes that is short most likely most people do you love to finish it souls more or less 75% of us will really and I’ll still be with your watching your video but I’ll guys that’s the thing if it is very short they cannot put a lot on fee I’m free because they could put maybe one only one a great so that’s where you’re at what you go to on your income based on so if you want to get to get a lot to get to earn more or make sure that we will we will make sure that our videos is very engaging courtesy guys it’s dependent on us it depends on us it’s like what we plant is what we read so although there were some guidelines that how well we could make out engaging videos so that we could get a lot of views whose imagine guys the hour our earnings if there is an odd there is a price very odd and then obviously that is if I’m not mistaken half that is before I forgot no no I didn’t mind how to calculate but that’s what I have observed like if I’m not sure but I that’s what I have remember you could do your research if you want it’s like that the price of the amount of your ad is like multiplied to your number of views and also directly I’m not really sure now I forgot about it that was a long long time ago in Bethlehem but imagine guys if it is based on that views and the number of clicks if you have a few viewers or nothing watching your videos what do you think guys don’t be discouraged instead of crying do something that’s that that’s done that’s the way it is you do have to do something instead of crying because the performance of your income depends really on us that’s why the success of everyone not all the same the success of the others is not the same because it depends in each one of us how we behave how will we do everything how will we follow all those guidelines thank you so much this nary thank you thank you so much have a map and stay ha I love c’mon I mean I’m glad screaming I use is nary but penny Lima who nandito catalog are running salaamed alum Tamarama c’mon 5 Iike enema ha I know Singapore Fenella Goffe rule Nasia Han hotel Gottman veto cos is nary meowing salamat Elega god bless you more and I’m so excited for you kendama have videos Moses nari Oh Keesha maganda Shah engage in China Mahanama ma video star on a Yamaha how to extract how to make the blackberry juice that’s so engaging as well and I know by your human propagation support that I need more those are very engaging so it’s so so excited I’m so excited for you you know to do your you know if you are monetize now but actually sees nary there’s a lot of waste already and YouTube if you don’t mind there is a fight from that ad Adsense you could also earn based on you know you have the so preacher doing the chat period you could earn that one cause you’re entitled and like for example if your channel is really really engaging and you’ve got a lot of things to you can teach to the whole world obviously you could also make like what you call that when I did get member on your channel they mean they will you will just set an amount like they could pay like one dollar point zero one dollar something like that you are the one who can set it I think and we will even if every time they can watch of your channel we have they had to pay you a sense so that also one way to earn and other than that there’s also the merchandising you know you could connect to the you know the one who could sell the t-shirts actually I’ve done it my Mary before but it’s not the new the new rules now I am selling those t-shirts the one you could see every now and then you could see in some videos that they were make much much you know you call it rich actually I have some designs in there in their site but I stopped because you know when you do it like this kind of thing for me it means as well you need to be engaging and you have to you know it should be that you’re you are visible to the public otherwise your your t-shirts or anything that you sell it will not be visible as well good thing if there is someone in your viewers so we like it but if you want to reach a lot of people there were some techniques that they’re like it’s exposing it you have to what you call it or promote you have to promote it so that it will be seen by a majority of the people and I’ll they could buy you’re rich rich and ice no t-shirt so and other than that sees nary if you have if you are also very what if photo and if you want to teach someone if you have your skills and if you want to teach someone online you could use it through your videos as well and you could just there’s also a procedure to do it actually so that’s one way as well to earn in YouTube and also if you are also involving with their affiliation if you are affiliating some products that’s one way as well to learn to earn but I I’m not really sure it now if I’ve heard as well I forgot there is no basis yet but as far as I know if your videos is having a whatever one affiliate looks like our videos will not people thing and there is no ad that’s what I have heard but I’m not really sure yet that is really true if your videos have some affiliation if you are involved with affiliate if you are selling something using Apple II it’s like that video will not monetize they will not put an ad I’m not really sure about it but I try to check on your guidelines if you could check it so that’s a lot there’s a lot of means that’s all I mentioned can be the waist or anus also if you are a picture and if you want to keep someone that’s one way to end obviously you can make a video you could get your followers to let them know that we were teaching these things and obviously it’s up to you if you will ask a payment from each one of them to get for every module that you are doing obviously you can do it why not because you know I bet you spend to make all those modules it’s not that free obviously so you could ask maybe a little payment with the one or how much you could set it if you are teaching something if you’re teaching something so that’s one way as well that you could earn through you – now lips well come back our artist vane hi Alice VIN how are you where you been but you are just back and I just VIN said very good morning good morning to use its nari from a nice feed at least Venus from other country I am not really sure if I’m not mistaken it’s not utopia or Pakistan that’s Alice we insist nari it’s just back I don’t know where you are where you come from what is me so that’s it is being a it’s a spite of our to this morning and happy it’s about the viewing viewing drum know how to count the views so it is very important to know if you are watching a streaming it should be minimum of 30 seconds if you could that would be count as abuse and also it will affect on your channel so that you could notice it guys like if you are jumping around me I really know these guys that’s why now I minimize like for example watching simultaneously the same videos how about you see snare in the job serve with your performance I really observe in my channel like it it has really a you know you call it deflection don’t like it it changed from the useful retain it really although it’s still okay but obviously like for example if your videos reach the 140 percent views and they’ll all of a sudden you cut off survey it goes down it goes down it goes down like that so it’s really based on our behavior and how will be behavior for example how will we comment on the other videos if you comment there like there is additional like you know a necessary that is also compact it’s also reflect on our channel and the views guys less the views it really involved less the view so it affords our click-through rate the you know and the impression obviously the impression guys this is it impression towns like for example if you have a good thumbnails Anna I was watch I was able to see your video elbow and good thumbnails oh oh I will look at it fill a subscribe and click that’s a time that it will be like come to this view and and that’s where the click-through rate comes in because I share your videos obviously I click yeah I know not some of my ass you know what it’s saved just to avoid this buffering but I was wondering it’s here again I already erased our maybe I need to erase more what is it that you know the buffering is here again so guys at this vide for your info if you watch a video so to avoid finish so even you will say I’ll address them better if you could ask someone to watch but guys we need to be careful as well cause helpful as well at what either the YouTube look up for the live reloading and the uploading over and over again of the videos and was to the views that appear to have the resource in sort of malware like come on eagerly uses sambal so including very sour the spamming words there’s also you know there I don’t get you can you elaborate it in great to know that you are just fine at is being in guys moving features thank you stop for staying Oh

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