YouTube Algorithm 2018 – Search Rankings & Discovery (2/7)

The YouTube Algorithm 2018 is a very
complicated beast but in this video we’re going to deep dive into the
YouTube algorithm in 2018 and how search works on YouTube. This is part of a YouTube Algorithm playlist. There is a link down below if you want to start from the beginning.
Here we go! Hello and welcome back to another video.
If you’re new around here and you’re looking to start a YouTube channel, grow
your YouTube channel, or push your brand out there to the second largest search
engine on the Internet. Click Subscribe, START CREATING. Now the YouTube Algorithm
once fed can cause many reactions and of course the more you feed it with your
titles, your descriptions, your tags, your thumbnails, your captions your,
translations and your traffic. So therefore people can interact with it.
YouTube then uses that data and measures you against other creators which then
generates your search results. Now, before I deep dive into those search results and how you can tweak those subject on related videos. I want to know how much
luck you’ve had with search results. Have you done any tweaks or testings?
Have you got some metadata that shows that you can really rank really well with
specific keywords and key terms? Are you in a niche and are you using TubeBuddy to tweak your your content? If you’re not there’s a link down below for Tube Buddy it’s a highly powerful tool very much suggested. But I’m quite intrigued to see
what you do and help what kind of search result you’re getting.
So please leave a comment down below! Now the youtube search results and the
youtube search is there to match the most relevant video against the keyword and key search term that you have entered. So you’re not going to get Kylie
Jenner makeup tutorials when you’re searching youtube tricks and tips.
YouTube search rankings aren’t based on just how many video views you’ve got.
It’s based on the description, the titles, the tags and how much it relates to the
search term itself. Also the amount of interaction that video has had.
So your channel could have 20 subscribers but if that video seems to be the correct
answer and exactly what people are looking for. Every time they watch the
video they click like and they comment. There’s a good bunch of comments in
relation to your subscriber count and how engaging is and then watching all the way to the end.
That is more likely to rank above other channels with
hundreds, thousands of youtube subscribers. So what can you do to increase your chances of your video being found in the search results. Well when you tag your video make sure that it’s using the most relevant tags for your video.
I’ve done a video on three levels of YouTube tag.
I’ll leave the video up here in the little card. But it basically drills down
into the fact that you need to have channel level tags. You have to have
category level tags and very specific video level tags.
So in this case I am talking about the YouTube Algorithm in 2018 and search.
So in my tags it would be YouTube’s algorithm 2018 search or youtube search or youtube search
algorithm. See what I mean? Very, very tight. It’s also you’ll notice
two or three words long and not just one not just YouTube or algorithm because
that could be anything. If you’re hunting out specific ideas for videos have a
look at Google Trends. In that case you get to see what’s currently being talked
about a lot right now. It could be anything that’s in the news. It could be a toy, it could be a movie that’s come out at Christmas about Star War thingy
stuff. If you’re talking about those topics more people are going to be
looking for that and if you get a small percentage of the larger pie you’re
gonna get more views. The key thing here is to be relevant don’t try and trick
people with stupid clickbait because if they arrive and then bounce out of your
video it looks really bad on your analytics and it’s less likely to be
engaged with and therefore pushed. So deliver what you promised from the
thumbnails description tags but you can still make it click worthy. There’s a difference between clickbait and click worthiness. So therefore offer what that they expect but also make it a bit fun. A funny face
on the thumbnail or a funny tag or something that’s slightly hooky. To help the relevancy of your video against the keyword and key search term write solid
descriptions. Now these act like mini blog posts and if you’re new to the
world of interweb-inees, then fine, but if you’re not then you’ll remember that
it’s the content that Google eats. So whether you’re new or old to the world
if you’ve got a good two three paragraph description of that video in that that’s
a 400 words you’re likely to mention the keywords and key search terms that
Google want to find. Now don’t pack the description with spam and don’t pack it
with keywords, but if you happen to drop in that this is a video
about the YouTube algorithm in 2018 and it’s full search results the search
results.. The YouTube Search Algorithm in 2018 happens to include blah blah blah here’s the
description, here’s the title. See what I’m doing I’m mentioning the keywords
that I want to search and rank for but I’m not spamming it. The good old fashioned blog posting method. Try going for seasonal topics or trending topics.
For example it’s leading up into Halloween. Why not talk about makeup
tutorials? Especially if it’s a couple of weeks before because you’ve got a run up
which means when people are searching for Halloween at the end of October
you’ve already had like a week in advance to rank a little bit better
which means you’re more related than a video that’s published 20 seconds ago
because you’ve got data to prove to Google that people watched you. Don’t give the video too much for a run-up, you don’t want to be posting a Halloween
topic in February. If you do this right you will make your video relevant to the
search term and the more relevant the higher up that list you will rank. So this video is part of a YouTube Algorithm in 2018 playlist where I’m deep diving into the YouTube
Algorithm. There is a link up here or in the description down below to the rest
of the playlist. If you want to subscribe for more YouTube tricks and tips that
would be wonderful. Go out there, START CREATING!

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  • Alan Spicer says:

    Have you had any luck with Search rankings?

    #PLAYLIST – Watch the FULL YouTube Algorithm Series Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9Gi36MQ5FU&list=PL09mwoOn57VScDpAERAp8R9QjXYvrvNU9

  • Imo and Izzy Vlogs says:

    Thanks, Alan!

  • Jesse's World says:

    Thanks Alan! Great video as always!

  • Slimeey says:

    So alan making sentences with ur tags in ur description and ur title can also help u in ranking?
    For example:title : Minecraft Skywars Gameplay Episode 1
    Desc: i will be playing some skywars in minecraft etc..
    Tags:Minecraft skywars,minecraft gameplay,skywars,minecraft

  • Aquarium Sunshine's Valley says:

    2:32 card missing, you know the title of that video, so i can look in your list for it?

  • Hypno-Systems UK says:

    Timestamp 1:18 Hi again, Alan my friend! I've decided to comment using the main channel for a bit. Yes to both questions you asked here. I have had some luck with tweaking the algorithm's response to my "feedings" and I am both a TB and a VidIQ user. My videos are the top result for the term "hypnotic soundscapes"; this is most likely because I took this search term beyond the definition of a musical experience descriptor, and turned it into both a full musical genre and a band name.

    Timestamp 4:44 Hmmm! I tend to do only 150-500 characters, as no more than that is necessary for a description of my music. On a hypnosis video however, the description becomes much longer as I give a synopsis of the contents of the hypnosis session, in order to allow my viewers to decide if this is something they need or want to experience.

  • vinnie harris says:

    It’s great how you explain things so everyone can understand.

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